The final installment of "Beyond Forgotten Walls." Thanks for all the support everyone, and please keep reading. This chapter is only the beginning!


"Gum wrapper, a few coins, but no mobile and definitely no ID." Juliet and Rose stood in the middle of a white room with an alien black device in the middle of it. They had both been separated from the Doctor a mere moments before.

Juliet fished into her pockets as well and pulled out her cell phone. "Here, this should work."

"I don't know," Rose said and took the phone from Juliet, examining it as if it were an alien object. "Of course, mine worked before," Rose pushed the power button and the phone chimed to life with a happy beep stating that it had connected with the network.

"What exactly happened?" Juliet asked.

"You're in a parallel universe, as strange as that may sound."

"I just met the Doctor, nothing sounds strange anymore."

"Good, then here's the idea. Neither of us have IDs anymore; your's is no longer valid, and mine is with the Doctor." For the first time since first being separated from him, Rose did not cringe. "Neither of us have money, transportation, or anything else, but what we do have is this phone. I have a friend in London who can get us these documents, and help us out with this TARDIS, see if we can get it to work, but we'll have to wait. Which is okay seeing we have work to do here anyway." Rose knelt down at the base of the device and took the gum wrapper from her pocket, sliding it under the edge. "Look, the paper goes under, maybe we can move it." Juliet and Rose moved to stand opposite of each other, the device in between them, and placed their hands on it. Both were somewhat satisfied when they were able to move it a few inches on the floor. They were able to move the device, but it was still too heavy to move without further assistance.

"We'll need Mickey," Rose said as she pulled Juliet's cell phone out of her pocket and dialed the number. Juliet saw that whomever Rose was calling had answered and they were both now talking. She picked up strings of the conversation including "Doctor," "TARDIS," and a few other words that she could not make sense of.

"Oh, we're not making any money anyway. Just close it down and come over here. There should be a copy of the itinerary on Mum's desk or mine." Rose ended the call and turned to Juliet. "Now, we wait."

A flashing light. The Doctor hadn't realized that he had fallen asleep until a small flashing light had woken him. He turned around and looked and saw that the device had reactivated itself somehow. Hope was not lost. He took out his sonic screwdriver and scanned the device to find what was going on. He pressed a few buttons…

"Rose, why is that light blinking?" Juliet asked as both women ran back to the device. Rose began to look it over.

"Yes!" Rose shouted and jumped for joy, hugging a shocked Juliet. "We can get back!" Rose ran to the device to examine the light, Juliet not far behind. When both women's hands were on it, the image of a man appeared.

"Rose?" the Doctor's faint image asked.

"Doctor!" she shouted.

"Don't let go, not yet. There's not enough power to open the rift or even an eddy, but there is enough to get this message through to you. I'm coming for you Rose, and you as well Juliet, you have my word. But it might take time, and it might not work on the first try, but promise me that neither of you will give up on this. I will take care of you both. Rose, you will be back with me, and Juliet, you will find your home."

"Home? But you said I couldn't."

"Not exactly. The universe has another need for you first, and you have to do that before you can go home. I'm sorry that I couldn't tell you that before, but you wouldn't have believed me. And this is something you need to do, but I can't tell you what it is, not yet. Rose, take care of her. And get Mickey and Jake to help you with this thing."

"They're on their way already."

"Good. Between you lot you'll get it working; it's easier than mine to run but far more unreliable as well. But make sure it never leaves your sight. Who knows what could happen if it did?" Another light on the device started to blink. "We don't have much time. Rose, take care of Juliet, and remember, I'm coming for you, never forget that. It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end." The Doctor looked Rose in the eye and flashed a reassuring smile before his image faded. Rose let go of the device and the lights stopped blinking on it.

"What do we do now?" Juliet asked.

"We fight, and we never give up. The Doctor is coming for us and if not, we make sure that we can come for him."

Rose Tyler walked to the window and looked out of the attic window, a new day if not a new life, stretched out before her. The paint of the old museum had stopped peeling around her, the clouds had cleared to show the brilliant stars in the pre-dawn sky. Even though she had at one time given up hope on ever being with those starts again, she now believed that she'd be there soon. For the first time in a long time she felt as if her life had purpose. Instead of being condemned to this parallel dimension, she now had a journey ahead of her. She was to take care of Juliet as a sister, keep her safe for whatever plan the Doctor had for the other woman. She was to make sure that Mickey and Jake were there to assist in their adventures. She would not only survive, but create a world for herself back with the Doctor, if not on the route along the way. More importantly, she knew that she was not alone, for this was just the start of her journey.

TO BE CONTINUED in "Monsters in the Dark"...