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This is a re-write of my fan fiction Time for Falling in Love which I finished over a year ago.


Falling. She stared at the swirling darkness below her as a ghostly wind whipped her hair and robes around her body and the magnetic pull of her evident oncoming doom pulled her further and further down into the depth of this unknown place. Her breathe caught in her throat as she felt her brain drain and her memories begin to vanish, she tried to reach out to the invisible wisps of her thoughts but found she couldn't move, her body simply continued to drop closer and closer… but to what? Tears streaming down her face as the force of her weight spun her over in the heavy air and she found her eyes struggling to stay open to the new view – a blinding white light. "Hermione…" a whisper of a voice she could no longer recognise caught at her ears and she prayed to turn again as she felt the presence of another being falling with her. Tumbling through the air she found herself flung onto her side and trapped against another body. Her eyes hidden in the folds of a dark cloak, she felt her conscience slip away and the darkness swam down on her body and theirs…

"I'm not sure professor, I was just walking along on my rounds, I turned a corner and they were lying there. I ran forward thinking they had been attacked and found they were both unconscious," Her head was pounding so hard she couldn't open her eyes, her thoughts were screaming inside of her mind and her throat was on fire. She struggled to lift her heavy eyelids as two voices floated above her colliding against the sides of her ears and causing her agony with the loud bangs of each syllable. Triumphant she cracked one eye open against more blinding white light, looming oblivious to her new state of consciousness above her was an old man with a scorching white beard talking calmly to a girl with thick of cheery red curls.

As she observed the two figures a third suddenly materialised at her side and began to help her sit. "I see you are awake miss," said the old man, "But I have some questions I need to ask of you." He glanced to the newcomer, a women who clicked her tongue and sighed before nodding her head. "Then we shall begin." He turned to the red head, "Miss Evans, would you mind taking a seat across the hospital wing – I may need you in a moment." Miss Evans obediently walked off and the old man returned to the young girl sitting in his hospital wing after apparently appearing from nowhere. "Now do you know why you are here?" Hermione opened her mouth tiredly as the women poured something down her throat, she coughed and spluttered as the horrid taste oozed down her throat. But seconds later she gave a relieved smile as sudden warmth flooded throughout her body and the clouds clogging her mind suddenly stopped thundering around. She shook her head in answer to the question of the old man and glanced around at her surroundings. White light shone out from every inch of the room – the thick covers on the metal beds, the glistening walls and doors, even the small rugs and tables scattered around the heavy stone floor.

"Well then what is your name?" the old man asked, as he batted another man she hadn't noticed out from the shoulders and held his hand out towards a bottle in his pale hands. She racked her brains and was shocked to find nothing, only one word was knocking around inside, "Er Hermione?" The old man smiled kindly and took the bottle and put it to her lips.

"Drink please." Not willing to or having enough energy to protest against another foul tasting concoction she opened her mouth and was pleased to taste nothing as the liquid dripped down her throat.

"Who are you and what are you and your friend doing here?" the old man asked, the kind smile gone as he lent forward his eyes glinting. Hermione tried to shuffle back in her bed as she gasped out,

"I-I- I don't know why I'm here I told you already, and I'm just Hermione!" the old man slumped into a chair waiting beside her bed,

"Then what is you last name?"

"Last name?" Hermione asked confused, he slipped his glasses of his nose and polished them on his long beard,

"Your family name. What is your family name?"

"I don't know." She said biting her lip and looking down at her clenched fists as she searched her brain for anything, but she couldn't find a memory, an opinion or image of her life.

"Professor Dumbledore, this doesn't make sense – she can speak, so she must have some knowledge of herself." The women took a step back after addressing the old man,

"I know Poppy, I just don't understand." Hermione turned her head up to her tiny audience,

"Professor Dumbledore? Why am I here?" she asked,

"I don't know Hermione. You and your friend seem to have suddenly appeared, but I can't track you! You have magic in you but no one has reported two missing teenagers." Hermione's eyes unfocused as an image swam into her mind of twirling wands and sparks.

"Magic?" she whispered to herself.

"What is the last thing you remember?" Hermione thought back carefully and found herself falling again, her hand shot out and tightened around the side of the metal bed,

"It's okay Hermione!" Poppy's hands shot out and held her in place on the bed as though she had the energy to jump from the mattress and run away in her terror.

"I was falling, no we were falling… where are they?" she searched around herself frantically for a sign of the other body – the body who had called her name.

"It's okay Hermione. He's over there!" Poppy pointed as Hermione settled towards a bed in the corner where all that could be seen was a bright head of red hair.

"When your friend wakes up we can see if he remembers anything."

He didn't. But he did have a vague memory of someone calling out to him using the name Fred before the falling started so now Hermione was sitting across from Fred on a small bed in the hospital wing. The adults had retreated to the office to leave them to try and trigger each other's memories.

"So…" he said looking at her in curiosity, taking in the brown curls and eyes, the light smattering of freckles over her nose, and her teamed tall stature and bad posture held together in a black robe over dark jeans and T-shirt.

"So…" she looked around, trying to avoid his intense blue eyes gaze.

"Are you going to give yourself a surname?" he asked

"I don't think so, I feel like this isn't the real me and by naming it I'm tying myself to an exterior devoid of my own personal interior." she replied sheepishly, as Fred blinked and looked at her bemused.

"I'm going for Willow, Fred Willow because I don't feel complete enough already, and by naming myself I'm not as abnormal." he replied twisting a lock of red hair around his thumb and tugging. Hermione flopped back onto the bed bored,

"We're a bit weird aren't we." Hermione mused, Fred laughed and poked her knee cap drawing her into eye contact.

"Yeah just maybe. I mean did you hear that? I think I'm subconsciously trying to trick you into to thinking I'm deep." Hermione laughed as well,

"Mine was a load of rubbish I made up on the spot! I just couldn't think of a decent last name."

"What are we going to do stuck in here for days on end until Dumbledore can send us home?" Hermione wondered minutes later when they had recovered from their laughing fit. They knew it wasn't nearly as funny as they pretended but laughing bonded them together and seemed to relieve some of the stress being unknown had attached to them.

" Don't know," he said back looking down at the floor contemplating what could entertain two teenagers trapped in a small room together. His frazzled mind couldn't think of anything until… he grinned at her, "Let's go explore!"

"Oh I don't think," she started as he grabbed her hand, pulling her from her position lying down, before jumping off the bed and hurrying her out of the room.

"Wow this place is huge," he said after letting out a low whistle. Hermione half-listened in a similar state of awe! They continued walking speechless, as the paintings moved, staircases shifted and teenagers in bathrobes ran around with 'wands' left, right and centre.

"Oh dear," Fred stopped and bit his lip,

"Oh dear what?" asked Hermione worried – she had been following blindly forgetting Fred was as new to this area as her.

"I may have accidentally stopped counting the corners we turned!" he moaned

"We're lost? Oh great!" she said sarcastically and then sighed "Let's just ask for directions," trying to walk towards some students,

"I don't need directions," he snapped and pulled her away from the teenagers.

"But you just said…" she started before he interrupted

"No we'll manage, I'll find the way back," he glared at the group of people she had tried to approach strangely wary of them before tightening his grip on her wrist trying to drag her in the direction of what he hoped was the hospital wing.

"No way! I'm not wandering around for hours, and that's final. Now I'm going over to ask them which way," she protested annoyed before with arms crossed she walked over to a group of boys about her age; she tapped a safe looking one on the shoulder.

"Hermione," whined Fred, dragging his feet as he shuffled up behind her, but it was too late.

"Can I help you miss?" asked one of the boys; he had short brown hair and blue eyes.

"Yes. My friend and I seem to be lost…"

"We're not lost," Fred mumbled,

"Shut up," she whispered out of the corner of her mouth pinching him lightly on the arm, "I'm sorry, ignore him; he's feeling a tad proud." Out of the corner of her eye Hermione saw Fred open his mouth to speak again, but she quickly stepped on his foot; a feat nearly hidden underneath the bottoms of their crumpled robes.

"Lovers tiff?" asked an amused voice. Hermione looked up to see one of the brunettes boy's companions looking at them one eyebrow raised disappearing into perfectly styled black hair.

Hermione laughed coldly

"This imbecile?" she asked, still annoyed as her wrist stung, "You must be joking…" she paused guiltily and watched Fred go beat red "Erm… look we're really lost, because someone…" she shot an amused look in Fred's direction, now over his rough pull on her arm seconds ago before "…decided it would be a good idea to explore a giant castle, where we know no-one. And you see we're supposed to be in the hospital wing but we don't know the way back."

"We don't even know who you are!" said a squeaky voiced boy from behind pile of bags. The others ignored him,

"Well consider us your new tour buddies," the brunette said extending his hand, "That's James," he pointed to a tall boy with messy hair and spectacles. Somewhere deep in Hermione's mind cogs began to creak into action but then froze. Disappointed she tried to shake the feeling she knew him from somewhere.

"Sirius," Hermione received a nod from the boy who thought Fred and she were a couple. Again something stirred in Hermione's empty memory but then seemed to give up hope and surrender.

"Peter," a small mouse blonde boy inclined a hand weakly as it tried to flop back under the weight of what looked like three school bags. Another twirl in her head and then nothing, "…and I'm Remus, Remus Lupin," the boy extended a hand juggling his own book bag. It seemed the other two had given their luggage to their unfortunate friend Peter. Hermione shook Remus' hand dazzled. An image had slipped itself into her mind; a worried, haggard man sleeping on a material seat a slow tear trickling down his cheek as train noises echoed in the background.

"How do you do," she said politely but her mind had now spiralled off in another direction, why was everything so familiar?

"Yes, nice to meet you…?" for a second a wave of ignorance to his question flew over her until,

"Oh," she laughed "I'm Hermione and this is my friend Fred Willow!"

Remus glanced lightly in Fred direction, before turning to his friends, he nodded and made a small hand gesture to his friends. It travelled so fast Hermione saw a light blur of fingers but the boys seem to have got the message, they chuckled lightly, murmuring something that sounded suspiciously like finally. Then they all promptly turned and grabbed Fred's arms,

"Come on Freddie boy, we'll take you to the hospital wing," they made to start walking dragging him away.

"Wait, one: never ever call me that again and two: I'm not leaving without Herm…" he was cut off by a sharp tug from James,

"Sure you are," Hermione watched stranded as the one person she nearly knew was dragged off. She turned to a grinning Remus, his arm outstretched for her to link. All thoughts of Fred disappeared from her mind - well if you're stuck on a desert island who better to be left with then a sweet 17 year old boy.

I decided to write a long fic for no apparent reason this should have 7 chapters and I guess you could count Remus as a tiny bit OC at the end but hey he was a marauder after all!