Hello everybody!

First and foremost... WOW! I am absolutely shocked! I have not kept up with my stories for few years, and what do I find? Claiming a mate has 400 followers, 412 favs, and over 750 comments!

Thank you everybody!

Now, the situation as it is: I have lost my interest in Naruto entirely. Already years ago. BUT I hate to leave story discontinued. SO: I go over my story quickly and fix what I feel needs to fixed, then I shall do the remaining chapters, and you will get to see how this all ends :)

As for the requests to adopt my story: I am going to finish this one myself, but, if you wish to adopt my plot, feel free :) It's not like I own it! (and if you wish to credit me, it's your own decision, and not something I'd demand). Fanfiction is FREE for ALL, and people should not get so territory over their plots I think...

So, that's it darlings, you will be hearing from me soon, and one more time a big thank you for staying with me!