Author's notes….

Hi guys I'm back… here is a sad oneshot for you.. I hope that you'll like it.. me and my friends almost cried when we read this story… please do like it… please tell me if it's lame or so…. Something…. try guessing who is the best man

I can remember it just like it was yesterday. The wind gently touched my skin as I watched the wind flying beneath the blue sky, Along with this auburn haired girl that danced cheerfully and freely with the wind.

I smiled a little as I watched her simple beauty, she smiled and laughed endlessly, her beauty captivated me.

As I brushed the dried leaf that landed on my shoulder, I saw her running towards my direction. Time ticked slowly, she seemed like an illusion; a mirage.

Then I smiled but it slowly faded away when she cling her arms to the boy standing next to me; the same boy who I call best friend.

That's just when I remembered she already belongs with someone else. Even though it is painful, I know deep inside that he needs her more than I do, I can't be self fish, my friend suffered so much and I want him to be happy even though it means of giving up something that means everything to me.

As I watched them, my heart slowly was torn apart.

The girl whom my best friend loves, is the same girl whom I love and can never tell how I feel about her.

She then turned her gaze on me, her amber orbs slowly melted me, so I smiled to her as usual pretending not to be hurt. I know this hurt won't last long I said to my self. Not until that dreadful day came…

Everything was covered in white as the isle was embellished with beautiful flowers blossoming. I stood at the altar. At last a girl in veil and in a white gown came in. From afar her beauty is indeed magnificent as she came closer, my heart began to beat fast but it stopped suddenly when the man beside me took her hand and walked her to the altar.

She was not my bride.

The ceremony ended and we all proceed to the reception. There we cheered and I as well so I thought. Everybody drank even the groom, but I didn't I'm not in the mood.

So I walked towards the balcony. It was just a perfect timing; the sky was painted red as I saw the golden sun began to set.

"isn't it beautiful?" was the question from a familiar voice that took my attention.

I saw the girl that I love, still dresses in her gown.

"what could've happened if she was my bride, if I was able to tell her how I feel" I thought

I stared at her for a moment but when I saw the ring on her finger my heart began to cry. I then called her name, I know it's wrong but I must tell her how I feel, even though it's too late.

So I began to say the words I've always wanted to say

"I love you from the very beginning, I know it's too late for me to say this but… you should know" I finally said.

There was a moment of silence between us, then I heard her cry as I saw water flowing out of her eyes. She then began to open her mouth and reply to me. As I heard her words, I became more broken, I wasn't able to speak and I watch her walking away from me, tears began to fell out of my eyes endlessly. I tried to stop it but it kept on flowing.

It was unstoppable as I recall what she said to me…

"you're such an idiot! I've waited for so long for you to say that to me 'coz I…. also have loved you, but you never said anything, that's when my heart learned to love someone else"

Author's notes…..

So have you guessed who's the best man? Haha the answer is Ruka… the reason I made this is because many wanted mikan to be married with natsume… I know this isn't quite dramatic and I'm sorry I can't put the story on natsume's pov… this is a drama… that's all… flames and comments are allowed