AN: Hello every one! This will be a long story about Neji and Kiba. I'm not currently writing, as my life is in chaos, so when now existing chapters have been released, it will go in hiatus. I'm sorry. Enjoy.


Neji sat near the fire, un-bandaging his arm and leg. His muscles were shaking, he had over done it today. He glanced over the fire, at Kiba, who had been fidgeting weirdly whole day long. Neji had decided to ignore it, and planned to keep on ignoring dog-boy. He were dead-tired anyway.

"You take the first watch", he said and lied down. Kiba nodded in agreement.

Kiba looked at peacefully sleeping Neji. Hyuuga was trusting him to keep them both safe. Kiba felt honored, as Neji weren't generally trusting at all. He shifted little, trying to ease boiling heat in his stomach, that had been bothering him all the day. He had no idea what it was about, but it was making him uncomfortable, and clouding his mind slightly. He stole another glimpse at sleeping Hyuuga.

'He's so beautiful.'

Kiba startled. Where the hell had that came from? True, Neji was a beauty to behold, but why was he thinking this now? Kiba grabbed his head as he felt the heat in his stomach grow tenfold and go south, at the same time his mind started to go dark.

'This can't be good', he thought, before he lost all rational thought.

Neji startled awake as he was pushed tightly to ground by weight above him. He gave a yell and started to fight immediately like a true shinobi. Where was Kiba? He was supposed to be in watch! What was going on?

He finally got a glimpse at his attacker, and halted for second.

"Kiba! What the hell do you think you're doing?!" he yelled and tried to shove other shinobi off. No use. Neji was exhausted after their tandem mission. The mission itself had been completely for Neji, to locate peoples in crumbled mine. Kiba was there to help him if fight aroused. Neji tried again to push other off, but his hands were captured and held above his head. As Kiba held him still by his wrist and his weight on Neji's stomach, Neji got a first real look into Inuzukas face. He halted in freezing terror. Kiba's eyes were glowing golden and there was no sign on his face that he actually understood what was going on. Only feeling that was readable in those golden orbs was pure and raw lust. Neji started to fight like crazy, quickly wearing himself out. His frustration, as Kiba continued to hold him down, turned into near sobs. Kiba ignored his efforts and went down to kiss and suck Neji's throat, even tough Neji did all he could to stop him.


"Hokage!" an angry Inuzuka woman screamed from hall. She had waited three fucking hours now! Didn't the damned woman understand what 'urgent' means?

Tsunade sighed and massaged her temples, she had had one hell of a bad day.

"Shizune, let the Inuzuka in, I have a while for her now", she said at her secretary, who nodded and let fuming dog-nin in.

"Hokage-sama, we have a problem", woman (I don't know Kiba's mothers name... sorry) said. Tsunade lifted an eyebrow.

"Kiba is missing, my clan is looking for him, but his nowhere to be found, and today is his eighteenth birthday", she said. Tsunades brows climbed higher.

"Kiba is on a mission with Hyuuga Neji", she said. Other woman paled.

"Wha-what?" she whispered. She looked as if she wanted to sit down.

"May I know what is the problem with this?" Tsunade asked, a bit worried.

"Kiba... When Inuzuka reaches their eighteenth birthday, they are overcome by mating heat. They will mate and mark anything, that is close enough for them to reach. I haven't really told this to Kiba yet, it's a tradition to tell a pup about a heat in their eighteenth birthday..." dog-nin explained, pale as dead. Tsunade felt like her nerves might just crack

"So, what you're telling me, is that Neji, or anyone else nearby, is in real danger to be raped by your son?" she asked slowly. Dog-nin nodded slowly. Tsunade sighed and leaned back.

"Why wasn't this acted upon earlier?" She asked in a weary tone. Inuzuka blushed slightly.

"I... forgot. I forgot it was Kiba's birthday today..." she admitted. Hokage rubbed her face.

"They are at least four days travel away, though they should be heading home already... How long will the heat last?" Hokage asked.

"Week, if not acted upon, but no iron will can keep up for more than day. Only way to keep one from acting upon their heat is to chain them up", dog-nin said.

"So we have no way to reach them before it's too late", Hokage stated wearily. She thought a while.

"What do you mean by mating and marking?" she then asked.

"Well, sex and a bite, that marks other as a mate. After the bite, they'll be bound as mates by their chakra, and will suffer greatly, even die, if separated", Inuzuka explained. Hokage draw a shuddering breath.

"Shizune, call the Hyuuga lord, I think we ought to warn him of possibility..." she said reluctantly.


Neji was growing desperate now. He could fell his body trembling in exhaustion and Kiba was taking a full advantage of his tired off state. Suddenly Neji found himself rolled onto his stomach and felt his clothes being ripped of him. He became really scared now.

"Kiba! Kiba stop! What-!" his shout was stopped in mid sentence as he felt a fully erect penis push against his now naked ass. He squealed ad tried to struggle free. But Kiba put his arm under him and yanked him on his hands and knees and back wards, impaling him with his penis.

Neji's body went into momentary shock from pain. Then his arms gave in and shouted in pain. He felt blood tickling down his tights. His shout turned into pitiful whimpers as his muscles quivered. Kiba relented at his pained whimpers. Holding them tightly locked together with his arm around Neji's hips, Kiba bend down and kissed the skin between Neji's shoulder blades gently. Then shoulders, neck, anything he could reach, until Neji stopped whimpering and relaxed little as piercing pain turned into dull throbbing. Then he slowly pulled out and pushed his length back in, earning a weak whimper from white-eyed young man. Kiba kept on his gentle ministrations, moving his hips slowly, kissing anything he could reach and petting Neji with his free hand, until pained Hyuuga relaxed. Then his hand went to Neji's uninterested cock. Patiently he teased slack piece of flesh, until it hardened under his hand.

After some time, Neji found himself bowing his back to give Kiba better access, as dog-nins penis brushed repeatedly against a deliciously sensitive spot in him, while Kiba kept gently fisting his cock. Pain was still there, but pleasure was over riding it. Neji mewled at exceptionally strong wave of pleasure and Kiba picked up his speed. Soon heat dazed dog-nin was pounding in his now willing uke with no restrains. Neji felt what promised to be the best orgasm of his life building. He pushed back for more contact, for little deeper penetration, and... Neji threw his head to side as an earth shattering orgasm ripped trough him.

When he returned to earth from his bliss, he felt Kiba still pounding into him. With few more violent thrusts Kiba came. While spurting his hot cum into Neji's insides, he yanked unresisting Hyuuga up and bit deeply into joint of his neck and shoulder. Neji gave a weak whimper of pain and sagged to ground as Kiba released him. Neji whined low in his throat as he felt how Kiba's cock, instead of softening grew even thicker. He tried to move forward, away from painful pole of flesh, but a low grow from behind told him, that it was A Bad Idea. so he stayed put. Endorphins were gone and pain hit full force. Suddenly a memory rode into his mind. Someone telling him how dogs mated, the thing about knot... Neji's eyes widened as he realized was was happening to him at the moment. Kiba kept completely still, his cum gushing into Neji, a knot in a base of his penis making sure that none of it was wasted. Neji swallowed and tried not to think about what was going on.

Finally Kiba's cock softened and he pulled out. Neji collapsed to the ground in pain and exhausted. Kiba laid next to him and enveloped Neji into his arms. He kept licking and kissing Neji's neck until pained, exhausted and confused Hyuuga fell into death like sleep