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Chapter 7: What to Do...

Daisuke woke up to a loud burst in his head, ringing, "...SAID, WWWAAAKKKKEEEEE UUUUUUUPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!"

Daisuke flew up in bed, With flying off his chest, Daisuke screaming, "DDAAAARRRRKKKK!!!!"

Yuri woke up to Yoko also yelling in her head, and the two screamed in unison their angel's name, waking the household that was still asleep.


Well, after they all got up and were eating breakfast, Emiko asked, "So...Yuri. Do you have any family left know."

"Oh. How long has it been? It feels like I just went to sleep and woke up early in the morning." Yuri frowned.

"It's been over fifty years if I'm correct." Daiki thought.

"FIFTY YEARS?!" Yuri bursted.

No one said anything, and Yuri looked at their grim faces. "Are...are you serious? I know my father isn't around, but...I don't know anything else..."

Daisuke reported what Dark had told him: "Your mother, he says, is still alive, but he isn't as sure about your brother."

"Really? Does she still live in her old house?"


Yuri looked very depressed and dark. She felt out of place in this world now. Nothing felt right. No one was even her age except Sakura. Well, excluding the older people...

She was not even considering herself a human. She'd live longer than those that were her best friends. If her best friends were alive.

"Umm...I'm sorry to have brought it up." Emiko nervously apologized, "Here, have some breakfast. You'll feel better after a while."

Yuri sadly accepted her offer, and ate quietly with them.


Yuri walked through the streets of town, Yoko talking to her in her head, attempting to cheer her up.

"It'll be okay, Yuri. I know it's unnerving-"

How would you know?

"Umm...maybe because I'm over two hundred years older than you?"

Yeah, true, but...

"I mean, I've only lost one man whom I loved."

What was his name?

"Well, actually two..."

C'mon, what were their names?

"One's name was Taru Neoko and the other was...IS...Dark."


"I kinda feel weird saying it, but yeah, I like him. I wouldn't say love. At least not yet."

Is it because you've been working together for so long?

"Yeah...but then, he fell in love with Rika. I felt as if my heart was gonna tear in two."

But still...DARK?!

"You tell him, and I will take control longer than you can imagine."

You suck.

"Don't tell him."

Yuri then yelled, "Shut up!!"

They were brought out of their argument by Daisuke coming up behind her, asking, "Yuri? Is something wrong?"

"Ah!" Yuri turned, "Oh, it's just you, Daisuke. Yeah, I'm fine."

"Talking with Yoko?"


"Now that I think about it..." Daisuke sat down in front of their park fountain, "Are you going to be attending our school?"

Yuri blanked, " I haven't thought about that yet."

"Well, you better." the teen smiled warmly, "Because we go to school tomorrow."


Yuri then noticed that Daisuke caught sight of one house on a cliff against the ocean, and his face instantly gloomed. She asked, "Is something the matter?"

"Ah, well..." Daisuke tore away from the house that he remembered all too well, "My...girlfriend...Riku Harada, she had to move across the sea to live with her parents in America along with her sister, Risa."

"Oh...was it recent?"

"Just a day or two ago."

"I'm must feel a little tore apart right now, huh?"

For the first time, Daisuke and Yuri locked eyes, red orbs staring into purple. Daisuke then nodded, "Yeah. I feel...empty at the moment."

Silence came between the two, and Dark decided to try and lighten his Tamer's mood. "Ya know, Daisuke...I never got to give Riku and Risa a good-bye kiss."

Daisuke yelled at Dark mentally with a lot of force.

"Wow, you must be vvveeerrryy protective of Riku."

More silence.

"What's up with Hiwatari?"

Umm, Dark? I haven't really talked with Hiwatari since we kinda got into this whole mess.

"Oh, you haven't, have you?..."

Well, Daisuke and Yuri walked with each other, enjoying the other's company after what had recently happened to both of them. All they needed to heal...was warmth of another human. Then, Daisuke brought up, "What do we do to seperate again? We don't have to steal anymore, do we?"

"Hn...I dunno." Yuri frowned.

They then turned to their angels for answers.

Dark and Yoko explained, "We're not exactly sure, either, but all we think we need to do is gather each other all in the chamber of the Black Wings. Then, we have to try and do our ceremony."

"Which I hope would work this time." Dark added in a bored tone.

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