Saturday, July 5th (approximately one and a half years after Anzu and Yugi's marriage)

Morning dawned bright and early on Domino; the sunlight streamed in through the master bedroom of the Kaiba Mansion and doused the two sleeping figures within with light and color. The shorter of the two rolled over to shield his face from the light, and in doing so woke the other. Seto Kaiba looked sleepily down at Atem and blinked a few times before smiling softly. He was about to wake him gently when the bedroom door burst open and Mokuba bounced into the room, Kisara following close behind. Seto stole a glance at the clock- 6: 15 a.m.

"What the hell are you doing up so early?" he asked the two teens.

"It's summer, nii-sama!" Mokuba grinned. "We are enjoying every last second to the fullest!"

"You won't be if you keep waking us up this early," Seto groaned, dropping back onto the pillows and waking Atem with the shudder of the bed.

Kisara smiled apologetically as if to say that it was not her idea to do this, and that Mokuba was plotting it all on his own and merely dragging her along for the ride. Atem rubbed his eyes and yawned, surveying the room and the number of people in it.

"Two too many, I think. Seto?"

The brunette nodded and stood up, grabbing both of them by the wrist and dragging them out of the bedroom, then turning and shutting the door behind him, making sure to lock it this time. As he settled back into the bed, Kisara's giggles and Mokuba's teasing could be heard from beyond the door. Seto's face twisted into a frown, but Atem merely laughed.

"Leave them be… it's too early anyhow."


Across town, Shizuka was sitting in the living room of the apartment Atem had abandoned a week after his brother's wedding. After Mai had come back to Domino, Shizuka had decided to move out of her brother's house- not that she didn't like Mai, of course, but rather to give the new couple some more privacy. She was doing fine on her own, and she had friends to visit her even when she didn't want them to.

Speaking of Jou and Mai, the blonde couple was enjoying their own married life- or, rather, almost married life. They hadn't actually had a ceremony, but both wore rings and were known to be exclusively seeing each other. They were happy, and that was all that mattered to them.

Ryou and Malik were still living in their apartment in Domino, although during the winters they disappeared to Egypt to visit Ishizu. They owned a small store where Anzu and Atem were often found helping out; Atem had left his job at the Louis Vuitton boutique after Seto's near-constant lunchtime presence started annoying Kanagawa-san just a little too much. Anzu helped out on the weekends and whenever she had time between errands and dancing; however, it wouldn't be long before she had to take a break from all of these things- it had recently been revealed that she and Yugi were expecting a baby.

Mokuba and Kisara were on summer vacation between their sophomore and junior years of high school, eagerly awaiting the day when they would graduate and could return to Japan for good. They had been officially dating since freshman year; quite a few of their fellow students were jealous of them.

Seto and Atem, of course, were living together; things were going well for them and the press coverage had finally died down to a low murmur. Unbeknownst to Atem, however, Seto had a surprise in store….

In fact, at the moment he was secretly visiting a well-known jewelry store.


In case I ever DO write a sequel, this is where it will pick up. The bonus chapters are coming.