Reunite ch. 1

"Are you both prepared for the mission."

Tusnade asked from behind her desk. Her chin leaning against her hands staring up at the two young ninja.

"No worries Granny, we're just goin' to check out a town near the village's border, because suspious ninja have been seen there. Nothing Naruto Uzmakia can't handle! Believe it!"

Naruto chanted. Tusnade sighed and threw a large book at the ADHD blonde boy.

"Naruto, a simple 'yes' would have been fine."

She growled as Sakura had a quick laugh. Naruto placed his hands behind his head casually.

"Yes, you two are too check it out and report back. Now in case you do run into foreign shinobi you do whatever you can to help that town. If does become to much you are to call for back up immediately."

Naruto and sakura nodded in unison and headed out of the hokages's office.

"Hey Naruto, let's meet at the front gate in an hour, okay."

Sakura spoke to her friend and teamate that has been by her side sice they were both placed on team seven.

"Sure, that sounds good. I'm going to stop by Hinata's first. Catch you later Sakura!"

Naruto jumped onto the roofs nad took off. Sakura smiled before heading towards her own apartment. On the walk to her home she couldn't help her mind from wandering on topics best not to think about.

It had been three years since Sakura's life changed. The next day would be the anniversary of the day Sasuke left her on the park bench after he chose Orochimaru over the village, over her and Naruto. Since then both her and Naruto have vowed to train until they became strong enough to surpass their own sanin senseis. Which they had, Tusnade passed her sanin title to Sakura and Jiraiya passed his to Naruto. For years she had worked and trained hard to improve her medical ablilities. But no matter how strong she gets she knows no one has worked harder than Naruto. Over the last three years Naruto had traveled around with Jiraiya for two years. Sakura was happy when he returned Naruto was like her brother he always tried to help fill the hole in her heart. He filled one part the part he filled as her brother and teamate but the other part, Sakura feared she would feel that emptiness for the rest of her life. Still Naruto always seemed to improve farther than herself it even made Sakura a little jealous Naruto was always Sasuke's equal. Sakura could never keep up with them. Both of them had gotten stronger but physcally they both changed. Naruto was now taller than Sakura and his hair had gotten a little longer to the point where it didn't spike up but hung over his headband a little. Sakura on the other hand got a little taller but she also obtained more curves and her chest became...more delevoped. Sakura was surprised how quickly she made it to her apartment.

"well I guess that happens when you lose yourself in thought."

Sakura laughed softly unlocking her front door.