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Chapter 4 – Date With Danger: Eve drove down to Lisa's, a niggling sense of foreboding in the back of her mind. She had begun to wonder if she'd done the right thing, but she'd promised to be there, and she didn't go back on her word. But she was edgy.

Meanwhile, Jason was already at the club. He'd come early; he was eager to get this started. A smile danced on his lips, the kind of smile you'd expect to see on a lion or a tiger. Dark, predatory, filled with the anticipation of the hunt. This is going to be fun.

Eve got to the club and saw that Jason was already there. He gave her that charismatic smile again as she sat down. "Glad you could make it, Evelyn."

"Oh, please, call me Eve."

"Eve... sure." He sipped his drink. "I would have ordered a drink for you, but I don't know what you like," he said.

"Well, it's good you didn't. I don't drink."

"Really? Why not? Don't like it? One-drink wonder?"

"No, actually, pretty much the opposite." She shrugged. "I just don't like to mess with it. I'll just get a club soda."

"Oh, OK."

They talked for over two hours, about teaching, art they liked, movies, books, everything. It had been so long since Eve had gone on a date with a guy who she could talk to so easily. Still, something bothered her. She didn't know what, and chalked it up to her own phobias when it came to men.

Jason was enjoying himself. Amanda wasn't nearly so interesting. Who knows, maybe I'll keep this one. There was no trace of this line of thought on his face, though, and Eve was unaware of it. He kept on talking, lightly manipulating her into a more personal line of conversation.

"So, what's your family like?"

Eve toyed with her glass. "I don't really have any."

"That's crazy. Everyone has family. Maybe you aren't close, but..."

"My brother's dead, and so is my mother. They were my whole family." She didn't want to talk about this, about the call from Sing Sing, or about her mother's sad but not unexpected end. "Can we talk about something else?"

Back off, idiot... "Sure. So, since we seem to have the same taste in movies, and I happen to know that The Reaping is playing now, would you like to go catch the late show? It's Friday, so we can sleep in. Just like kids."

Eve frowned, thinking. And then she sighed. "I'm sorry, Jason. But there are some things going on with me right now... this was really nice, but I think I should go home."

Jason looked disappointed. "Oh, OK. Hey, can I call you sometime?"

Eve smiled and wrote down her number for him before leaving. He watched her go, his hand curling into a fist and crushing the paper. Little bitch. Telling me no because she's upset about that little brat. She'll pay... after I have some fun with her.

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