Rose and the Doctor lay together, sprawled under the thin cotton sheets panting profusely. They had finally given into the temptation of each other. Had taken the comfort and protection that many found in the body of another. They each knew it should not have happened.

They lay side by side, not touching, not even looking at each other, with an air of discomfort and sadness.

They each knew how the other felt. They played hosts to a love of all loves. A love that could tear a cosmos apart, could make a thousand dead hearts pound and live again. All time could stop and they could be left with nothing but each other, and that would make them happier than anyone else who had ever dared breath.

Their love was beautiful and pure, star-crossed even, but also terrible and dangerous. Neither could afford to submit to their passions again. This was not the type of relationship that would be allowed to blossom.

The Doctor did not feel that he deserved a chance at this kind of happiness. If he allowed his weaknesses to fuel him, he would only be putting Rose in even more danger than he did already. He would lose mind of the mission, become too distracted and make dreadful errors as a result.

Rose knew that she could never hope to tame him. He was the lonely angel, the oncoming storm and that was the way he was supposed to remain. No matter how much she wished to heal his wounds and take away that lonely burning within his eyes, she knew she couldn't and wasn't meant to. His pain was a driving force to him, compelling him towards justice and strength.

They lay there, listening to the sound of the others breathing returning to normal.

The Doctor was the first to break the silence.

"Thank you Rose. Its good to know that I can still feel. I want you to know that I treasure you above all else…I lo…"

The Doctor stopped there and gulped. If he finished the sentence by admitting this to her now he knew he would never have the strength to stop. He would go on worshipping her for the rest of her life, however long or short that may be. He knew he would be so much more broken when the time came for them to part.

Rose shifted beneath the covers, moving slightly closer towards him.

"Thank you too Doctor…I know how you feel about me…and I know that we can't do this again. I'm just glad that we did…you know. I hope you know I feel the same about you…always have."

"We can never be together fully Rose. Its not the way things work out for us. We don't live that kind of life."

They continued to lay there, each knowing that they should get up and start putting this behind them, each resisting, wanting to hold on to their only night together for just a little bit longer.

"So what's the plan Doctor? Never speak of this again? Go back to the civil friendship, best mates, Doctor plus one? Go back to being lonely but right?"

"Yeah that pretty much sums it up. But we'll always have tonight in our memories, in our hearts. Just because we never speak of it doesn't mean I won't cherish the strength and the gift you've given me tonight. I'm glad that we got to experience this. I'm just sad that it has to end."

Rose moved closer to the Doctor, laying her head on his chest and her arm around his waist.

"Can't we do the righteous grown up thing in the morning? Can't we have the rest of the night…can't we just…pretend…for a little while?"

The Doctor murmured his consent and wrapped his arms around his Rose. If from tomorrow they could never speak of this again, much less do this again, he felt grateful to know that he would have one night of pure happiness with the woman he adored. For one night they could pretend that they could be together forever, two people very much in love.

The rest of time, space and eternity faded away as they lay in each other's arms drifting off to sleep.