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Okay, please go easy on me. This is my first lemon, and I don't really know if its any good. The lemon will come in chapter 3, I think. This is an AxelxLarxene pair. Yes, I like the couple. I'm one of few that think that Axel isn't gay.


Sparks Start the Fire

Chapter 1

Axel ran a hand through his hair as he passed her in the hallway. God, how can someone infuriate and turn him on with just the sight of them? But how the form fitting robe clung to her slim hips and the blond antennae-like spiked that he knew took hours clung to the back of her neck just above the hood of the required uniform inspired many a one of his fantasies.

His mind roamed when it came to what as under that robe. The milky white skin of her face led him to believe that it would be just as pale the whole way down to the tips of her toes.

"Hey Asshole." The sound of the sweet peal of her voice tore him out of his thoughts.

"That's Axel. A-X-E-L. Got it memorized?" (A/N I thought it was hilarious how he spelled everyone's name)

She laughed, and the sound went straight to his favorite part. Besides his hair of course.

"I'll say whatever I want, call you whatever I please. I take my own pleasure." She ran a hand up his chest a looped a finger in the strings of his robe, causing a delighted shiver to trace his traitorous body. "Commit it to memory."

With the jab, she walked away, leaving him to nurse his throbbing erection.

"Damn it, Larxene!" He portalled to his and headed right to the shower.


She closed the door to her room and leaned against the wooden frame witha smile fixated on her face and her heart pounding in her chest. The feel of the pyro's chest against her cold hands had proved unsettling. Judging by the shudder that had nearly undone her, he had been similarly affected.

She gathered the soft cotton towel that was reserved for such occasions. She turned on the water and let it warm up while she straightened up her room. Oh, what she had said to Axel was true. She always did get what she wanted, and she wanted him. Badly. It was only a matter of time...


Sorry that it was so short! I'll get longer for the next chapter. I just wanted to start off with some emotional electricity. Sparks are flying, but when is the fire going to ignite?


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