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Summary: He's an orphan, trained to betray his country. She's a princess of Alice Country, hunted by people who wants revenge. When they both met, he framed as her bodyguard to kill her only to find himself falling in love with her. Will fate turn to their side or will he ignore his feelings for revenge? NxM A romance story abducted from the famous manga Gakuen Alice.

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Different Worlds

Chapter 1 - The Fall

The ground is shaking and the sound of glass bumping to each other can be heard.

"Oi, little girl," The certain raven-haired boy said mockingly.

"The name's Mikan, Natsume! And What?" The brunette replied.

"Cut down on your food intake. You made holes in the ground where you're stomping."

"Why you...!! Stop following me!!!" Mikan continued stomping her foot.

"I wish, but i can't. This is my job."

"Then quit!"

"I need to earn, in case you haven't notice."

"Then... do your job where i can't see you!"

"What definition of bodyguard don't you understand? I'm SUPPOSE to stay by your side to protect you, what are you, stupid?"

"..." she can feel her veins popping.


It was night time and she was just preparing to go to sleep. She closed the light in her room and hopped into her king-sized bed. As she close her eyes, she can sense something moving. She wanted to scream. As soon as she opened her mouth, an arm grabbed her by the shoulder while the other pushed a handkerchief into her face. She felt dizzy and everything went blank. She was drugged.

Soon after that, she woke up only to find her arms and legs tightly tied up. She was kidnapped and was taken to this place - a warehouse. (Try imagine the warehouse where Mikan is tied up in the episode when Natsume, Sumire and Mikan was kidnapped by Reo) She felt really dizzy... maybe it's from the drugs just now, she thought.

Suddenly, the door flew open revealing a handsome raven-haired boy with ruby eyes. He seemed to be around 17. Very young but skillful.

He lifted her up bridal-style. Mikan blushed ten shades of red. She noticed the warehouse she had been taken to is on fire.

The raven-haired boy took her back into the castle, where she had been greeted by her father, the King of Alice Country. She was told that she was kidnapped by by Reo, the brains behind AAO, the Anti-Alice Organization. She was saved by that raven-haired boy, Natsume Hyuuga, a specialist hired by the King. The King offered Natsume an offer no one can resist - 10,000 rabbits per day to be Mikan's bodyguard.

-End of Flashback-

"And that's when hell came to me." Mikan thought as she fall back into her bed and let out a sigh.

"..." Natsume stood beside her bed, his back facing her, glancing at her through the corner of his eye.

"This is my roon, my private space, MY SANCTUARY! So can you please leave me for just one day??" Mikan said.


"Natsume, are you listening?"


"You're impossible!" she said as she stood up and went through the door.

Natsume followed.


Mikan went to her own personal garden, specially design with Sakura trees for her.

-Mikan's POV-

Why is he still following me? I thought while glaring at him.

He's so...so...so arrogant!! What will the others think?? They'll drool all over him like a complete idiot, especially Sumire, she can't take her eyes off cute guys! Although... I have to admit, he's kinda cute...!! What am i thinking?? I already have Ruka, don't i?? I quickly shook my head.

-End of Mikan's POV-

-Natsume's POV-

I wanted silently at her sudden change of facial expression. I bit myself to hold back my laughter. She seemed to be in deep thoughts. I wonder what she's thinking about...

-End of Natsume's POV-

"Hey polka-dots" Natsume's the first one to break the silence.

"Stop calling me that! Just because you accidentally saw my you-know-what that day, you kept calling me that!!" She was referring to her polka-dotted panty.

Ever sice Natsume took the job as her bodyguard, he knew that he had seen everything - I MEAN EVERYTHING. Mikan will usually trip on a rock and fall down, revealing her panty-of-the-day. Natsume even have to restrain himself from nosebleed. That girl never fails to entertain him.

"Whatever, strawberries." Natsume rolled his eyes.

"Why you...!!"

Mikan lost balace as she turned to face Natsume. Her body betrayed her and she fell backwards. She closed her eyes as she braced herself for the impact. The cold water didn't touched her body. All she felt was a strong arm gripping her waist gently. It was Natsume, he saved her from falling into the river.

The brunette stared at him. Her face is flushed and her heart is beating wildly. His strong, yet gentle arm curled up her waist while the other moved to the back of her hair.

Natsume pulled her body closer to his. Their bodies touched and their lips are centimeters away.

Mikan closed her eyes and waited for the...!!

"Got you." Natsume whishpered into her ear.

Mikan opened her eyes and stared into his. Her cheek flushed in embarrasment.

Natsume let her go as soon as she stared at him blankly.

"I saw you, apple panties." Natsume said and turned around.

Mikan stared at him. There was a long pause.

"NATSUME NO HENTAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Mikan's voice can be heard throughout the castle as she shouted.

Natsume's lips curled up - he was smiling, for the first time in his life.

To be continued...


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