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John woke late in the night to an empty bed and a room quiet but for his son's soft breathing. Slowly, his body still aching, he rose. As quietly as he could, he walked to David's cradle and brushed his fingers softly along his son's brow before leaving the room.

"Delenn," he said softly, walking to where his wife sat before a single lit candle. "You should get some rest. I'll stay here."

"He was a good man."

John was silent a moment. "He was," he said in quiet reassurance. He reached over and brushed back her dark hair. "Get some rest, love."

Delenn looked over to her husband with haunted, dark eyes. Softly, she held a hand to his stubbled cheek. "I could have lost you and our son."


"Li'faa cha'du miya," she murmured after a moment.

"Li'faa cha'du miya, Delenn. Go… sleep now."

Slowly, Delenn rose, brushing her hand softly along John's arm and returning to their bedroom.

John watched her go before turning his attention back to the softly glowing candle.

"You were a good man, Lennier, because she loved you. I know, because I'm a good man for being loved by her." He took a deep breath. "I hope you finally found peace Lennier, and I really do hope that we meet again… I… good journey my friend…"