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Chapter 6: Jinchuurikis on edge, goodbye Konoha!

Naruto awoke and sat up, refreshed despite the hours he had trained mentally inside of his mind with Kyuubi. They had worked on his tactics while making him get used to sustaining his bloodline limit. The second part would have to be done mostly in the real world but could be done in his head to get a better feel for how to control it. He looked to his left and on his desk was a note. He picked it up and read it.

Naruto, I suppose this is a goodbye to you, as I won't be able to watch you depart today. It would cause far too much attention and I know you must leave without any suspicions. I know you and the Kyuubi may already understand this, but unless you put on a high level genjutsu you will not be able to slip past the front guards. Most if not all of them know who you are and not many, no nobody else in our village looks like you. My only wish is for you to be careful while you are gone. I heard from Iruka that you told him what you were going to do, and he will also be unable to watch you leave as well. I trust you will do your best to become a better ninja while gone. Take care, and for Kami's sake don't get hurt or I will come looking for you myself, village be damned. - Sarutobi

"I'll make sure that you come back better," Kyuubi said while portraying a sadistic smile. "You don't even want to know some of the training exercises we are going to be doing up in snow country. Once you have some good chakra control down we will go on survival missions and you will live by yourself without the help of anybody for months at a time. We will also be heading to the hidden village up there, that only few know about." Naruto shuddered and mumbled to himself about slave driving foxes. He sighed as he saw it was only 6:21 right now. His clone had already arrived back from the Wave and took a position on the couch as it saw its creator in the bed. Naruto began his morning rituals and savored the cup ramen he had for breakfast. This was the last time in a while he would probably eat ramen. Afterwards he went outside with the Kyuubi putting on the genjutsu that would make him appear to be wearing his normal clothes.

He unconsciously wandered Konoha until he found himself at his team's training ground. It started to rain as he neared the place where he took the exam to become a genin with Kakashi, Sakura, and Sasuke. He walked up to the place where he was tied up, chuckling at the memory as he had his mask up at the time. He was going to miss being in Konoha a lot despite the way some people treated him here. It seemed as though people are just starting to change their views on him and he was going to leave. He knew that his clone would easily assume the position of him being an idiot but felt he was giving something up. He walked up to the memorial monument. He looked at the name that he noticed Kakashi starring at the first time they were here. Kazama Arashi was carved in its own inset in the monument. Naruto then did something he hadn't done in many years, he cried. He considered this as much as the day he lost his mother as his father. He saw the name Uchiha Mitio as well and it only made him worse.

"I'm sorry, Naruto." The soft reply came and he stopped crying, and replied. "It wasn't your fault, I don't blame you for it Kyuubi." Naruto then felt somebody approaching from behind him and cursed himself as he realized he had talked out loud. "What do you mean you don't blame Kyuubi?" A familiar figure known as Kakashi was standing behind him wondering why the Blonde was here this early. It was scarcely known that Kakashi had a habit of visiting the memorial stone every day for a few hours and thus caused him to be late. Unfortunately for Naruto, he didn't know this habit of his. "It doesn't matter, sensei. You wouldn't understand, not many people could." Naruto replied coldly while whipping away his tears. Kakashi wondered who his student could be mourning, for only ninja were carved in this stone. He said his parent's were killed in the attack, and followed Naruto's gaze to the name of his former sensei. Also he noticed him taking glances at another name, Uchiha Mitio. He then began to wonder who his student's parents were.

"Naruto, do you know who your parents are? Were they ninja?" Naruto simply nodded, far too drained to make a verbal reply. Kakashi's eyes widened as he realized the implications. 'Could he be? No, he never had a son. That simply can't be possible.' Naruto noticed the look of confusion on his sensei's face and took a deep breath to calm himself before talking. "Kakashi, I understand the look on your face but you out of everybody should have been the first to notice. He was your former sensei after all." Kyuubi was meanwhile not liking where this was going and warned Naruto that she was going to erase his memories with his Ookamigan. Naruto didn't listen as he also said, "Kyuubi was not responsible for the events of that day. My mother was also killed in that attack as well. I learned who my parents were because the Kyuubi told me, as she knew I had a right to know." Kakashi was surprised and for once showed it visibly. He was about to question as Naruto began to cry slightly again as he said, "Damn, now look what you did idiot. You can't go about telling your secrets to everybody." He suddenly opened his eyes and flashed light blue and that was all Kakashi knew before he passed out, not expecting a genjutsu from the blonde.

Naruto stood there for a moment with his eyes glowing before he released the genjutsu and stopped crying. This was his way of becoming stronger, and he wasn't going to let anything stop him from achieving his dream of becoming Hokage. He set Kakashi down on the ground next to the memorial stone and took off, taking one last look back at his father's name before leaving. Naruto had a fierce look of determination on his face. 'Nothing is going to stop me from becoming Hokage, not Kakashi, nobody.' He knew Kakashi would have demanded answers and would have probably spied on him later if Naruto had told him anything. He didn't want too many people to know about his secret. He used a genjutsu told on the spot by Kyuubi to erase Kakashi's memory of the entire thing, allowing Naruto to run scot free. He had to admit his genjutsu was extremely useful, but knew it wouldn't have worked if he had been expecting it. He felt slightly weary as using it takes a load of chakra.

He figured by the position of the sun it was already around 9:00, so he decided this was as good as any time to leave. He began to walk towards the North gate, taking in all of the sights of Konoha and burned them into his memory as he would not be returning for quite a while. Naruto specifically noticed the lack of hate filled glares he was getting and almost hit himself on the forehead for being such an idiot. He needed to disguise himself as a commoner, and leave the village without anybody knowing he was here. He went down a side alley and making sure nobody was there, allowed Kyuubi to put up the Kitsune Illusion again. He came out dressed as a normal citizen heading out on a long trip to the north, with most of the same winter gear he already had on. He walked by the guards and looked back one last time, specifically taking in the sight of the gate with the monument behind it. He sighed thinking to himself, 'I'll make sure you would be proud to call me your son. Just wait until I come to heaven with you, I'll rub it into your face when I become stronger.' With this he turned around, and began his long journey that would help him achieve his dreams.

After ten minutes of walking and making sure they weren't pursued by anybody, Naruto sighed. 'Hard part is over with, now we train.' Kyuubi chuckled at this and said to him, "oh you are going to find that escaping undetected was easy compared to the training I have in store for you, lets begin in fact since we are traveling now. First thing is first, we need some weights. Luckily for you I know a way of weight training that requires nothing more than two chakra enhanced bracers and two chakra enhances leg guards. Open that scroll that we sealed all of your stuff into. I snuck in a pair of both items needed while you weren't looking. The advantage this has over normal weights is that you or I can mentally deactivate it by imagining a ram seal and having the intention of releasing the weight." Naruto nodded, and pulled out the scroll they had used to seal all of their stuff into. He made a ram seal and thought of bracers and leg guards and a poof later the said items appeared. He quickly put them on and asked what to do next.

"Alright, now this second part is far more complicated than the first. I think actually that I will have to do it since you know hardly anything about seals yet." Naruto nodded, and formed a Kage Bunshin as it transformed into that of the Kyuubi in human form again. This time Naruto was smart enough to back away from it as a small explosion was created, since transferring a bit less than a quarter of Kyuubi's power instantly wasn't a subtle process. He suddenly felt very cold and empty as this happened as well. He tried his best to ignore the feeling. She motioned him back over, and Naruto watched intently as she bit her thumb and began to write strange runes on his bracers and leg guards. With a single seal, Naruto heaved over, almost falling face first into the ground. "Damn, how much is it set at right now?" "Right now it is set at about fifty pounds each, and thus two hundred in total. You are going to get use to them eventually, and over time I'll be increasing the weight to compensate. Also, in combat if we release the weight we can catch an enemy off guard by the sudden increase in speed." Naruto nodded, and worked furiously to simply walk. He was panting after just a few steps. 'Slave driver indeed.'

Suddenly Kyuubi felt a presence approaching Naruto from behind, but didn't tell him about it since the scent was Hinata's. She would just muse over what her container's reaction would be when she came. Naruto was focusing on walking when all of the sudden the sound of a twig cracking alerted Naruto that somebody was nearby. 'Kosu! Don't tell me we were followed.' Kyuubi disappeared in a cloud of smoke. Wait, why didn't she tell me somebody was coming?' Naruto deftly picked out a kunai and firmly grasped it, yelling out, "I already know you are there for you aren't exactly being stealthy." Suddenly something that shocked Naruto happened. Hinata, the supposed shy and weird girl stepped out from behind a tree with a concerned face. Kyuubi just chuckled at her container's shocked reaction, as he had expected hunter-nins or worse, anbu. "Hi-Hinata? What, why are you here?" Hinata nervously replied, "I he-heard everything-g yo-you said ye-yesterday while a-at the r-ramen shop." Hinata then looked away and blushed, before finishing, "I k-know yo-you a-are the vessel of t-the k-kyu-b-bi." Naruto's eyes widened at that, and he wondered what to do.

'Should I knock her out and take her back to Konoha? Maybe use that genjutsu from before and make her forget that, but damn how did she spy on me without knowing?' Kyuubi just simply watched to see what her container's reaction would be. "Hinata, what are you doing here anyways? If you did in fact hear then you should know I'm leaving Konoha for a few years. How did you even spy on us at the ramen stand before?" Hinata seemed extremely nervous still but stammered, "By-byak-kugen." Naruto mentally hit himself on the head for forgetting the Hyuuga bloodline technique. 'Of course, she could spy on us from miles away. How stupid can I be?' "That still doesn't explain why you are here," Naruto said flatly, causing Hinata to stiffen. "S-sorry, I just wantedtosaygoodbyebutranafteryouwhenIrealizedyoualeadyleft." Naruto confusingly began to unscramble the words in his head and then lit up slightly. "Thank Kami, I thought you were sent to stop me from leaving or something. Well even if you did I wouldn't have let you. Wait a minute, you know about Kyuubi! You aren't afraid of me or anything like that?" Hinata smirked lightly, causing Naruto to be slightly agitated. "I kn-knew a-about Ky-kyuubi being-g inside of y-you for a while. Al-also, I heard fr-from y-you that Kyuubi i-isn't as b-bad as we all t-thought."

'God damn I need to be more careful with my secrets. Any Hyuuga could have eavesdropped on that conversation. Oh what the hell one more person isn't going to kill me, especially one as quiet as Hinata.' "I see, so just came to say goodbye then? That's really thoughtful of you." Hinata blushed at that comment. "H-hai, p-please be sa-safe on your-r trip-p. I-I, w-wouldn-n't know wh-what to d-do i-if you got h-hurt." That is when realization hit Naruto like a ton of bricks causing himself to mentally and physical hit himself across the head for being such a fool. 'Oh my god, it should have been so obvious before. No wonder she always turns away when I look at her and she stutters around me.' "Ding! We have a winner. By the way, you are blushing pretty hard right now, and she is noticing it." Naruto ignored her and simply said, "all along, I never even noticed. What a fool I must have been." Hinata was confused from the sudden change to a soft voice. Naruto simply continued. "You liked me all along didn't you? Probably have been too embarrassed to say it, and too shy to show it, but the signs were still plain in sight. Damn I have been ignorant, to think somebody would actually like me. I'm sorry for not noticing, would you forgive me?" Hinata felt like she could probably die just about then but something kept her standing on her feet.

"H-h-hai." She said this and Naruto broke into one of his real smiles, far different from his trademarked arrogant grin. "You know, your pretty cute. The stuttering is kind of annoying but I suppose there is no going around it." Hinata definitely could have died very happily right then and there. 'He just complimented you on your looks. Oh my god.' She suddenly felt dizzy and spots began to appear in her vision. Suddenly a supporting grip around her prevented her from falling over and fainting. 'He is holding you, this has to be a dream.' "And I never realized it until now, but I like you too." 'Damn he is quite the romantic when he wants to.' With that he closed the remaining distance between them. Startled at first, she was too shocked to do anything but eventually began to relax and work her way into the kiss. They explored each others mouths with their tongues but eventually their bodies began to remind themselves that they needed to breathe or die. They both got out of the kiss panting heavily. 'You just got kissed by Naruto. Naruto...' She then fainted, unable to handle the situation any longer. She would then nearly pass out again after she woke up realizing that what had just happened wasn't in fact a dream at all.

Twenty minutes later, a few miles from Konoha:

"Well congratulations kit, you have just experienced your fist kiss." Naruto was at the moment mentally fighting himself. 'Damn what the hell made you do that? It was like I couldn't control myself at all. It wasn't that bad though... No! I refuse to be a pervert like Kakashi and old man Hokage. It still was pretty nice though... God damn perverted-ness, I make it my vow to prank any pervert I see from this point onwards, even if that means myself.'

Somewhere, Jiraiya, the third Hokage, Kakashi, and even Ebisu(1) sneezed at the exact same time, all feeling and thinking the same thing. 'Somebody is after me, I can just feel it.'

Kyuubi was having a great time poking fun at her container, but inwardly jealous that Hinata had taken his first 'real' kiss. That accident with Sasuke didn't count, and she hoped something like that never happened to her container again. She smirked as Naruto stumbled on the ground he was walking on. Getting used to two hundred pounds in weights wasn't an easy task, even if you could counter the weight by increasing the chakra flow to your limbs. Nobody ever said weight training was easy either, except maybe a few spandex wearing people back in Konoha.

"Achooo! Lee! Some woman must surely be thinking of me right at this moment, for I am Konoha's beautiful Green beast!" He did this while striking his 'nice guy' pose, causing his favorite student to strike a similar pose. "Gai-sensei, the flames of youth are strong in you!"





(AN: There was a sunset as well, how do they do that? Sunset-background no jutsu I suppose.)

This continued while a outwardly calm but inwardly extremely disturbed Neji thought to himself, 'somebody put me out of my misery.'

Our blonde friend suddenly sneezed extremely hard. (AN: Damn this myth if somebody talks or thinks about you and you sneeze has to be true.) 'Damn I must be catching a cold or something.' "I don't think so kit, somebody must have been talking about you." 'You know I don't believe in all that superstition crap, its all a bunch of crap. "That is what you think." Naruto grunted and kept on walking, unable to take the trees as he did most of time while traveling due to his weights. He continued to walk brooding over something weird that happened when he had let the Kyuubi out temporarily.

"What is on your mind, kit?" Naruto faltered for a moment but then regained his composure of a blank mask. 'What are you talking about?' "Don't play stupid with me, I have access to your thoughts, and although I don't know exactly what you were brooding over, I know that you were brooding over something." 'Can't hide anything from you, can I?' "Nope, not unless I choose to let something slip, but that isn't about to happen." Naruto stopped in his tracks, thinking over the weird feeling he got when Kyuubi had gotten some freedom.

"I don't really know how to explain it." He paused for a moment, trying to come up with the best way to explain it. "When your conscious left me, it almost felt as if a part of me died. It wasn't a good thing that is for sure. Also I got really cold as well, and it felt as if I was really alone for the first time. I know it sounds stupid I know but I guess I'm just used to you being there in the back of my mind." Kyuubi was fairly surprised as she didn't even think about what effect leaving Naruto would have caused. Then she began to feel guilt as Naruto was extremely close to tears. "Sorry, I didn't know it would have that kind of effect on you." "Nah, its okay. Neither of us knew that would happen. It isn't your fault, Kyuu-chan." Naruto smiled as he began walking, silently telling himself they weren't going to do that again unless they had to. Little did he know he had unconsciously called her chan again and she was now trying to hide a blush nobody could see inside of Naruto's mind

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