My Lord; My savior

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Summary: Rin doesn't understand why her lord is so unhappy all the time, And especially during the spring season. He leaves for such long peirods of time. This spring...she plans on following him Rin learns why Sesshomaru leaves in a most...unexpected manner. SesshomaruXrin

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Chapter 1: Not so emotionless after all...

Sesshomaru let out a long sigh as he leand against the Sacred Tree his brother had been pinned to 50 years ago; His gaze fall upon young Rin, whom was chasing Ah-Un around in large, disproportioned circles, laughing giddily as she did so. Again, the Lord sighed contently, closing his eyes, soaking up the small rays of evening sunlight that fell between the branches and leaves of the tree. It wasn't long before Rin came running up excitedly waving a bunch of connected weeds in his face.

"My Lord, look! Look what I have brought you! A dandalion necklace!" Rin squeeled, smiling brightly while holding it up for him to gaze upon. Lazily, Sesshomaru opened his eyes - a blurry young girl wearing her usual radiant smile, came slowly into view. Rin leaned forward, placing it around her Lord's neck, her small fingers brushing gently along his magenta striped cheeks.

"You look most beautiful My Lord." she stated proudly. Jaken waved his staff, running towards her, anger relevant in his face.

"What do you think you are doing you silly girl?!?! How dare you call our Lord..."

"Thank you Rin." Sesshomaru said in his usual monotone voice, cutting the angry toad demon off abruptly. He closed his eyes once more in a relaxed and calm state. "Silence yourself, Jaken. Go tend to Ah-Un."

"B...but my Lord..." A stone cold glare was enough to silence the stammering toad and send him on his way.

Rin yawned, stretching her small body as much as she could before curling up between Sesshomaru's legs. He looked down at her with his usual cold look, but confusion was relevant in his eyes. It wasn't like Rin to intrude on his bubble - she knew he liked his space - Yet, she had done so twice today. Her small head rest upon where his diaphram would be; she nuzzled her head into his chest, trying to get comfortable. Wrapping a small arm around him, she sighed apparently quite satisfied and more then comfortable.

"Good night My Lord." she yawned, nuzzeling into him once more before drifting into a deep sleep. Sesshomaru placed a hand on her head his fingers barely moving in slow, soft stroking patterns. 'Good night Rin.'

Solemly, Sesshomaru looked up, closing his eyes. Tomorrow he'd be departing once again. Mating season always took a toll on him and the last thing he wanted to do was hurt Rin. She was like his child, of course, he'd admit, he wished her older at times, a lot of times...but to hurt a child like that...It was beyond even him...

"Sesshomaru..." The youkai's eyes darted to the sleeping girl between his legs. He looked at her curiously. A soft, gentle, out of character gaze made itself apparent upon his features. His strong hands moved gently along the soft countours of the young girl's face, sliding the stray, silky strands of almond-brown hair that lay there behind an ear. She again nuzzled him, though not into his chest, but into his gently stroking hand.

Jaken returned with Ah-Un to witness this obsurd act of kindness his Lord was committing. He'd never seen his lord show such...such...emotion.

"L...Lord Sesshomaru...?!?!" Jaken gasped into the still night, his voice quivvering, as if his Lord had suddenly fallen severely ill. Sesshomaru's only response was a very serious and cold glare in the flabbergasted toad's direction. Ah-Un rolled it's eyes, trotting toward a nearby tree. It then curled up into a warm ball, resting it's heads upon the moist Earth below it. Jaken stood silently; Gawking.

"Look at me like that once more, Jaken, and I'll kill you." Sesshomaru stated simply, never reverting his eyes from the sleeping Rin. Jaken scrambled to Ah-Un's side, hiding behind it's tail, clinging to it for dear life. He soon passed outg out there. Once all was quiet again, Sesshomaru was bombarded by his earlier thoughts, which irritated him greatly. He knew that his demon blood wouldn't differentiate between potential mate and child, it only knew lust, nothing more.

The Lord of the Western Lands sighed heavily looking down at the young girl he so adored, it was getting late...or early rather...soon the sun would be up and mating season would officially begin. Gently, he tucked his hands beneath Rin's fragile frame, lifting her from his lap and placing her on the ground next to Ah-Un and Jaken. Ah-Un removed it's tail from Jaken's sleeping grasp and wrapped it gently around Rin, whom snuggled against it.

"Lord Sesshomaru..." she whimpered into the cold night, sad eyes looking up at him. For the first time in his entire life, his heart sank.

"You know I must leave..." Sesshomaru said coldly turning to leave. "Go to sleep." he commanded.

"But why? Why do you always leave in the spring time My Lord?" Rin inquired. Sesshomaru groaned internally, the sun was on the hoizon line. This girl was going to be the death of him, or worse, he could be the death of her...

"Do not question me Rin. Sleep now." He stated a bit too firmly, turning to leave once again. Rin nodded solemly watching her Lord leave before she snuggled up against Ah-Un drifting into a sweet slumber once again.

A quick whack to the head from Jaken's staff woke Rin the next morning. Rubbing her head, Rin stood up drowzily, nearly falling over from dizziness. 'Stupid Master Jaken.' She thought, stretching her relaxed body in a vein attempt to wake it.

"Hurry up you lazy girl," Jaken grumbled, "We must get moving." Rin rolled her eyes, climbing up on Ah-Un's back, sprawling out - arms behind her head, head tilted towards the sky - her small body soaking up the glorious rays of the sun.

"Master Jaken..." Rin said yawing. Through a grumble Jaken insuinaited for her to go on, listening attentively. Sesshomaru would kill him if he didn't.

"Why does Lord Sesshomaru always leave in the spring? And why must we always follow after him a day later?" Jaken and Ah-Un stopped all three heads turning to look at her. Frowning, Rin rolled unto her stomach, staring at them. "What?"

"You needent worry about such things Rin." Jaken answered hurridly, pulling on the reins of Ah-Un to revert it's attention forward, back upon the path they were traveling.

"But I want to know!" Rin whined from her perch, folding her arms across her reletavily flat, though not barren chest. She wrinkled her nose, sticking it into the air in a most snobbish way.

"You stupid girl, don't ask questions you wont understand the answer to." Jaken replied, trotting along the path faster. Rin whined. Groaning in frustration Jaken turned to face her. Ah-Un stopped again, one of it's heads turning to face Rin and the other to face Jaken.

"Why don't you just go ask him yourself then, hmmm? Maybe that will shut you up!" Jaken spat, shaking his two-headed staff in Rin's face. Jaken immediately went to correct himself, but the damage had already been done. Rin slid down Ah-Un's side facing Jaken. She bowed low to the ground before giving him a most grateful hug.

"What a wonderful idea Master Jaken! I'll see you later, I'm going on ahead to find Lord Sesshomaru!" With that, Rin mounted Ah-Un whom took off into the sky at her command. (A/N: First off, I'm sure Ah-Un would be against this. Second, I'm not to sure he takes commands from Rin...but...Ya know. And thridly, Ah-Un is the one that can fly...right? It's not Sesshomaru...? That would just make me sad. Anywho, just go along with it, ok? - Sorry if I'm completely wrong here.) Jaken sat dumbounded momentarily, before yelling after them in the sky...his voice, however, was drown out by the rushing air that passed by the pair's ears as they elevated to higher into the morning sky, soaring among the dewy clouds. Rin leaned back, her hair being tossled behind her, due to the roughly passing air.

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