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I backed up from him as he came closer.

"Get away!" I snapped in fear.

"What's the matter, Princess? Don't you like what I've done? Heheheheeh..."

"What you've done?!" I snapped. "You've turned our people into monsters!"

"Monsters? You dissaprove of their new forms?" he cackled. "Maybe you'd perfer it if you went

through a change as well...?"

He extended his hand toward me, I backed away from him, almost falling over my own robes.

"GO AWAY!" I shrieked.

He waved his hand at me and I collapsed onto the ground, as if someone had hit me with a load

of bricks. I got onto my hands and knees and then realized my clothing was piled over me like a

tent. I crawled out and gaped at my hands. I was tiny...I was some sort of imp or something...

Zant walked over to me and picked me up by the hooks on my shoulders.

"Hehehehehe...what now, your 'highness'?" he cackled.

"Let go of me! No! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!"

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!" I cried leaping out of Link's shadow.

"Woah-! Midna! Are you all right-?!" he gaped.


I launched my hair out to grab him, but he grabbed me instead.

"Midna! Snap out of it! It's me!" he cried.

I took a deep breathe, finally getting into my head that it was just Link. I withdrew my hair,

panting heavily.

"I'm...sorry." I said. "I...had a...bad dream."

I had kept hoping I would wake up and that would have been a bad dream, but I had hoped I

would wake up when it actually happened to find everything was normal. That I was in my own

bed in my own home, with servants catering to me.

"...Are you all right?" Link asked, looking at me with concern in his blue eyes.

Gods I hate those eyes...I hate them because looking at them reminds me that I'm not one of

them. I'm not a human, I'm not even a light-dweller. I looked around, it was still dark. Great, I'd

waken him up.

"Sorry." I said. "I'll...go back to your shadow..."

"Wait." Link said. "What's wrong, Midna? You never do stuff like this...well, except when Zant

took the fused shadows..."

"Hmph." I pouted. "Nothing's wrong."

"It will make you feel better if you talk about it." he said.

"Well what if I don't WANT to talk about it?" I snapped.

"Hah! So you admit something IS wrong!" he grinned.

I hate it when he does that.

"..So what?" I crossed my arms. "I had a bad dream, that's all."

"What was it about?"

"...Nothing." I lied.

What was I suppossed to say? 'Well, it was about when I went from being a gorgeous humaniod

to a two foot high little imp, lost everything I ever had and was banished to the light realm. Did I

mention I'm a princess by the way?'

Yeah, not gonna happen.

"...Midna, why do you always shut me out like this?" he asked me.

I flinched, "I don't always shut you out!"

"Yes you do." he said. "Everytime I try to talk to you you ignore me, or just change the subject..."

"...I had a dream about my past." I said. "About...about when Zant took over."

Link looked at me as if I had said something horribly sad. What was he doing? Pitying me?


"...You told me what happened, but you never told me how you escaped." Link said. "What

happened to your family?"

I jerked suddenly. Great. The 'family' thing...

"I don't have one." I stated.

"...Is there someone you care about there?" he asked. "You seem really desperate to get back..."

No. Come to think of it. There was nothing. All I had was my throne, a hunk of stone to sit on

and boss everyone around. Though bossing people around is fun, the idea of being Queen didn't

appeal to me. I'd love to be just like the other Twili girls, going around peeking on guys and

playing duskball, the sport where you'd throw the solid darkness at each other...

"Well...I have...friends." I lied.

Link smiled, that smile that's so different from my fanged smirk.

"I see." Link said. "What do you and your friends do together?"

"Uh...We..." I trailed. "We um.."

Come to think of it, I didn't really know what friends did.

"We...just do what all friends do." I said. "We...talk, and...go places...and..."

"Hang out?" Link suggested.

"Yeah! We do that." I said. "We go to the twiponds- that's...our type of lakes, and we pick fish

out of the water and see who can catch the biggest one without getting wet."

I'd never done that. I'd never even seen our twiponds. I'd heard about it in the palace when the

servants were chatting about things they'd do on their vacations. I'd never gotten to do

anything...all I could do was listen and wish I could be there.

"Heh." Link smirked. "You must have a lot of fun."

"Yeah." I lied. "Loads."

"...Then we'd better hurry and get you home." he smiled sadly.


"What's with that look?" I asked.

"What look?" he said.

"You look like you're upset." I said.

"Well...I'm going to miss you, you know." he said.


"Is that some kind of joke?" I put my hands on my hips. "After how bitchy I've been to you?"

"Well...you're my friend too, you know." he smiled.

I would've fallen right out of the air if it weren't for the fact I was floating over the campfire.

"I'm...your what?" I asked.

"My friend. What else would we be after all we've gone through?" he asked.

He thought of me as a friend?


"Well, I know you'll want to get back to all your friends back home." he smiled.

I felt my heart jerk. Back home...to my 'friends'...or...here with him.

"I- I'll..." I trailed. "But...I...I don't- I mean, I could hang around for a bit afterword..."

"Hang around...?" Link blinked.

"I mean, if you wouldn't mind it and all..." I muttered.

"If you want to stay, you're welcome to." he said. "As long as you want, I don't mind..."

"...You mean it?" I asked.

"Well...yeah." he shrugged. "Why not?"

That...idiot...how could he pull that on me?! How...could he...

"Good night, Link." I said, swooping into his shadow.

"Huh-? What did I say?" he wondered.

...What...would happen, if I did decide to stay-? No! I've gotta go back...I've gotta be there for

my people...but then, what did my people ever do for me? Sure...they did clean my palace, get

me food and things on a whim, but they didn't give me what I really needed...what I really

wanted. None of them were my 'friends', none of them wanted to be my friend. I was...alone.

What...would happen, if I just said 'screw the monarchy!' and stayed here? What if I just decided

to live in this light world? I mean...I didn't exactly blend in I know...but...if they could accept

zoras and gorons...couldn't they come to accept me? Link would accept me. And...that's all I

really cared about...

"Hey, Midna." Link said.

I sprung up from the shadow, "What?"

"...What do you say we go for a ride?" he smiled.

"Huh?" I wondered.

"Well, it's a nice night." Link looked around. "So...you know."

"It doesn't matter to me." I shrugged. "I'll sleep in your shadow, Epona's shadow isn't that


"Wait, I didn't mean on Epona." Link blinked. "I meant just you and me, you know...just to ride


"...Wait, you mean ride on your back?" I stared.

"Well, yeah, you always do." he shrugged.

"...Um...Link?" I muttered.


"Er...I saw in Castle Town...some people were carrying kids on their backs. It looked like they

were having fun..."

"You mean like a piggy-back ride?" Link stared.

"I think that's what it's called..." I said. "It's just...erm...could you do that? Piggyback?"

I think I was blushing, it was kind of embarassing. I mean...it did look like fun but...erm..

"Well...I guess..." he rubbed the back of his neck. "Sure, why not?"

I grinned, "Okay!"

He turned his back to me and I fashioned myself on his back like I had seen the children do, my

legs under his arms and my arms on his shoulders. Link gently held onto my feet to keep me from

falling off and then looked over his shoulder at me.

"All set?" he asked.

"Uh-huh." I nodded.

"Okay then." he smiled. "Let's go!"

He started running off, I held onto him grinning like an idiot.

"Wow! This is different then riding you as a wolf!" I said. "It's much higher up!"

Link laughed, "So you're having fun?"

"Go faster go faster!" I cheered.

Link smiled and ran faster, we were just going around in circles but it was still a lot of fun.

However, later when Link turned into a wolf Epona wouldn't stop making comments on how he

acted like a 'sugar-high filly'.

Note to self: Ask Link what a 'filly' is.

We went around in circles for a while until Link stopped, finally tired.

"Whew...I'm dizzy..." he said.

"I am too..." I put a hand to my head, watching the world spin around.

"Woooaahh-!" Link fell over.

I fell off his back and rolled onto the ground just an inch from where he landed. We looked at

each other a minute and then burst out laughing as the world spinned around us. We laid down at

the grass and looked up at the starry sky.

"Wow..." I whispered. "That's gotta be the funnest thing I've ever done..."

"Really?" Link wondered. "...It sounded like you always had fun..."


"Er...well..." I muttered. "...Link, can I ask you something?"

"What?" he looked at me.

I'm not quite sure what I wanted to say, but it died down in my throat before I could.

"...Link, if I ever left...would you miss me?" I asked.

"Huh? Well...yeah, I would miss you..." he trailed. "Why? Is something wrong, Midna?"

"Um...no, nothing important." I floated up. "Get some rest, okay?"

I slid into his shadow and he hesitated a moment before getting up and walking back over to the

campfire. What if...what if I did just decide to stay here? Oh gods...was I...oh no. Oh no. Had I

fallen in love with Link?! Was that why I was acting like this?! No...of course not, he

wasn't...but...it was just because he was the best- first- only...friend I've ever had. I didn't want to

go back, I didn't want to go back! I didn't care if I was the princess or not! I didn't want to go

back! I had a friend! I had someone I cared about! I had someone who cared about me! Screw

responsibility! I just want-! I just want...I just want to be with him.

"Midna?" Link said.

"What?" I asked.

"...Good night." he smiled.

...Why does he do this to me...?

"Good night, Link."

I think I had to stop myself from saying 'I love you'...

Holy shit have I gone soft.

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