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A Good Man
No higher than PG-13, probably closer to just PG; rated for some violence and one mild bad word.
Genre: Gen; with a focus on Lennier and Morden
After the end of the series and the incident between Lennier and Sheridan. A few months after the birth of David.
Warning: Character Death

A Good Man

"Welcome back," a deep and cultured voice greeted Lennier as he sat up slowly in the unfamiliar bed that he was laying in.

The young Minbari looked around the small plain room, seeking the owner of the quiet voice that he was afraid he recognized. When Lennier saw the darkly handsome man, dressed in an elegant charcoal gray suit, he closed his eyes, as if in so doing, it would make the shadow man fade away.

"Still here," Morden said quietly in an amused voice. "It's not as simple as all that Mr. Lennier."

With his eyes still closed, the former Anla'shok practically whispered, "Go away."

"That, Mr. Lennier, is easier said than done."

Finally, Lennier opened his eyes and looked directly into Morden's dark ones. "Go away," he said firmly.

"I believe we spoke once about the dead, and how if you were going to seek them out, then you should expect them to talk to you. And Mr. Lennier, I've come a long way to speak to you, the least that you can do is listen."

When Lennier did not dismiss him, Morden continued. "I thought, Mr. Lennier, that you might be curious to know how I knew that you were going to betray the Anla'shok."

Lennier gave the shadowy man a dark look. But Morden continued anyway.

"It's simple really," Morden said almost casually. "Sheridan took away the woman I loved too. And like you, I want him dead for it."

The response was an automatic denial, "I didn't want Sheridan dead."

"I'm sure you could have fooled him. I believe Sheridan understands you better than you understand yourself, Lennier. And you can't fool me."

Morden walked over to the only other piece of furniture in the spartan room. Once he had settled himself in the simple wooden chair, he spoke. "You wanted Sheridan dead. Even if it was only for a moment, you wanted him dead."

"No," Lennier whispered, knowing even as he did so, it was a lie.

"What if I told you, there was a way for us to both get what we want, and save the Alliance at the same time?"

When Lennier did not respond, Morden continued. "My former associates had allies Mr. Lennier. They want revenge and they want power. And they have discovered a way to have both. They have set the wheel in motion, so to speak, and very soon, as they think of it, they will crush the Alliance and Sheridan beneath that wheel of fire and destruction."

"You can not believe that I will help you or them," Lennier replied coldly.

"Did I say that I wanted you to help them?" Morden asked.

"Then what do you want?" Lennier asked in return.

Morden suppressed a smile at the question and spoke once more. "I want what you want Mr. Lennier; Sheridan, dead. Not for the same reasons of course, but that hardly matters. What does matter, is if you kill Sheridan for me, I will tell you what the Shadow's allies have planned and how you can stop it, thus saving Delenn and the Alliance."

"And why should I believe you?"

"I was many things in life Mr. Lennier, a liar was not one of them."

Lennier's expression turned dubious upon that assertion.

Morden shrugged. "Believe what you like Mr. Lennier, but I assure you, it is the truth." He smirked slightly, "Ask Mollari, if you don't believe me."

Morden rose. "I'll give you a little time to think over what I've said."

And with that, the shadow man faded.

Lennier looked around the spartan room, knowing that he should find some way to leave. But he was still very weary, knowing that he had been quite close death before he had come here, wherever 'here' was.

With a sigh, he lay back on the hard bed, and fell into a deep slumber…

Sheridan pounded on the glass door heavily, his voice muffled as he called out to where Lennier stood. As the young Minbari watched, the toxic fumes began to fill the small chamber. Sheridan pounded more violently on the sealed door, coughing now as he called out for Lennier's help.

A part of him was horrified with himself; horrified that he was more than willing to stand aside and not only let Sheridan die, but to watch him do so. Yes, Lennier, faithful aide, noble Minbari, and true believer in Valen, was horrified. But Lennier the man, the man desperately in love with Delenn, was delighted, even ecstatic…

Lennier woke with a gasp. He could still feel the dark elation singing through him at the thought of Sheridan dead. And though he knew that it should horrify him, and at some level it still did, Lennier couldn't quite help but secretly enjoy the feeling.

"He's served his purpose you know," Morden said from the shadows of the corner of the room where he sat.

"Where are we?"

"We are neither here nor there, Mr. Lennier," Morden shrugged. "Does it matter?"

"We live for the One. We die for the One," Lennier said abruptly, trying to find strength and comfort in the words.

Morden smirked.

Lennier sat up and faced the man that he had always thought of as the enemy.

"He has served his purpose. And which is more important Mr. Lennier, the man, or that which he has created?"

"We live for the One. We die for the One."

"Which one, Mr. Lennier?"

"We live…"

"Now Mr. Lennier," Morden cut him off. "Do you honestly believe that if you continue to say it, it will make it true? You have already proven that you neither live for, nor die for the One."

Lennier focused a moment longer on Morden before he attempted to escape the shadow man's presence through meditation.

Morden smirked. "As you like. I will give you some time, but be forewarned, time does not always work in expected ways here, don't make your choice too late."

The Shadow representative faded back into the darkened corners of the room as Lennier took a deep breath, trying to focus his meditations. The young Minbari worked to bring his breathing into slow, even whispers, and his heartbeat to a quiet murmur. Without the conscious choice to do so, he began to focus his meditations by thinking of Delenn. And as he thought of her, his thoughts turned naturally to Sheridan as well.

Almost comfortably, his thoughts fell into familiar patterns as imagined Sheridan dead and himself with Delenn instead. With a savage kick of elation, he thought of Delenn turning to him.

"It can be that way, Mr. Lennier," he heard a smooth voice break into his meditations. "You can save Delenn, and be with her. You can keep her safe. You can redeem yourself in her eyes, and save the Alliance."

"But only by killing Sheridan?"

"I will tell you everything. You can stop the destruction of the Alliance with that knowledge. But only if you eliminate Sheridan, yes," the shadowy man confirmed.

Slowly, Lennier opened his eyes. "Why don't you do it yourself? Why not destroy Sheridan yourself? You want to," Lennier murmured.

"I'm dead." Mr. Morden replied simply.

"But I'm not," Lennier answered, looking straight into the dark man's eyes.


"I will harm no one but Sheridan," Lennier asserted after a long dark moment.

"As I expected."

"The Alliance is in danger?" The former Anla'Shok pressed.

"Yes, Mr. Lennier; Delenn and the Alliance."

"And Sheridan would sacrifice his life for the good of everyone, if he knew," Lennier rationalized.

"Yes," Mr. Morden practically whispered, looking into the young Minbari's desperate and yearning eyes…