A few days after Danny's date with Ember, he was patrolling the city in attempt to find Spectra. His ghost sense went off as he passed a dilapidated building in one of Amity Park's more unsavory areas. He phased into the building, and found Spectra and Bertrand.

"Well, if it isn't the ghost kid," Spectra said when she noticed Danny. "I just knew I'd have to deal with you eventually."

"From what I hear, you're up to your old tricks of causing and feeding off the misery and strife of teenagers for your own gain," Danny said to shadowy female.

"Its what I do best," She responded with a devilish grin.

"But what I don't understand is why are you selling ghost pot."

"Because when the teens are caught, I'll feed off the misery that is caused by the police and their parents. It was going good until you showed up. But enough exposition. Bertrand: sick him!"

Bertrand changed into a green wolf and charged Danny. Danny flew upward to avoid being pounced on, then fired an ecto blast at the shape shifter and tackled him into the ground.

While Danny had his back turned, Spectra slashed him across the back. Danny collapsed to the ground and Spectra began strangling him with malicious glee evident on her face.

I finally get to put the ghost kid out of my misery Spectra thought. About ten seconds after she started trying to suffocate Danny, she was hit hard and flew away from Danny. She looked around to see what had hit her and was surprised to see Ember standing above Danny.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Spectra asked.

"Saving him," Ember asked and lifted Danny to his feet. "Are you okay, Danny?"

"Yeah," Danny answered. "Why did you come here Ember?"

"I had a feeling you would need my help. Unfortunately, I was right."

It was at this point that Bertrand stood up. "Defend yourself, traitor!" he shouted, transformed into a gorilla with long blades where its hands should be and charged Ember. Ember nimbly avoided all of Bertrand's attacks and struck him with her guitar.

Danny and Spectra started grappling with each other. After a couple minuets, Danny tossed the shadowy female to the ground and sucked her into his Fenton thermos. He looked over at Ember and Bertrand and saw that Bertrand had Ember pinned to a wall and was preparing for a finishing blow. Danny put the shape shifter into the thermos with his employer.

"Are you all right, Ember?" Danny asked, looking the undead rocker over and taking note of several bruises over her body.

"I'm okay, Danny," Ember said and hugged him. "That was really close. You saved my life."

"You saved my life. Spectra would have choked me to death if you hadn't stepped in." Danny said and the two went in to a deep kiss. After the kiss, the two just stood there, embracing each other for the next few minuets. "I'm really lucky that you came by when you did."

"I was just planning to find you today and help you out to earn the trust of you and your friends."

"You don't need to worry about that anymore. When Tucker and Sam hear about you saved my life and risked your own, I'm pretty sure that they will show you."

"That's good."

"When word gets out about you helping me, will all the other ghosts come after you?"

Ember's eyes widened in shock and she broke away from Danny. "Oh crap. I didn't think about that," she said.

"Maybe you could move here, to the human world," Danny suggested.

Ember placed her hand on her chin while she thought about that possibility. "That sounds like a good idea," Ember said. "I won't need much to set up a place. This place could serve my purposes."

"I could should pick some place that Spectra and Bertrand don't know about."

"Good call."


Within a week, Ember had found a suitable place to call her own. She just put some of her stuff from the ghost zone in an abandoned building.

When Tucker and Sam found out about Ember saving Danny, any doubts they may or may not have had about her instantly disappeared. Tucker and Jazz had began dating, as did Sam and Paulina.

As for Danny and Ember, their relationship had soared to new heights. They spent a great deal of their time together. Even though Ember didn't see her mom as much as she used to, she responded well. A strong, loving relationship had formed from an act of lust.

Author's notes: there will be a sequel. Even though I like this couple, I am curious as to how it got proposed. Did someone propose that Danny get in a relationship with one of his female ghost enemies and Ember was the most likely candidate? Or does it have something to do with the fact that Ember gets a lot of love from the fans?