A/N: Hey everyone...so i decided to continue in the world where Kelso is in the big blue beyond and Jackie and Hyde got back together...this is a much more happy cheery story and i hope i get hte same response as y'all gave Kelso's death, so here you go! First chapter is up...R&R&Enjoy!

When Jackie woke up, all she wanted to do was vomit until she thought some internal organs might be dislodged, just has she had for the last two weeks. Getting out of bed, away from Hyde's grip – who knew that bad-ass Steven Hyde was a cuddly sleeper – she made a mad dash for the toilet, and turned on the faucets on the sink so he wouldn't be woken up by the sound of her retching. After being certain that her liver was still in its proper place, Jackie flushed the toilet and leaned back against the cool tile of the wall.

She'd been feeling weird like this for two weeks now, and Jackie never got sick. She'd had a summer cold here and there, but her immune system apparently was built of iron; noting got through. So why now? She looked up at the glass-fronted medicine cabinet and her eyes landed on the little blue box of Tampax on the bottom shelf. Doing a quick bit of counting, Jackie clapped her hands to her mouth in self-berating shock.

Of course, you idiot, she admonished herself. That's why you've been throwing up every morning for the last two weeks straight, that's why your boobs hurt and your hormones have been so wacky. You've got Steven's frizzy hair baby growing in there.

Jackie bit her lip. It had been nearly two years since she'd been back, nearly two years since Michael had died and she and Hyde had finally worked out their differences. She'd moved home to Point Place, into Hyde's apartment above the record store which was a pretty swank palace unto itself. Her beauty spa and boutique, California Kisses, which promoted the best luxury personal maintenance services east of Beverly Hills, had become a great success. Jackie tended to thank hard work and a little help from Fez telling all his friends in Chicago to check it out, and Donna promoting it on her radio show. Jackie couldn't believe how far she'd gone from being the spoiled princess of the group to the hard-headed business woman; she had this startling revelation come over her when she called her first staff meeting after the opening of the spa.

Even her relationship with Hyde had worked out for the best, better than anyone else could have hoped for. Within five months of her return, they'd held their wedding ceremony, neither wanting the expense of lavish nuptials since Jackie was still getting her business off the ground. It had been a simple but tasteful affair: Donna, Brooke and Betsey wore blue dresses with silver and white accents, Eric and Fez wore traditional tuxes with blue ties and white roses pinned to their lapels. Red had given her away, since neither of Jackie's parents deigned to show up; Jack was in court yet again, this time on tax fraud charges, and Pam was incommunicado in Rio. The reception was held at the Foreman's house, a simple barbecue to commemorate the Veterans Day that marked Hyde and Jackie's first date, with lots of beer beef and two kinds of brownies that were clearly marked so the parents would not get the wrong ones again.

Then they'd been driven by Eric in the El Camino to the airport where they left for two weeks to go to Hawaii, where they'd spent just as much time in bed as they had exploring the island and indulging with the locals.

But children had never come up. Not once since they'd gotten back together had there ever been talking of procreation between them. Jackie knew that Hyde was good with children, she'd seen how he treated Betsey in such a loving way, and knew that he would be the same way with his own children. But it was the telling him that they'd have their own children, telling him that he would now be responsible for a life outside of his own that would change everything they'd so carefully rebuilt.

Her thoughts were broken when Hyde knocked on the door of the bathroom, making Jackie jump a foot.

"Babe? You alright?"

"Yeah, I'm fine," she lied. I am pretty frickin' far from okay.

"Don't take too long, we gotta be in Madison by noon. Donna and I are doing Kelso's Corner today."

"Oh right." Jackie had completely forgotten that since today was Saturday, it meant that Donna and he honoured their friend by doing a three hour segment called Kelso's Corner, dedicated to Michael Kelso and his love of good music. "I'll be out in a few minutes, just need to brush my teeth."

By the time they arrived in Madison, Hyde and Donna left almost immediately for the station, leaving Eric to entertain Jackie. Despite their history together, in that Eric had despised Jackie's existence up until she'd stopped dating Kelso, they'd become close. Now they were sitting together on the park bench, watching the kids play in the sunny July afternoon, knowing it would be only a matter of time before they came over and asked to go down to the beach and go swimming.

"I'm glad they're doing the Kelso Corner today. It's been exactly two years since Kelso passed away," Eric commented. When this elicited no response from Jackie, Eric looked over and saw her staring off into space. "Jackie?"

"What?" Jackie whipped her head around to look at Eric. "What?"

"Jackie, are you okay?"

"I think I'm pregnant," she blurted out.

Eric stared at his friend, felt an odd sort of déjà vu. Jackie had had a pregnancy scare before, when she was only fifteen and Eric had been the one she talked to. Now, fifteen years later they were once again back in the same situation.

"Are you sure? Is it possible that

"My boobs hurt, my hormones are in overdrive, I've been throwing up every morning for the last two weeks and no matter how much I eat, I'm not putting on any weight and I never feel full."

Eric pressed his lips together to avoid smiling. These were the exact same symptoms Donna has bemoaned when she first discovered she was carrying Roberta. Despite feeling like death warmed over, Donna had been ecstatic. But Roberta had been a planned pregnancy and Eric could tell by the look on Jackie's face that this one was not.

"Have you talked to Hyde about it yet?"

"Talked to me about what?"

The voice had Jackie's insides freezing as she looked over her shoulder and saw Hyde standing with a microphone in hand and two other WCRB crew members. She could see he was trying for a smile, but it didn't quite replace the worry in his eyes.

"Talk to me about what, Jackie," he repeated.