Title: Holes

Series: Gundam SEED

Genre: Romance/Tragedy

Rating: PG

Pairing: Kira/Fllay, some Kira/Lacus

Summary: Kira will never let go of Fllay

Disclaimer: I do not own any of this


People tell him to move on, to let go and to accept the fact that she's not coming back. She's dead after all, like so many others who died in the war.

She died wanting him to live, that's what Athrun tells him, she didn't want him forever mourning her loss, to which Kira counters that he knows nothing.

She wasn't any good for him anyways, Cagalli constantly reminds him, and all she did was hurt him, which makes Kira angrily call his sister all sorts names, even though he knows that what she says is true.

I love him, confesses Lacus, I want him to care for me like he does her. At that, Kira has nothing to say; he is too baffled by his friend's unexpected feelings.

Move on, they all say, let go. Please, they add.

But Kira refuses. He's not ready to let go just yet. Fllay is still in every empty part of him, patching up the holes with her sad, passionate love.

One day, Kira will move on. He'll stop pretending that she will come back and he'll return Lacus' feelings.

Kira will never let go. On occasions, he will try, but it will never work. Fllay will always somehow cling onto Kira's heart and fill up the empty holes of his soul.


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