Game 2: Hide and seek

He was to sit for a few moments, but instead he was taking his sweet time. It didn't matter if he waited a thousand moments, he would always find his sweet Yami.

Yami was always an unbeatable gamer for over a thousand years and more. Yugi however could not lose at this game, gamer or not at this game he was unbeatable. The game was for Yami to hide and Yugi had to find his beloved gamer. It was a simple game of hide and seek between him and his dear Darkness.

"Darkness," Yugi blissfully sighed as he started to seek out his love. As he started to search, memories of how their love began started to fill his mind.

Before his love, all he had were memories of being alone, and in pain. He was alone because he had no friends, in pain because he was tormented by others.

It wasn't until he completed his puzzle that he was no longer tormented and had found some friends. By finishing his puzzle, he had also found love.

He remembered slipping the last piece of the millennium puzzle into place and the sorrow in his heart no longer existed. A deep and rich voice slipped into his mind, and just seconds later, Yami stole his heart.

That voice comforted Yugi whenever he felt lost or afraid; it sang like a beautiful song bird in his mind.

His beautiful Darkness fought battles for him and never failed him whenever his soul was lost in the Shadow realm.

"Yami," he said to his dearest love as he searched. "Darkness, I can feel you're wonderful heart, dearest Yami."

"Then seize my heart, Yugi," Darkness, Yugi's love replied. "Come to me, sweet, lovely light."

Suddenly, Yami found Yugi's arms wrapped around him and felt his heart beating against his chest. "I found you," Yugi whispered, resting his head on Yami's chest, then he pulled Yami into a seductive kiss.

"I knew you would, my love," Yami whispered back, returning the heavenly kiss.