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I do not pretend to know everything about the YUGIOH series. I have only watched parts of the English dub and learned some other details from websites and other fanfictions. Because of my lack of knowledge, this story is AU. It is also a male/male pairing: Seto Kaiba/Yami Yugi, who, for all intents and purposes, will be known as Atemu or Atem Mutou in this fic.

Obviously, knowing as little as I do, I do not own the series. I also don't own Louis Vuitton or whatever other fashion names may pop up. So don't sue me. I'm poor.


An Aston Martin Vanquish ripped down the highway at over a hundred miles per hour, ignoring all speed limits and slower passing cars. Music blared from the state of the art stereo system, not modern rock as might be expected from a teenager's car, but instead an intriguing instrumental piece.

Warning. Engine damage probable. Slow down to prevent failure.

Seto Kaiba slammed down on the brakes, causing the tires to make that horrible screeching noise as the car skid to a halt on the road, burning ebony tracks onto the surface as a reminder. As a reminder that he was here, and that he made a difference. Speed seemed to be the only way he could achieve that feeling lately. Even Kaiba Corp no longer seemed to fulfill his desire to make a name for himself.

The night sky was dark and oppressive, pressing against the teenager's senses as he got out of the expensive vehicle and leaned against the frame, door still open. A breeze blew through, daring to ruffle his impeccably groomed chocolate locks.

"You're only human, Seto. Don't push yourself too hard to be something you're not."

Why? Why did that suddenly come back to him? When the death-defying speed had finally quenched his insatiable need for the night… those words had to come crashing down on his head. In an uncharacteristic move, he slumped back down into the driver's seat, barely missing the top of the car with his head.

It had been Mokuba who'd said that, several times even, before he left to go to school in America. Now Seto was alone, and although Mokuba made sure to call, it wasn't the same. A voice over telephone wires was never as good as the real thing.

Lost in his thoughts and the music still blaring from the stilled vehicle, Seto didn't hear his cell phone ring. When a lull in the music came, he nearly jumped from the familiar tune of the phone. Shutting off the stereo, he flipped open the phone with practiced ease.

"Seto Kaiba speaking."

"Nii-sama. I'm perfectly aware that it's you, who else would have use of this phone?"


Seto sat in silence, letting his brother go on about his adventures at school. Spacing out in the night air, he didn't realize that Mokuba had stopped talking, evidently waiting for an answer to some question he'd asked.



"I asked how you were doing. You're not overworking yourself again, are you?"

"Oh. Don't worry about me, Mokuba."

"You didn't answer my question."




"Our house… it's… well, it's too big for you to stay there by yourself all the time. You need company, nii-sama. You need someone to hang out with."

"Listen, Mokuba, if you're preaching to me about friendship, you can just forget it."

"I'm not… nii-sama, I'm not preaching friendship. I'm merely looking out for your best interests. Well, I have to go. Please think about it, nii-sama. I'll miss you, like always."


Seto snapped the cell phone closed and replaced it in the pocket of his black dress pants, swinging his legs back into the Aston Martin. The door shut with a loud click as he revved the engine and sped off into the night once more, but this time in silence, mulling over his brother's words.


Atem Mutou was an exotic man. Although he was of short stature, he had beautifully bronzed skin and enticing crimson eyes. Not only that, but his hair was the most interesting many people had ever seen- red and black with blonde bangs and spikes among the rest. Many women sought for his love, but he turned them all down, disinterest flitting through his eyes. It would take a special woman to win his heart, they said, but Atem would always smile and shake his head. 'I'm not interested in love,' he'd say, but it wasn't completely true. Atem wasn't interested in women, that much was true. But men? That was a different story.

It was a slow day at work. Atem sighed, resting his head on his arms as he sat behind the counter of the Louis Vuitton boutique. Sure, it was a little odd for such a famous fashion designer to have a shop in Domino, Japan, but it provided him a job and he was going to appreciate that fact. He vaguely realized that slacking off like this might get him fired, but he didn't care. Besides, the women who came to the shop loved him, and it brought business to the company. Perhaps they wouldn't fire him after all.

Atem nearly jumped, however, when the ringing of the shop bell broke his afternoon silence. Not only that, but the person who walked in was definitely the most gorgeous man Atem had ever seen. He was a tall brunette with the most compelling blue eyes. They seemed icy and cold, but Atem thought he saw a bit of spark behind them, fueling this man with passion for whatever he might hold dear. He was startled again when the man spoke in a rich voice, albeit laced with frost.

"I require three new business suits," the man ordered, "I would prefer one to be white, the others black."

"Yes, sir," Atem replied, slipping gracefully off of the stool behind the counter, "Are you a returning customer or shall I take your measurements?"

"You do not recognize me?" the man asked, somewhat incredulous that someone in this world would dare to not know him.

"Then I take it you are indeed a returning customer. I'm very sorry, sir, I've only just started here. Please forgive my ignorance."

Seto had to admit, for a shop employee, this man was intriguing. He was polite and had a strong charm about him. The brunette was surprised that the other wasn't doing some sort of modeling work, but retracted this thought when he let the man's height and hairstyle sink in. He simply wouldn't fit the image of many designers out there, Seto concluded.

"Don't forget next time," he said instead, "Seto Kaiba."

"Once again, my apologies, Kaiba-san," Atem said with a slight bow, typing into the employee computer for Kaiba's measurements and noting them on a small pad, "Although it is suggested that we re-measure today for future reference and so that you do not buy something that won't fit properly."

"Hn," came Kaiba's reply.


A few days later, Seto was sitting in a high-class restaurant enjoying dinner when he noticed a vaguely familiar figure out of the corner of his eye. As the figure drew closer, he realized it was the worker from Louis Vuitton accompanied by a smartly dressed woman. The blue-eyed man found himself confused as he felt a sudden pang of jealousy within himself. What was this feeling? That man wasn't his friend- just a worker he'd met briefly. Hell, he didn't even know the man's name. So why was he feeling jealous? Certainly, the man was beautiful. He'd admitted it to himself as the other looked up his measurements on the computer. Surely, however, that did not constitute fondness. He picked at his dinner while carefully watching the couple as they were seated and perused the dinner menus. The woman seemed undaunted by the prices, obviously used to this establishment, but the man's face flitted with uncertainty. Obviously it was she that had taken him out, not the other way around. It made sense, after all- how could a store employee afford such a dining experience on his or her own?

As the evening progressed, he sat in silence and continued to observe their table. The man had visibly relaxed, presumably after several drinks. He was curious about the exotic man, and when Seto Kaiba was curious about something, he used every means necessary to find out about that something. He briefly contemplated asking the other to dance, but was unaware if the man would be disturbed by those actions. He settled instead for the woman. He'd merely ask her about the man. After finishing his dinner, he stood and made his way over to the table, best smile on. Of course, it was never a real smile, just a mask used in business and such. Real smiles were only for Mokuba.

"Pardon my intrusion, but my lady, you look absolutely stunning this evening. May I interest you in a dance?"

A faint blush arose on the woman's cheeks, and she turned to her partner. "Atemu-kun, you don't mind, do you?"

"Not at all, Kanagawa-san. By all means, enjoy yourself," he replied, nodding to both her and Seto.

As his eyes grazed over the tall teen, however, Seto could see recognition spark in his blood red eyes. However, he didn't act on it, and let Seto lead the woman to the dance floor.

"So, Kanagawa-san, is it? You have an interesting date tonight," Seto remarked.

"Oh, no, not my date. Atemu-kun- well, I suppose I should call him Mutou-kun- is an employee of mine. He's been doing very well, so I decided to treat him to dinner."

"That's very kind of you. You are lucky to find such an intriguing man as Mutou-san in Domino."

"Ah, Mutou-kun is still very young! It is odd to hear him referenced as a man, though I suppose nineteen is around there, isn't it? But yes, indeed. He told me his mother was an Egyptian."

"Really? That's fascinating, Kanagawa-san."

"By all means, call me Yukino if you wish, Kaiba-san."

Kaiba's eyebrows raised in slight surprise, though if he remembered what he himself had said to Atem in the shop the other day, he shouldn't be. Almost the entire population of Domino knew who he was. Possibly even the world, now that he thought about it. Why should this woman be any exception?


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