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Be My Valentine

"What's he doing?" Hijitaka whispered to a crewman, who had just left Soutetsu's room.

"I don't know..." the sailor whispered, wide-eyed. "He was writing a whole lot and cutting out shapes in pink paper... I've never seen the like before!"

"Hmmm..." Hijitaka's dark eyes narrowed. "Suspicious! Kami knows what that man is plotting!"

Two days later, a whole bunch of people got letters.

"Roses are red, forget-me-nots, blue.

To your memory, I will be eternally true."

Akizuki used his valentine for sword practice.

"Roses are red, carnations are pink.

Let's have wild sex after a drink."

Kaishi laughed and called for more wine and a singer. His valentine got seriously crumpled...

"Roses are red, dahlia, sangria -

I wish I could see you on the front of a shunga."

Kyounosuke blushed.


"Roses are red, violets are black

You would look better with a knife in your back..."

"Heh, heh, heh," Nakaiya laughed. "You can't hold me back, boy..."

"Nakaiya-sama?" Kanna asked as he watched Nakaiya burn the pink heart. "Is it a threat?"

"Open yours," his boss suggested.

"Roses are red, Marigolds, yellow

You would look sexier if you were more mellow."

"What the hell..."

Nakaiya was rolling on the floor laughing.

"He's killing me! He's killing me!"

Kanna tossed the valentine in the air and shot it to bits.

"Tulips are yellow, roses are red.

You look quite sexy when you've gotten Head."

Enomoto frowned.

Is this a code - or - a prophecy? or - or -

He blushed.

And invitation?

He filed it away for future thought.

"Roses are red, lilies are white

I won't let you without a good fight."

Hijitaka stared at the pink heart.

What the hell?

"You don't like it?" Soutetsu asked. His voice startled the Shinsengumi leader.

"Uh... what is it?"

"An..." Soutetsu leaned in, pinning Hijitaka against his bedroom wall. "Invitation."

"Speaking of which, um..." Hijitaka blushed. "I don't remember you... uh..."

His mind went hazy when two lips found that sensitive spot just below his chin... moving down his neck.


"I think I'm getting the point across... hmmm?"

Hijitaka never answered.