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Midna yawned, stretching her thin arms over her huge head.

"Can't you go any faster?" she asked Link, riding on the beast.

Link growled at her, having been running nonstop for several hours. Wolves can run all day if needed,

but even if he was a wolf, he thought he deserved a break now and then.

"Come on you lazy wolf!" Midna snapped, patting his back with her hands.

Lazy-? He'd show HER lazy that conniving little imp-!

"What's a matter? You stupid too?"

That did it. Link skidded to a sudden stop, Midna flying off his back and into a mud puddle.


The Imp growled as she wiped the mud from her eye, her fangs gleaming.

"Why did you do that?!" she snapped, clambering to her feet.

Link snorted at her, turned, and then kicked dirt onto the already filthy Twili.

"YEEEEEEEEAARRGGGHHH!" Midna shrieked, rising into the air.

The Twili spun around quickly, the mud flying off of her. Once she was clean, she floated down and

zoomed right up to Link's face, growling at him.

"Listen, you!" she snapped. "Just WHAT do you think you're doing?!"

Link wagged his tail, giving the expression closest to a grin a wolf can give.

"Maybe you don't understand..." Midna grabbed his ear, he yelped. "I'm the only friend you've got."

Link snarled at her, friend-?! How was she a friend?! She was as bad as the rest of the monsters in this

bizarre Twilight! His real friends were spirits, locked up in that sanctuary why he scrounged around for

those light-stealing bugs. They were his friends, not this IMP.

"What?" Midna snorted. "You don't think so? Look around, doggie. Do you see anyone else

around here? Anyone that actually knows you exist? No, just the shadow beasts that are trying to kill

you. You can't save your friends without me, you can't even get around without me."

Link continued to growl at her. Midna rolled her eyes and sat back on his back.

"Well? Come on. The sooner you get those bugs, the sooner you can get rid of me."

That, actually, sounded very pleasant. Link loped off in search of the insects, eventually coming to

Death Mountain. While searching, they crawled into a cavern. Suddenly the earth started to shake.

"Woah! The mountain's errupting again-!"

With a deafening thump, they realized their entrance had been sealed by a volcanic boulder.

"What-?!" Midna teleported over to it. "No no no! This is so unfair!"

The Twili sighed, putting a hand to her head.

Link walked over and looked at the rock, there was no way they were going to budge it.

"Let's look for another exit." Midna said, sitting on him once more.

Link growled and then searched around the cave, before long, they had come to a conclusion.

They were trapped.

Midna sighed. "Great...Oh well, I suppose I can teleport us out of here-"

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a shadow beast launched out and grabbed Midna.

"AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!" she yelled.

There was only one, holding Midna tight in it's fist. Link growled at it, preparing to lunge.

"Help! Help me!" Midna cried, "I...can't...breathe-!..."

Link launched onto the shadow creature, biting through it's neck. The monster shrieked and fell to the

ground, releasing Midna from it's grip. The Twili crawled away, trying to catch her breath.

"Th...thank you..." she huffed. "I guess...you're not that bad after all..."

Midna got to her feet, only to fall back down again. Link ran over and nudged her. She didn't move.

the wolf yelped, what if she was-? He shook his head, why should he care about her? He only needed

her to get out of here. Midna was breathing faintly, Link sighed, gently picking her up by her hair and

flinging her onto his back. He trotted along, attempting to find a safe place to rest, which he found in

the form of a smaller section of cavern, it was small enough so shadow beasts couldn't enter, yet just

big enough for them to squeeze through. Once inside, Link gently leaned to the side, letting Midna roll

off his back and onto the patch of dirt in the cave. Link sniffed her, and to his suprise, licked her

cheek. He flinched, he had just LICKED her? What was up with him?

"...Link...?" Midna's eye fluttered open.

The Twili sat up, holding her head.

"Ow...I have such a headache..." Midna attempted to get up, then stumbled again.

Link barked, signaling for her not to move.

"Yeah...I guess I should sit for a while, huh?" Midna huffed, sitting back down.

Link yawned, his legs felt like they were going to fall off from all the running, maybe it wasn't a bad

time for him to take a rest either. Link turned around three times, the curled up in the corner. Midna

looked at him, how could he fall asleep so fast? Added to that, it was cold in the dank cave, surpising

seeing as it was a volcanic mountain. That fur must be nice...and soft...warm...

"Lucky beast." she muttered, wrapping her arms around her knees. "To be so comfortable..."

She held her head, it was still throbbing, man, she would give anything for a pillow-

"Wait..." Midna looked at Link.

He was sleeping, definitely, his fuzzy stomach was starting to seem very appealing to her head. She

sighed, then slowly made her way over to him. She poked him to see if he was awake. No response.

Well...as long as he was sleeping...

The Twili slowly put her head against his chest. She sighed in releif, it was like a fuzzy pillow...she sat

down on his folded legs, finding herself snuggling into his chest. So soft...so warm...his heartbeat

was like a lullaby, granted, it was different from the Twili two hearts, but it was soothing all the same.

Midna found her eyes closing and she let sleep overcome her. After a few hours, Link slowly opened

his eyes, at the sound of breathing he looked to find the Twili curled up into a ball, snuggling up to

him, her chest rising slightly with her breathing. Link wasn't sure how to act, but...she was very warm.

"Ugh..." Midna groaned, nuzzling her head deeper into his fur.

Link looked at her, then around the dark cavern. It was quiet...for some reason, he felt the need

to howl, so howl he did. The wolf lifted up his headed and let out a soft, gentle howling sound, the

sound eventually wove into a rhythm, much like the song Midna hummed in Faron. The haunting song

echoed in the dark caverns, strange, yet soothing notes that entranced even himself. Midna slowly

opened her eye, then her eyelids drooped again. The song was soothing to her ears, and the vibrations

from his chest as he sang were like waves that echoed in her body.

"...Link?" she looked up, still somewhat droopy.

Link finished his song, then looked at her, ears twitching.

"...I feel better now." she said in a somewhat embarassed tone. "...Thank you."

Link barked, then licked her upside the face. Midna cackled.

"All right, all right! Stop that! Ew! Wolf slobber!"

Midna gently scratched behind his ear, Link's tail wagging back and forth frantically.

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