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Chazz and Jaden sitting in a tree,


He could feel foreign lips on his own, but he could barely believe it as he stared at the others closed eyelids.

Waking up with an uncharacteristic start, Jaden Yuki slammed his brunette head against the bunk bed above him. Letting out a yelp, he fell backwards, while watching the room spin.

"Jay?" said a sleepy Syrus with a questioning look on his face. "What's wrong? Did you have a bad dream?"

Rubbing his head Jaden replied "Umm…well…" He thought quickly; to tell Syrus that he had some weird dream where he was kissing Chazz Princeton, or not to. "I can't remember…"

Hopefully the half asleep Syrus wouldn't notice him lying, for Jaden was one bad liar. Syrus however seemed appeased and lay back down, before shooting up again staring at the clock on the opposite wall.

"Jaden! Don't go back to sleep!" he exclaimed

"What? Why not?" asked Jaden, who had already made himself comfortable, although sleep was the farthest thing from his mind at the moment.

"We could actually make it on time to class without having to running like we're doing the 100 meter dash." replied Syrus having already jumped out of bed. "C'mon get up!"

"But I dun wana!" Jaden burrowed his head into his pillow.

"Come on!" Syrus caught hold of the blankets and pulled them off, after which he pulled Jaden out of his bed.

"Oh, alright… I'm getting up, I'm getting up." he grumbled.

As he put his clothes on, washed up, and got ready to face the day, Jaden tried hard not to think too much about the dream he had been having. Of course, that didn't work and the end result was that he was quiet and not paying attention to what he was doing. Fortunately for him, he made no horrible mistakes such as attempting to brush his teeth with his comb or combing his hair with his toothbrush. However Syrus did notice him being unusually quiet, and Syrus being Syrus, began to worry as well as ask questions.

"Are you ok Jaden? You haven't said a word… You aren't angry at me now are you? I just want us to get to class on time and I'm sor—"

"No! Don't worry Sy, I'm not angry at you or anyone else, I'm just a little sleepy is all…" after doing a very convincing yawn, he was glad to see Syrus' worry fade from his face.

Truth be told Jaden was nowhere near sleepy; he was too busy trying to think of something else and not the dream. So as he and Syrus walked down to breakfast, early as could be, he tried engaging a conversation, and paying attention.

As he wolfed down his breakfast in what the dorm called a cafeteria Jaden's eyes began to search the room. He was feeling somewhat nervous about encountering a certain raven haired teen. Not being sure about how he was going to act around him after the dream. Although it was only a kiss, so it was probably just a strange dream brought on by his teenage hormones and sudden curiosity (that he wasn't even aware of he had) of what it would feel like to kiss a guy. Yes… of course… even if he had worse dreams about his good rival, he could still blame it on teenage hormones… whether he liked what was happening in the dream or not.

So he hoped.

He was somewhat disappointed when he saw that the black Slifer was nowhere to be found. Then again they were the first ones there and not many had come in since he and Syrus had sat down. After breakfast they headed at a leisurely walk to class.

"Isn't this a nice change Jaden? No rush!" smiled Syrus.

"I suppose it is for you Sy, but I like the running, it helps me stay awake for the first bit of class. Now I'm probably going to fall asleep straight off, and I'm sure Crowler's not going to like that." Jaden laughed.

Pouting Syrus replied "Well you can always run around the building at break-neck speed a couple of times."

"Yeah, I suppose that would help… Alright! I will!" he said punching his fist in the air and grinning like a fool.

Syrus laughed but then suddenly looked worried again and attached himself to Jaden's arm. "Oh! You can't! I'll be all alone in that huge classroom! There won't be anyone else there!"

"Well, you could always run with me." at Syrus' expression he rubbed his hand against the back of his head and added hastily "Or I could just fall asleep in class like I usually do, only a little earlier this time."

"You know Jaden it isn't that hard to stay awake… for the start of class…"

"Oh come on you fall asleep most of the time too."

"But that's only because I spend most of the night before awake and worrying about test scores…"

By this time they were in the classroom and had taken their respective seats. Soon after, other students began to fill up the rest of the seats in the large classroom. When Chazz finally did walk in, the brunette had already fallen asleep.

About half way to his seat Chazz almost stopped and stared at the normally tardy brunette and his friend.

"Has hell frozen over? How is it possible that you're actually here early?" he asked, sarcasm evident in his voice.

"Oh, good morning Chazz!" greeted Syrus turning to the raven haired youth smiling brightly "Jaden and I just woke up early today. Unfortunately waking up earlier made him sleepier, and well you can see what ended up happening."

"Humph, it's a wonder that slacker is passing!" scoffed Chazz as he took his seat behind the bluenette and the sleeping brunette.

Jaden sat alone in the classroom. It seemed everyone else had left and no-one had bothered to wake him up to tell him class was over. Well almost everyone had left, for when he turned and looked behind him low and behold, there sat Chazz. His head was resting on his interlocked fingers, and he was staring at him with a strange glint in his eye and smirk on his face.

"Well it was about time for you to wake up." he said huskily "You well rested now?"

Jaden stared, unable to speak, for some unknown reason Chazz's words had caused a small chill of excitement and apprehension to run down his spine as well as for him to blush brightly. Seeing this only made Chazz's smirk widen as he got up to sit on top his own desk and gaze down at Jaden.

"Well?" he whispered leaning closer "Aren't you going to answer?"

The question seemed to knock Jaden out of whatever stupor he had let himself fall into.

"Um… well yeah… I guess." he stated uncertainly, his blush deepening for some reason Jaden could not comprehend. He turned away, unable to look Chazz in the eye any longer and almost jumped when Chazz's hands appeared on his desk on either side of him.

"Good." he breathed into Jaden's ear before giving it a small nip.

"Wha—" Jaden's response was cut off by a moan that ripped itself from his throat at the feeling of Chazz's tongue tracing the shell of his ear. He found himself unable to move or vocalize anything except for a moan or a gasp. Chazz smirked as he continued down the teens neck, coming to a particularly sensitive spot and sucking hard. His right hand began to drift from Jaden's desk to the brunette's stomach, making its way slowly toward his pants. Jaden moaned in anticipation, his left hand unconsciously going to clasp Chazz's as the raven haired teen's right hand began to unbutton Jaden's pants.

"Cha-Chazz!" He gasped loudly as the hand—


"Ow! Owowowow!" cried a startled Jaden as he suddenly jerked upright holding his head.

"That should teach you to sleep through my class slacker!!" yelled a voice he couldn't quite recognise in his sleep hazed state. "If you don't shape up soon, as in- the next day or 2 you're going to be thrown out of Duel Academy!"

'Who is this? Oh yeah Dr. Crowler! Aw man I must have slept through the first bit of class, no wonder that hurt more than usual…" thought Jaden still rubbing his head.

"Not that I care," continued Crowler "I'd be rid of one more slacker, but seeing as I am a teacher at this institute, I am obliged to give you a chance, and so I'll just have to assign a tutor."

"What! Thrown out of Duel Academy!" yelled Jaden, the information being just processed by his brain and earning a few laughs from the class.

"Yes! Were you so deep in dream land that it has made you slower than usual?! Now as I was saying I'll have to assign you a tutor, so stay after class."

Trying to contain his blush at remembering the dream he had been having he quickly blurted out "But I'll be late for my next class!" in protest.

"Well that'll be your problem now won't it? If you hadn't been sleeping in my class, none of this would have happened in the first place!"

With that, class proceeded as usual, and Jaden tried to stay awake as well as avoid the questioning stare sent his way by Syrus, the blush having finally made its appearance on Jaden's cheeks.

Class having finished, Jaden sat dejectedly in his seat as he watched his fellow students file out of the classroom.

"I'll see later than Jay!" whispered Syrus as he left.

Even Crowler left, though not before snappishly ordering Jaden to stay behind and wait. So Jaden waited, drumming his fingers on the table to ease his troubled mind as a blush rose to his cheeks again having remembered the dreams he'd had previously.

'What on earth is wrong with me? That's 2 dreams about Chazz I wish I had never had… Well they're still just dreams nothing else, I bet I'll go back to duelling when I fall asleep tonight! I'll just have to find a couple people to duel with and I won't have anymore of those weird dreams.'

Hearing footsteps Jaden looked up from his musings to see Crowler walking in followed by a scowling Chazz Princeton. Jaden gulped, this was not good. What had Crowler said before? Assign him a tutor?

"Uh-oh" he muttered under his breath as he stared at his desk again, unable to even look in Chazz's direction, a guilty flush already spreading itself across his face again.

"Jaden?" called Crowler curtly "May I have your attention?"

Reluctantly Jaden lifted his head to look at Crowler who was standing in front of his desk along with Chazz.

"Allow me to introduce you to your tutor." he said gesturing toward the black Slifer, who Jaden still refused to look at.

"What? You mean Chazz? Why Chazz?" said Jaden trying to act as much himself as he could.

"Because, Jaden, unlike you, Chazz is one of our top students, he is hard working, diligent, and doesn't tolerate laziness." stated Crowler smugly.

"Why not Bastion? He's really smart and all that." returned Jaden, trying desperately to seek a way out of having to spend more time with the person he had just almost had a wet dream about.

"Well you are correct about Bastion being smart; however he would not be as good for your academic grades as I believe Chazz would be."

"What do you mean?" whined Jaden desperately

"Bastion wouldn't be as tough with you. You're good friends and he would probably not push you as much as I believe Chazz will. I'm giving you a chance to stay in Duel Academy, and although I'd love to kick you out right now I can't do that without at least putting on a show of trying to help you."

Jaden sighed and stared down at his desk again, this was going to be awkward.

"Or would you rather I threw you out right now?" asked Crowler sharply.

Jaden shook his head vigorously.

"Good! And seeing as Chazz has already agreed… with some persuasion…. I shall leave you two to work out a schedule." with that said Crowler turned and left the classroom leaving the two quiet teens alone.

"I can't believe you'd slack off so much in class that you'd run the risk of being thrown out!" shouted Chazz after a long pause. "And then have the nerve to drag me into this mess to tutor your dumb ass!"

"Well…it wasn't like I asked you to Chazz… If it were up to me I would have had Bastion tutor me…" replied Jaden in almost a whisper, still not looking up at Chazz.

"What was that?!" said Chazz slamming his hand onto Jaden's desk, and leaning in close.

"Nothing!" squeaked Jaden turning his head away and starting to rummage for something in his bag. "So, when should we meet? I'm free after lunch on Wednesdays and—"

"Wednesdays aren't good for me, nor would there be enough time on any of the other schooldays."

"Oh… Wait… What?" said Jaden looking through his agenda he had fished out his school bag, his gaze still not going anywhere near Chazz. "What do you mean there won't be time? When are we supposed to meet for tutoring sessions?"

"Apparently your thick skull will take time to penetrate, so we'll need more time to drill this stuff into your brain. None of the schooldays have enough time in them for that, and I'm not sacrificing my sleep-time for the 'Jaden the idiot needs academic help' charity."

"Chazz!" he whined "That's a mean thing to say!"

"Would you look me in the eye when we're having a conversation!!" Chazz suddenly roared thoroughly annoyed. "Or argument… or whatever."

He took hold of Jaden's head turning it to face him, and then took hold of his chin and tilted it up to make their eyes meet. Jaden flushed, he had no idea what to do now, and his heart was hammering in his chest.

'What in Seto Kaiba's name is wrong with me? It's just Chazz, and those were just really strange dreams! Why am I so nervous all of a sudden?'

"The hell's wrong with you?" questioned Chazz "You sick or something?" Chazz let go of Jaden's chin only to place his hand on Jaden's forehead leaning in closer to feel his temperature. This caused Jaden's blush to deepen as he contemplated pulling away in the next 10 seconds. "Wait…are you blushing?"

"No!" Jaden all but yelled pulling away but holding Chazz's penetrating stare "I…. I just ate something that didn't seem to agree with me this morning…"

"The food seemed fine to me." countered Chazz suspicious.

"…Really? You starting to like it at the red dorm?"

"No, and don't change the subject!"

"Well, yeah, as I said I ate something that didn't agree with me, and I don't really feel so well, in fact I think I'll just go see the nurse, but first tell me when we're going to meet if not on school days."

Heaving a sigh Chazz replied "There's something wrong with you. But, fine I'll let it slide, it's not like it matters to me."

Those words tore at Jaden's heart. He couldn't understand why, as Chazz had always said these kind of things and they had never gotten to him before.

"We'll have all day tutoring sessions every Saturday." continued Chazz

"What? All day?!"

"Yes all day. From 10 to 7. That should be enough time."

"Uh… hehe… I had no idea you wanted to spend so much time with me Chazz!"

"Please, I'm just making sure you learn the stuff we learn in class properly and don't get thrown out of DA. You're about the only duellist around here worth duelling."

To Jaden's confusion, as soon as those words had left Chazz's mouth, he felt his heart soar with joy.

"Umm… DA?" he questioned

"…" Chazz stared "You don't know what 'DA' stands for?"


"Jaden what does DA stand for?" questioned Chazz in a very dangerous tone.

"Umm… well…"

"JADEN! For the love of duelling, you can't be that stupid!" Yelled Chazz exasperatedly, slamming his hand down onto Jaden's desk again.

"Oh now I get it!" exclaimed Jaden proudly.

"Thank goodness, I was getting worried."

"It stands for 'Dumbledore's Army' right?" he paused, expression pensive "But what has that got to do with anything Chazz?"

WHACK! Chazz smacked him over the head. Hard. With a very thick textbook, causing Jaden to cry out in pain. Again.

"NO YOU IDIOT!! It stands for 'Duel Academy'! What the crap are you reading, Harry Potter?? Why in seven hells would you read that?? It has absolutely nothing to do with duelling!"

"That's why I stopped…" was Jaden's sheepish reply as he clutched his head in pain. "But you must have read it too since you know about Dumbledore's Army."

"You don't need to read it to know about it. It's almost as popular as duelling! Everyone's talking about it! They're even talking about making Harry Potter duelling cards. Ugh!" snapped Chazz, sliding a hand over his forehead and eyes.

"But if everyone is talking about it, then it shouldn't be that bad and you shouldn't need to hit me on the head for reading it!"

"YOU LOW RENT FRIED SHRIMP EATING SIMPLETON!!" bellowed Chazz his hands thrown into the air. "I didn't hit you because you read Harry Potter! I hit you because you didn't know what 'DA' stood for!! I mean for crying out loud, you're getting thrown out of Duel Academy not Dumbledore's Army!!!

"Um… well, I'm going to the nurse now. I don't feel so well and now I've got a headache too."

"Well I'm coming too."


Before Jaden could say anything else, Chazz had snatched his agenda out of his hands, and stuffed it into the brunette's bag. He then threw the bag over his shoulder, grabbed Jaden by the wrist, and began dragging the bewildered teen toward the nurse's office.

"Honestly, you're so stupid you'll probably get lost if you try to go on your own."

"Oh? So you're worried about me? Aw Chazz you're such a good friend!" grinned Jaden. He smiled even wider when he noticed he wasn't acting all nervous around Chazz anymore.

'It must have been the textbook to the head! I'm cured!' he thought absolutely ecstatic. 'I could almost hug him!' That thought made him almost stop walking. "Maybe I should so Chazz would hit me again, and I'd go back to normal."

"What did you say?" asked Chazz gawking at Jaden with a look of confusion mixed with that look you get when you're backing away from a crazy person.

'CRAP! I said that last bit out loud!' "Nothing! I said nothing at all… just thinking out loud… yep that's all…"

At this Chazz stopped walking and let go of Jaden.

"Alright, that's it, what's wrong with you?" demanded Chazz staring at Jaden like he'd gone insane.

"What… I was just thinking about….. stuff ….out loud."

"First of all you don't think."

"I do too!"

"Shut up. Second… you want me to hit you again? What are you, a masochist??"

Jaden began to feel himself blush again, and while he did want to know what a maso-ki-thing was, he really needed to get away from the black Slifer. So without saying anything else, he gathered up his courage, snatched his bag from Chazz, and bolted for the nurse's office as fast as he could.

Chazz's first impulse was to run after Jaden, which he did. But then, when he got to the nurse's office, he decided to just leave it be, and get back to class. After all, if Jaden was going to be having strange mental fits, he'd rather not be around. Especially seeing as it was certain that the rest of Jaden's friends would blame him for it.