Disclaimer: I don't own Inuyasha.

A/N: Parody of the song "You'll Never Stop the Simpsons" from one of the clip show episodes of The Simpsons.

Spoiler Warning: Covers recent major manga events.

You'll Never Stop the Manga

Ranma ends, Inu starts,

Yura's hair, Kaede's smarts,

Prayer beads, Grandpa's junk,

Fox demon, Lecher monk,

Kikyo's kiss, Koga smothers,

Kidnapped by the Thunder Brothers,

Sess's arm, Myoga's fear,

Kagome jealous, Inu's tears,

Inu defeats the Band of Seven,

Hosenki's shard, Sword of Heaven,

Hakudoshi, Akago,

Monk proposes to Sango,

Kikyo dies, Kagura fades,

Rin revives, Sword upgrades,

Naraku runs far away,

What more do I have to say?


You'll never stop the manga,

Have no fears, Rumiko's got stories for years like...

Kagome buys a timeshare,

Maybe Rin gets a panda,

Has Sess ever cut his hair or...


How about a crazy pairing?

Inupapa shows up, or tra-la tra-la-la

Sorry for the bad poem!

Have no fears, Rumiko's got stories for years!