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"What's all this?" said the individual that immerged from the room.

Chazz's eyes widened… It was the blonde asshole from before!! He was sharing a room with Jaden and Atticus?! That jerk?? How had he not heard about this?!

He was snapped out of his thoughts as Jaden greeted the new comer. It wasn't the usual happy warm Jaden greeting either… not that it would have been anyway given the situation, but somehow it still felt… distant somehow, like he was throwing up walls or something. The black Slifer raised an eyebrow, his attention completely caught and having totally forgotten about his response to Atticus. God he wanted to go over there and hit the blond asshole.

"Hey Jaden." returned the blonde smoothly, giving Jaden a very obvious once over and making the boy in question narrow his eyes ever so slightly.

Aaaww… the cute Slifer red was in a bad mood, poor thing. His grey eyes twinkled in mischief. He didn't really understand what the atmosphere was all about but he could tell that something was up. Looking at the others he saw the Princeton boy he'd been talking to earlier, the look in the others eyes showed curiosity, and oooooh, that was good, jealousy.

Shay smirked to himself. So he had a rival did he? Well… wasn't that interesting. He deliberately went and caught Chazz's gaze, smirking at him superiorly making the other growl.

Jaden watched as the blonde came close to him standing his ground. He wasn't really in the mood to endure any of the older teens teasing but he also was not in the mood to let himself get pushed around by anyone today.

The blonde seemed to be on a new tactic because he was getting unbearably close to his face. So close until he felt lips on his own, brown eyes widening impossibly reflected in grey, a variety of emotions along the lines of shock, and disgust flooding through Jaden, and then, just as suddenly the lips that had been hard and insisting were gone.

Dimly, Jaden was aware that his fist was raised, arm extended, and that his knuckles were stinging. Slowly, while lowering his fist he looked over at Shay, who was sitting on his ass on the floor, holding his cheek. They're eyes met again, the brunette only then noticing that his other hand was covering his mouth rubbing insistently; he wanted to gag on the taste lingering on his lips and consciously tried hard to keep his tongue far away at the back of his mouth.

"Heh, feisty today aren't we?" said the blonde his eyes flashing in challenge while the ever present smirk became that much more intense.

And that was all that was needed. Shock had been the most common emotion in the hallway after the series of exchanges but now it was no more. It turned fast into horror.

Chazz wasn't aware of himself moving, very much like Jaden before hand, his mind simply went blank and the next thing anyone knew Shay was sent flying onto his back with a muffled yowl of pain and a sharp crack as his skull connected with the floor.

Instantly Atticus was at the black Slifer's side trying to restrain him by putting an arm around his neck while the other took hold of one of Chazz's arms.

"Chazz! What are you doing?! Stop!"

But the raven haired teen didn't want to stop, he didn't want anyone touching him right now, and he definitely didn't want someone asking him stupid questions. It was obvious what he wanted to do for crying out loud! He wanted to kill that son of a bitch, he wanted to beat that idiotic shitty blonde's face in and then set to work on destroying the rest of him. How dare that fucktard say those horrible things about Alexis and then do that to his brunette right fucking in front of him!!

"Get off me." he seethed at the one restraining him.

"Chazz you kicked him in the face!! You're in big trouble already as it is!! You could get expelled! Heck you will if we don't find a way to cover this up!" whispered Atticus urgently in his ear, again doing his best to hold the other back.

"LIKE I GIVE A DAMN!" yelled Chazz, trying to struggle in earnest now, never taking his eyes off the astonished blond light headedly propping himself up on his elbows on the floor trying to staring right back at him.

"What the hell is your problem!?" shouted Shay having finally managed to gather his bearings, before cringing from the rather acute pain coming from his jaw and head. He wiped the small trickle of blood from his torn lip away before going to the back of his head to try and check how his skull was doing.

"Oh yes, I already want to kill you, why not annoy me some more by asking me stupid questions?" snarled the black Slifer managing to finally throw Atticus off, making to advance on the blonde again, his eyes flashing with rage.

Said blonde flinched and looked about ready to start scrambling away when the raven haired teen's vision was obscured by messy auburn hair and glowing confused brown eyes.

"Chazz, it was just a kiss, calm down!" said Jaden taking hold of the others shoulders in an effort to keep him still. "You're really, really overreacting! Besides, I already–"

The words died in his throat as dark enraged eyes turned their full wrath on him. He almost let go of the other, almost, and almost took a step back, but he was too afraid that if he did so, he'd be pushed out of the way and Shay would be killed.

"Oh?" whispered the black Slifer, his eyes narrowing making his glare that much more intense.

Jaden gulped his stomach dropping as he felt something very bad was going to be happening to him now.

Slapping the hands off his shoulders, Chazz grabbed one of the startled brunette's wrists and started dragging the other down the hall passed Shay.

"Atticus, if you're still going out, take that asshole with you, if not then please do me a favor and keep him far, far away from me for the duration of this evening. In fact, it'd help if you could make sure you both find some other place to spend the night." called the Princeton boy over his shoulder, the dark edge to his voice raising the hairs on the back of Jaden's neck.

The elder teen in question merely nodded wide eyed before going over to help the blonde up, trying to get the injured 3rd year away from this particular hallway as fast as he could. It was a good thing he knew of one of a student that was on this trip that could check the blond over to make sure he was alright.

Shay didn't say anything either, wisely deciding not to attract the infuriated black Slifer's attention back onto himself, despite the fact that his head was spinning and his body was shaking from the sudden blow. However he understood the look he'd given the cute second year, he knew what it meant, and his eyes narrowed in annoyance. Even though it wasn't something to really be thinking about now, he couldn't ignore that he'd just lost whatever chances he'd had with the feisty young brunette. It annoyed him, but at the same time he'd decided to let it go, if only to ensure his survival. He didn't really feel like being on the receiving end of one of those powerful blows again, and he knew from the look in the Princeton boy's eyes that somehow, even getting him expelled wasn't likely to faze him.


"Chazz, where are we going?" inquired Jaden trying to pull his wrist out of the vice like grip the afore mentioned teen had it in. Again, so many emotions were racing around inside him he didn't know what to feel; behind him he could hear Atticus and Shay's already retreating footsteps. He was immensely astounded to have been on the receiving end of such an angry glare from someone who had been attempting to apologize to him just minutes ago. It just seemed completely nuts. He was also shocked that the other would fly into such a rage over some guy kissing him. That really didn't make much sense to him especially when Chazz obviously didn't even like him.

'There must have been something else to that…' he thought briefly, still struggling.

His anger with the other wasn't completely forgotten either, but that emotion had blended into the background with all the confusion, especially from a glare like that. He'd never seen him so angry… ok well that one time when he'd been avoiding Chazz and the black Slifer had ended up punching him, but no other times, and he certainly never thought it would happen again, especially in this situation.

Astonishment and confusion, how he wished he could get through a day without being completely overwhelmed by them in relation to Chazz Princeton. How the hell had this all played out as it had? When had he been hurled into the Twilight Zone?? It just made no sense! There wasn't an ounce of logic to be found anywhere. Not to mention he was feeling an added spike of outrage from one thing some small part of his brain kept telling him.

'I must have done something wrong.'

What?! No he freaking hadn't!! He'd done nothing wrong!! Why was he even thinking that? And why couldn't he shake the feeling that he had even when everything in him told him he hadn't?! Shay kissed him… alright! He hadn't liked it, and he'd already punched the guy out himself. His hand hurt, so he knew he'd done it! But then Chazz goes and kicks him like that! Seriously, that had scared him so much he was beginning to shake just thinking about it. God's sake that hit looked like it could have killed the blonde! What had Chazz been thinking?! It was just a freaking kiss! It wasn't something to go get expelled for much less go to jail!! And then he turns around and glares at him? Like what he'd said had been the greatest sin ever. What the hell?! Chazz needed to go to some anger management classes or something, AND go take some logic lessons because he obviously had none. Had his confession of love made the black Slifer just go completely bat-shit insane? Because if it was, he was damn near regretting ever telling this stupid dunderhead, not a singles thing had changed much since he'd told him, he was still hurting and the bonehead was making things worse. Oh wait, wasn't that what he'd been afraid of happening in the first place?

Abruptly Jaden felt his struggles cut short as he was yanked forward and then slammed against a door. He yelped in pain and surprise as the back of his head connected with the door behind him before his eyes snapped open in alarm as he felt a warm hand sliding down to the front of his pants. Chazz was close, he was practically pressed up against him, and all he could do was look up at the ceiling as blood began to rush places. Damn him!

Unable to help the blush that quickly spread itself across his face or the squeak that left his lips, he became aware that the other was leaning most of his weight on the arm that was pinning his left shoulder to the door. It didn't really hurt, but he couldn't move either, and he was now struggling to do so. He was supposed to be mad for crying out loud and here he was letting Chazz molest him??

….Once again that didn't make sense…

"Chazz what the hell?" he yelped, bright red, hoping insanely that Shay and Atticus were not still in the hallway watching this exchange. He didn't dare look to see if they were, opting instead to clamp his eyes shut, his struggling seeming suddenly quite weak.

As he continued to struggle one hand on the other's chest trying to push him away (the other was clutching at the wrist of the hand that was currently in his front pants pocket), he felt the intruding hand begin to remove itself along with something else.

A faint jingle reached his ears and Jaden opened his eyes to see the other dangling room keys in front of him, a faint smirk on the raven haired youth's face. It took the brunette another second to realize what had been done, and then Chazz was reaching behind him with the keys unlocking what he now figured out to be his hotel room with his keys.

Jaden could have hit him. He really could have, but the door swung open depriving him of the support he'd thrown most of his weight on and causing him to stumble backwards, the black Slifer following him in without invitation. The brunette was still blushing only now it was also from outrage as well; he glared at the other communicating his resentment. Again, WHAT THE HELL?!

Chazz met the dark glare with lighter eyes. He'd been so angry, but he was calming down pretty quickly.

What, was he going to burst into tears next too just to add to Jaden's bewilderment? The dick.

'Nothing like almost molesting Jaden to calm a guy down.' said the pestering voice in Chazz's head.

'Shut up…' he thought suddenly wanting to kick himself. Still slightly angry at what Shay had done and in no way a jealous kind of angry, but a righteous kind of angry because of the assault on Jaden's pers– Alright! Fine! He was jealous too damn it! It was completely stupid to keep denying emotions that were so obviously there, especially when he'd already accepted his feelings for Jaden.

He went and sat himself down at the foot of the middle bed of the room. Looking back at the brunette he saw the other was still glaring at him and had crossed his arms, making absolutely no move to sit down. Still he was silent, so this may mean he had a chance to finally explain everything. However it didn't hurt to make sure.

"Am I allowed to speak now or are you or someone else going to interrupt me for the 4th time?" he asked slowly, the tone of his voice not quite matching the harsh way he phrased the question.

Jaden looked at him for a moment, before sighing and dropping both arms to hang at his sides again, looking away for a moment he turned back.

"No, I'm not going to interrupt you, just as long as you explain everything. Doesn't look like I'd be able to make you leave anyway." stated the brunette eyeing Chazz with a contemplative look, the old confusion rising to the foreground of his mind again dampening the outrage still burning in him. He wanted to know what was going on in that head, but at the same time, he didn't. Not to mention he kind of wished Chazz was still pressed against him, only not fishing keys from his pocket but kissing him, caressing him and—NO MORE THINKING! He was supposed to be mad for Ra's sake! He'd just punched a guy out for kissing him and here he was wishing Chazz was doing it, why couldn't his emotions and hormones just die and leave him alone? FRUSTRATION WASN'T FUN FOR ANYBODY!!

"hmm… thanks." murmured the black Slifer taking a moment to collect his thoughts. He knew where to start, just didn't know how to go about starting. Oh well. He'd just jump in, not like he could really make things sound worse then they already were. "I don't like Alexis, I've said it before and I'll say it again."

The statement was met with a snort on the brunette's part, a slightly bitter look crossing his still lightly flushed face as brown eyes turned to look out towards the balcony, leaning back on the desk that was situated behind him, his hands grabbing the edge for extra support or maybe to keep himself from attacking, whichever. He made no move to speak or interrupt though, so Chazz continued.

"What you walked in on wasn't really what you and obviously everyone else thought it was."

"Oh?" interrupted the brunette despite himself… anger flaring up again, staring incredulously at the other occupant of the room. "I suppose you weren't trying to set me up with Alexis either!" he growled.

Chazz shrunk back at that, he didn't have an explanation to that one, or at least not one that Jaden would find acceptable.

"I won't deny the setting you guys up part. I have my reasons–"

"Reasons?!" he yelled pushing himself off of the desk. "Reasons that include why you couldn't just tell me you didn't feel the same way and just wanted to be friends? Reasons that would include why when I was the one on drugs you were the one that didn't resist when I kissed you!? I LOVE YOU, you idiotic prick! How dare you lead me on like that!"

Chazz watched as the other seethed at him, anger and hurt positively emanating from him. The brunette clenched and unclenched his fists, before opening his mouth for another tirade and then, for once, Chazz cut him off.

"Sort of but I know those reasons are nowhere near acceptable." he stated simply, quietly, before plowing on. "And as I was saying, Alexis was beating me really hard with a pillow, and probably getting ready to smother me with it. She was really angry."

"What?" brown eyes widened into incredulity, his eyebrows rising to almost disappear under his hair, and his mouth momentarily clenching. "You expect me to believe that?!"

"It's the truth." he took a deep breath. "I confronted her in her room. She'd clearly been very mad at me and I wanted to know the reason. I had my suspicions of course, but I wouldn't know for sure until I talked to her. So I went up, and she told me just how angry she was and why."

"Oh, and that sparked off a pillow fight?" the other snapped, eyes flashing, crossing his arms disbelievingly leaning back against the desk again, the action giving him away.

Chazz inwardly sighed in relief at that, he was gaining some ground despite the other's disbelief, at least he was being allowed to continue his explanation.

"I think she would have hit me with whatever was handy. A pillow was the closest thing to her at that moment, and I'm really lucky it was or I'd be at the hospital with a concussion, or dead with my head beat in."

"You'd deserve it. Why'd you set us up? You knew exactly how I felt about you! And how Alexis felt about me! What made you think it was a good idea?!"

"I'm a coward. Of course I thought it was a good idea at the time. Though I expected a very different outcome." he said, no longer able to maintain eye contact and looking down at his fidgeting hands. It gave away weakness to fidget like that, and as old habits die hard, he forced them to still before clasping his hands together.

"Well, you're making all kinds of sense today." scoffed Jaden, unwilling to follow where this was going.

"I didn't want to outright reject you; I was afraid of hurting you and also I didn't want to believe your feelings were as genuine as you said they were, I was afraid you were simply confused and when you'd cleared your head, been embarrassed about the whole affair."

"You thought I didn't know what I was feeling and you knew better? That's pretty conceited of you! How arrogant can you get?"

"Yes, it was."

"So that's why you set me up with Alexis? Because you thought I was confused and being with her would change that?"

"In a word, yes. Not to mention she'd really liked you for a fair amount of time, she'd been really obvious about it too, but you kept being too thickheaded to see it. I wanted her to get her chance to at least tell you how she felt about you."

There was a brief pause of silence as both contemplated the insides of their heads.

"Also, I thought maybe it'd work out and you'd like her back, I liked her so much that I failed to see how anyone could not fall for her."

"This coming from someone who's gotten over his crush?" asked the brunette curtly narrowing his eyes.

"I don't, I liked her a lot, but my feelings since then have... kind of faded away. She hasn't changed, the things I found attractive about her are still there and I can still appreciate them, I just don't feel the same anymore. There's no reason for me to lie. I mean I still want your forgiveness but if you can't give it then I understand. I'll just go transfer back to North Academy."

"You can't do that!" shouted the brunette abruptly, angry and worried all at once taking two steps and attempting to tower over the black Slifer in an intimidating fashion. He was mad, he wasn't even sure he wanted to be having this conversation, but there was no way in hell he'd let the other leave. Angry or not he loved this idiot and he was definitely against him leaving.

Chazz looked up slightly startled by the other's sudden approach but otherwise remaining unaffected. He let a small sad smile grace his features as he lowered his head to stare past Jaden at the desk on the opposite wall.

"Well, after what I pulled out in the hallway I wouldn't be surprised at all if I had to," he closed his eyes, speaking calmly like they were discussing something trivial like buttons on their school uniforms, "though it'd be hard to get in there let alone anywhere with that particular stain on my record."

"First of all," snapped Jaden jabbing his index finger into Chazz's chest. "you aren't going anywhere! We'll work something out if we have to. And while we're on the subject, what the hell got into you out there?! I've never seen you overreact so badly before!"

The black Slifer caught the brunette's hand, eyes narrowing as he stared at the other down intensely.

"He deserved it, and more. If I'd known he was your roommate I would have made arrangements for you to switch with me immediately." he ground out.

"Right, so you could be with Atticus," 'That's not the important part here!' "a-and no he didn't! Why on earth would he deserve an almost fatal kick to the face?"

Chazz raised an eyebrow at the mention of what he considered to be his best friend but decided to ignore that as he felt he was getting to his big finish.

"Because I'm quite a big moron and really slow when it comes to emotions, but I'm also very possessive of what's mine… even if it's not mine yet. And he had no right to do that at all and one punch was definitely not enough punishment either."

There was a heavy thump as Jaden flopped onto the bed next to him, falling back onto his back with a long drawn out exasperated sigh.

"Chazz, for the love of Osiris why can't you ever make sense?" asked a very disgruntled brunette. Seriously he was beginning to give up on trying to understand the guy. He just didn't make a lick of sense anymore these days and the past events all the way from when he had his first strange dream had worn his patience and nerves to a frazzle. There was no more energy inside him and little by little he would probably start to shut off his emotions just so he could get some peace in his own head. Granted it did seem like a nice gesture to give Alexis the chance to tell him how she felt about him, but all it had resulted on Jaden's side was guilt, pain and a whole load of awkwardness. It was also incredibly insensitive for the black Slifer to have just assumed he was confused and that none of the feelings he'd expressed to him at least 3 times was true.

"Alright. I- well technically I wouldn't know seeing as I've never experienced it properly before, but if it's clarity you want. I love you."

"Say what?" the tone wasn't that of hopeful incredulity, it was of someone hearing something utterly ridiculous and asking again hoping that they'd misheard something intelligent. You know, like hearing president Obama say "My predecessor George W. Bush was the best president the United States has ever had, and I will be trying to emulate him in every way possible, starting with an operation to make me and my family white." He didn't even move from his position on the bed, merely put his arms under his head and opened the eyes he previously kept closed.

It wasn't exactly what Chazz had expected, but he had foreseen the likelihood of the other not believing his confession.

"I said I love you. I wanted to kill blondey because he kissed you, when I want you." He blushed. "…And for all the crap he'd said about Alexis while I was coming down for dinner, but mostly because of him touching you."

"I don't believe you. Why the heck are doing this to me? I mean seriously you're more likely to be in love with Atticus, he made you smile so easily at dinner after all and I've never done anything like that." said the brunette as he stared at the ceiling, his tone betraying a sliver of hopefulness despite his resolve to keep it bitter and disbelieving.

'Atticus again?' wondered Chazz, before once again pushing it aside as he twisted his body around so he could comfortably look down at Jaden while extending a hand out so he could use it to support his weight and keep from falling onto his side. He resolutely stared at the brunette on his back, desperately hoping he'd be able to keep from diverting his eyes away during what he'd be saying next. His blush intensified. "Why else would I let you kiss me and even kiss back when I wasn't the one completely delirious on painkillers?"

Brown eyes turned to finally regard the raven haired speaker his eyes lighting up at the blush coloring the black Slifer's pale complexion, the nervous embarrassed gaze that was sweeping from the wall to the other bed to the floor to the sheets and just about anywhere else they could go without directly looking at the brunette.

Alright so he'd failed… but he was embarrassed!

Taking the silence to mean continued disbelief Chazz took a deep breath and tried to continue with his persuasion, although he felt that what he was about to say was a much too direct view into things he didn't really want to have to voice to others. At least not just yet.

"You know… if I hadn't heard Syrus coming back I can pretty much guarantee the situation when you, I mean… we were… kissing, could have gone in any direction you'd have wanted it. Though I'd like to think I would have gotten control of myself before………………. going……. all the w-way." 'Though I would have flipped us over so I was on top.'

Chazz could feel his face flaming now, completely beat red right down to his chest, everything in him telling him to go crawl into a nice dark hole, or perhaps even under a rock or at least run the heck away. However despite all that he still managed to hold his position. Just barely. He really wanted to at least pull away and sit up straight so he could have his back to the brunette again.

Jaden was blushing too now, he'd wondered what would have happened, and now he pretty much had an answer. He let his eyes drop from the other's face down to the hand Chazz was supporting most of his weight on, to see it desperately clutching the sheets below. It was kind of cute seeing him this embarrassed and shy, but at the same time he was at a loss. Before the incident with Alexis he would have been so happy and accepted everything in a heartbeat. But now he didn't know, it had all hurt, and Chazz had been so stupid with his decisions behaving exactly like the arrogant spoilt rich kid he was. It didn't really matter seeing as he loved that part of the black Slifer too, but the hurt he'd been put through stayed and he wasn't so sure it was entirely fair to forgive him so quickly. He just didn't feel like he could.

"I'm kind of surprised you didn't figure it out before I did… I mean after I let that happen I was really confused. I didn't think I liked you that way, and I didn't want to start liking you just because you liked me."

Jaden gave an amused snort raising himself on his elbows. "Yeah, 'cause that would have made too much sense and would've been way too straight forward."

"That's not what I mean." said Chazz sternly as he finally managed to look at the brunette again. "You deserve someone who likes you for you and not because they're settling for you or swept up in the moment."

The brunette gave a chuckle, it was almost hysterical "Chazz, you've been thinking too much."

"What do you mean?" stated the other looking troubled.

"I mean you've wanted to kiss me before I told you about my feelings if what you told me about that shrimp dare thing was true." his eyes flicked to the others face to see the raven haired teen blink and his cheeks dust pink again. "That isn't being 'swept up in the moment', and if you'd accepted your feelings then it would have been a quicker way to fall for me, but you refused, then put us both through loads of confusion, stress, and pain neither of us needed and then fell for me. Basically sounds to me like you took the long way 'round. Stubborn dodo." He rubbed a hand over his forehead, sighing tiredly again while from under his lashes he watched the black Slifer squirm guiltily. It looked like he realized that what the brunette had just said could very possibly be true.

"You know you are wrong about one thing in there." he uttered after a pause.

Jaden opened his eyes and looked up inquisitively; he very seriously doubted it but listened anyway.

"The confusion, pain and stress… I needed them. I'm sorry I had to put you through it too, I really am, but I don't regret it, I needed it to develop my feelings more and then accept them. If I hadn't given myself time to see you as anything other then a friend, then I doubt I would have ended up falling for you."

The other blinked perplexed. Alright so that partly made sense, but he was pretty darn sure that stubbornness had played a very dominant role in the ordeal as well. If they'd talked about the kisses shared after he was on drugs, he was pretty sure Chazz would have realized his feelings a lot sooner and this Alexis business could have been avoided entirely. Although... Maybe Alexis would have gotten hurt a little worse if she found out that she liked a guy who was in love with another guy. Maybe especially since the guy he was in love with was Chazz.

The silence progressed on, Jaden felt himself getting increasingly tired, too tired to remain hostile for now anyways, and allowed himself to perhaps believe in the black Slifer, just for now. A small smile quirking the corners of his mouth. He dragged himself completely on the bed and laid on his right side, arm on the slight bump where his pillow was situated under the covers, and his head pillowed on that arm.

"Are you starting to believe me?" asked the black Slifer in a level voice after another laps of silence. 'Is he starting to forgive me too?'

"Maybe." said the brunette with a soft smile, the desperate look that kept crossing Chazz's face was quite cute, and he didn't think it was feigned either. He sighed again as he cradled his head on his right arm and closed his eyes. He was too tired to think properly, he'd been through enough for one day.

Chazz watched him, suddenly feeling inexplicably tired himself, that smile melting away some of the tension in him. Slowly he slid up the bed too, keeping his legs off the side of the bed. He wanted to stay, lay down next to the brunette and sleep, but he wasn't sure it was entirely appropriate. Jaden was probably really tired and didn't want to deal with all that they'd talked about right now. It kind of was a lot to take in he guessed. The brunette probably just wanted to go to sleep, get up in the morning and have sometime to think about what Chazz had said as well as what had happened. Also there was the matter of what to say/do when Atticus returned, if he was by some miracle allowed to stay. It wasn't that he was afraid of Atticus spreading it all over to the rest of the student body, he just knew that when the older brunette returned so would that asshole blonde, and he was definitely not trustworthy. They'd end up with having to deal with everyone's reaction at the same time, rather then come out to the small circle of close friends first and then to the rest of the school, if that was even needed in the end.

He watched Jaden's relaxed face, watched his breathing even as his eyes remained closed. Guilt swelled in the pit of his stomach as worry pricked at him, he pushed the worry aside, one thing at a time. Of course logic told him to give the brunette time, just like he'd given him time, but emotions weren't rational and he couldn't help but wish he could get the brunette believing him now so he'd have a better reason for staying other then his own selfishness. But, he'd have to wait, wait and hope that Jaden would in time accept him and stay in love with him. He really had a lot to make up for.

Continuing to watch, the brunette gave a rougher exhale and rolled onto his back, cracking open an eye to see Chazz watching him. They didn't speak and Chazz sunk into his mind again thinking about what he could do, what would make him worthy of kissing those lips again. He didn't think it would be right of him to do so now, but the more he tried to push away the yearning he felt for those lips on his and of the soft noises Jaden had made on the other occasions, the more he wanted to lean over to kiss him, and then some.

Unbidden he suddenly remembered that blond kissing Jaden, that guy whose name he still didn't know, although he really didn't care what his name was. Jaden was his, or he wanted him to be anyway, and he suddenly felt himself wanting to completely erase all traces that the asshole had left on what should be his. The onslaught of those possessive thoughts caused him to start leaning in without noticing.

Jaden watched him, he didn't move, and his facial expression remained neutral, he just blinked, slowly and lazily like he wasn't aware of what Chazz was doing.

The black Slifer continued getting closer, doing it slowly in some vague attempt to give Jaden plenty of time to push him away or say something. He wasn't really that conscious of doing it, but it was in the back of his mind. His advance remained unhindered, he didn't get pushed away, he didn't get so much as a vocal protest, the brunette simply continued to do nothing.

Chazz was a centimeters away, before pausing, his eyes half lidded, some rational part of his mind still trying to tell him that he had no right to do this yet. His eyes mirrored brown, which were suddenly more alert as if just realizing how close the other was. Waiting another moment, Chazz leaned in the last bit, pressing a feather light kiss on the other's lips.

Of course it wasn't enough, not to erase that blonde's touch, not to his satisfaction at least. He pulled away just enough to open his eyes and see the brunette's face again. Jaden said nothing; he hadn't even had time to react to the kiss before it had already ended. Instead his eyes seemed to shine just a bit, searchingly staring back into his as if looking for something. Maybe he was wondering why it was so short, or maybe what in the heck Chazz thought he was doing… well it didn't look like he'd done anything wrong, so he closed his eyes and leaned in again to erase all traces of that blonde eyesore.

This time he pressed in harder, but stayed gentle, pulling at the other's lips attempting to coax a response. He pressed down again and felt the other move, Jaden was kissing him back. He felt relief sweep through him and immense happiness at being allowed to do this. He didn't get punched like that asshole blond, and as the image swept through him he couldn't help but give a nip at the brunette's bottom lip. Jaden responded with a gasp of surprise, Chazz taking advantage and sweeping his tongue over the other's lips, darting in, before reining himself back and returning to gentle pressing and pulling.

He felt his pulse flutter and skip as happiness raced through him, he wanted so much more contact, but was also content with what he was getting now, it was more then he'd hoped for anyway. All thoughts of erasing the traces left by the stupid blonde had disappeared. Pulling back he was mildly surprised to see Jaden's lips following him until it wasn't possible anymore, chocolate eyes opening, much brighter then before. Then he simply got up on an elbow before hooking an arm around Chazz's neck and then pulling him back down.

Chazz felt warmth burst through his chest and a chill dance up his spine as he felt the brunette's other arm join the first around his neck. They were both silent, Jaden not saying a word. Alright so he was supposed to be resisting and not giving in, but he just couldn't. He didn't feel disgusted when Chazz touched him. His kisses felt way different to the one Shay had tried to force on him, and he'd craved this. All he wanted to was to enjoy the feelings this was invoking in him, the feelings he could feel ebbing from the black Slifer as he kissed him. He just wanted to feel, and not think. It felt so good so it couldn't be bad right? It wasn't wrong that he'd caved so easily… right? He held on, his decision made, luxuriating in the warmth and comfort he felt from the body on top of him.

Chazz took a deep breath briefly enjoying the feel of the body below him as he was practically laying on top of him, smiling happily with his head buried in the crook of Jaden's neck. Then he moved, still smiling only it was more then that, he'd just decided to let Jaden tell him exactly where the line he wasn't to cross was.

He raised himself slightly looking down at the other who took in his expression. With their chests so close he could feel the brunette's heart skip, he was quite sure Jaden felt his do the same. The look on his face and in his eyes almost made him audibly gulp in nervousness. It was just Jaden, but the look of longing he was showing so outright would have made him stagger if he wasn't already sitting/laying down. He moved his body so he was completely over him, Jaden's eyes widening a fraction and waiting.

"I thought you didn't believe me, that you needed more time. Are you sure this is what you want?" he couldn't help but voice. It wasn't really to make sure if Jaden was ok, but more to distract himself from going crazy. He could already feel his blood turning into fire under the gaze of those darkened chocolate eyes.

"You started it didn't you?" was the reply, there was no way the black Slifer could read his expression and think anything other then 'yes, he's sure'. If he thought things were going too far he'd just let Chazz know and that would be the end of that.

"Yeah." he answered, eyes darkening, running the fingertips of his right hand up Jaden's side.

It elicited a sharp intake of breath, color to the brunette's cheeks, an elevated heart rate, and arms loosening from around the black Slifer's neck.

Taking the last to mean Jaden had changed his mind; he quickly stole another kiss before starting to draw back.

"I… don't stop." gleaming brown eyes positively demanded, as a blush quickly bloomed on the brunette's face again.

Chazz looked down surprised, before smiling warmly again. "As you wish."

Quickly, he lowered himself back down and kissed him, letting loose some of his control as he felt warmth begin to flare out from his chest, spreading through in all direction burning him and making him burn. He pushed down harder opening his mouth and flicking his tongue with purpose at the seam of Jaden's lips. The brunette weaved a hand in raven locks and slowly opened up, before closing his mouth again as soon as Chazz had given a tentative flick in before retreating.

Jaden opened his eyes and gave Chazz a quick kiss on the lips to signify he didn't want to stop but he didn't want to go too far, just enough to feel the warmth, the love, and the happiness. The black Slifer grunted his understanding, he set himself back to Jaden's mouth for another moment before nipping and mouthing down his jaw to the brunette's pulse. He lightly sucked on that before slowly roving his teeth over it, feeling a moan reverberate through from Jaden's throat. He bit down and felt fingers dance up and down the side of his neck, while the hand in his hair stroked at his scalp. Slowly he released the skin in between his teeth and trailed his lips down the side of Jaden's neck, using one of his hands to pull the other's shirt collar down a little further and lap at the brunette's collarbone.

His reward was another moan as the hand in his hair slipped down to the black Slifer's shoulder while the other slid its way to the base of Chazz's neck. Chazz growled lowly in return before he pulled back and kissed the brunette's forehead. Then he unhurriedly removed himself from on top of the brunette and laid down next to him. Jaden had a split second of looking at him through hazy confused eyes before he was pulled to lay on Chazz's chest, an arm wrapping around his waist while the other caught a hand interlocking their fingers. They made themselves comfortable both sighing in contentment while Chazz thoughtfully massaged at one of Jaden's hips.

"I have a small problem." stated the raven haired teen lazily, catching his breath. He'd had to stop there; he'd have lost too much control otherwise.

"Hm?" asked Jaden feeling much too comfortable to move to even look up at the other's face.

"I want to sleep here, with you."

"And?" the brunette wondered if he was waiting for permission of something. It would make sense and he felt a smile tug at how gently and preciously he was being treated.

"Well… Atticus and that other guy are bound to come back in here for some sleep sometime, it's kind of their room too."

"They've got their own beds." stated the brunette, again feeling much too comfortable to even want to think about his living pillow having to leave, or listen to the nagging voices telling him that Chazz was right.

"I don't like that the blond guy's in your room, don't make me have a heart attack thinking about him sharing a bed with you. Besides, I don't think it would be nice for them to find us like this. Plus Bastion and Syrus have no idea where I am."

Jaden groaned in annoyance, whining about how he didn't want to move, nuzzling the other's neck to further his point. "You can call Bastion and Syrus; tell them you're with me."

"And Attics and Blond jerk?"

"They can go sleep in their beds, I don't care."

Chazz chuckled finding himself unable to do anything but agree especially when feeling the other nuzzling into him like that. Unfortunately the rational part of his mind knew better, and was ruining the moment for him accordingly.

"I think I'm going to have to leave." he finally spoke, getting ready to move his cute brunette a little so he could get up.

"You're going to leave me alone with Shay?"

The black Slifer growled pulling the other closer and renewing his grip on the brunette's hand. Ok so he didn't know for sure who 'Shay' was but he was pretty certain it was the blonde jerk seeing as he'd just been mentioned.

"Well… but aren't you giving in a little too easily? Cause I'd be happy to stay and do other stuff too but I thought you were still mad and disbelieving."

At this, Jaden unthreaded his hand from Chazz's and rolled off onto his back.

"I was going to think and ponder everything tomorrow and just enjoy the now, but if that's the way you feel then maybe you should leave." he said, with his hands on his stomach staring up at the ceiling with an unreadable expression.

A few moments passed and Chazz didn't move a muscle. Instead he looked completely panicked. It was completely honest, and Jaden loved it. After all that he'd been put through he reserved the right to be able to tease the black Slifer for causing so much misery.

"Well, you know where the door is." continued Jaden trying his hardest not to grin at the obvious war being raged inside Chazz's head, and at the helpless small movements his arms kept making as if to reach out for him.

"Goodnight!" he turned his back to the conflicted black Slifer, this more to hide the big grin that then spilled forth, it was a huge effort to continue keeping the laughter at bay too.

Chazz sat up staring down at the messy brown haired youth's back trying very hard to remember why exactly he was going to leave.

The morning would most likely be awkward for more reasons then one. Jaden would go back to not trusting him and that meant distance… Atticus would wonder what was going on but maybe not really care that much so it would be fine in the end… but wait! No, no, no, no… There was still the blonde asshole that'd probably go spread the news all over and everyone would know at once and the few people who deserved explanations would need them and he wasn't sure he wanted to deal with all that just yet. However, he found himself perfectly content with crossing that bridge tomorrow.

Well he didn't care about what the blonde thought, heck he'd probably have to restrain himself from flaunting the fact that Jaden didn't punch him out. Atticus would probably understand… he was just too mellow to go nuts over whether Chazz liked girls or guys… though he'd probably be a little shocked at the very least but he could deal with that.

This left everyone else knowing because he was 100 percent sure that ass-wipe blonde would spread the news far and wide. But… but they'd all find out eventually anyway… they'd have to go through that at sometime or another and if they managed to keep it under wraps there'd always be rumors. Wouldn't it be good to just get it all over with?

'Oh screw it all.' Chazz sighed as he swung his legs over the side of the bed.

Jaden stole a peek over his shoulder, had his teasing gone too far?

"Get changed into your pajamas I'm staying." he said roughly while grabbing a hold of the phone to let Bastion and Syrus know he wasn't coming back tonight.

Jaden grinned, getting up to find his pajamas.


As Chazz drifted off with his love in his arms he distantly wondered if Jaden had thought about the consequences of being found out by the whole school at all, but then he recalled that the brunette didn't care, and he wasn't the type to let what others say get to him. In the end they'd have each other's support if nothing else, they'd get through it all.

Yep… this is supposed to be the end. There is of course the epilogue still coming up but I haven't even started writing that. Still hopefully I won't take almost a year to update this time. - -;;