Okay, so I'm trying my hand in a Disgaea 2 fanfic. It's got a decidedly different flavor from the game, alight?

Just a short one-shot from me.

As for Rozalin's name, yes, I know it's Rozalin, but I like the spelling "Rozalyn" better. Shrug

Standard disclaimer here: I don't own Disgaea 2, it belongs to Nippon Ichi.

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In the dim light of their room, well, really, her room, but he was being forced to sleep in the bed and watch over her, he looked at her, sighing softly as he held her body close to his. It was still amazing all that had happened in such a short amount of time since he had met her. The people he met, fought with, against, and all leading up to fighting Overlord Zenon. It was still hard to believe that all the problems of their world had been because of a fake Zenon, even if he had figured that out earlier, it was still a shock who Overlord Zenon had really been. Sighing again, he ran his hand up and down her clothed back, being careful around her wings. Poor girl had been through enough in the last few hours having to fight against someone she thought was her father, then dealing with her past self as the real Overlord Zenon and nearly killing everyone that she had made friends with since being summoned.

He was just glad that his parents had welcomed her back with open arms, even after finding out about the fact that she was really Overlord Zenon and the guy that cursed everyone was really just a fake. He really didn't want to think of how Rozalyn would've taken it if his parents would've kicked her out after finding out the truth. He shook his head, glad something like that never happened. He ran his free hand through her golden hair, easily visible even in the low lighting, as he tried to keep her past demons from consuming her. She was still strong, he knew, but he also knew that she was nervous and afraid of her own power, and after seeing what she had done to both Overlord Laharl and that fake Zenon, he understood, very easily.

Closing his eyes, he realized that Rozalyn had been right to laugh at him when he stated his goal to her. Meeting demons like Etna and Laharl had shown him just how strong Overlords truly were. It was still impossible to give up his dream though. He stifled a yawn, knowing that it was really, really late and he needed to get some sleep that night. Still, as he layed there, he couldn't help but look at her as she slept, her hair down as she laid her head on his shoulder, the rest of her body covered in slightly over-sized pajamas that his mother had her wear to sleep for some reason or another, her arm was draped over his chest as she hugged him in her sleep. The way she would tremble slightly in her sleep and tighten her grip on his body was a grim reminder that she was reliving those memories of her past life. He closed his eyes, thinking back to that night when they had gotten back from that last battle. Between being worried, nervous and afraid, Rozalyn had practically been a wreck as they explained what had happened. To be honest, he was shocked stupid that his mother had taken one look at Rozalyn, shrugged and commented on the fact that a past life was a past life and didn't matter too much in the present. That was so unlike her that even his brother, Taro, had asked if she was alright. The way she had snapped back at all of them was quite relieving, in a weird sort of way.

Yawning, he closed his eyes and started to fall asleep, he honestly tried to stay awake, but he hadn't gotten any sleep in over twenty hours, it was a losing effort on his part. Closing his eyes, he settled against the pillows, bed and Rozalyn, before drifting off to sleep. A small smile crossed his features as he felt Rozalyn move slightly to lay on top of him.