Murdered From The Inside

It Starts…

The moon rose silently over the bright shining city of Las Vegas. Somewhere off the strip of casinos stood the dark building that housed the Las Vegas Police Department. In a lab at the back of the building, Sara Sidle was examining evidence from her current case, in which a young girl had been kidnapped, viciously tortured and then killed. Her partner on the case Nick Stokes came in with a satisfied look on his face.

"Something good happened Nick?" Sara asked.

"Oh yeah, looks like we've finally found a lead that'll help nail this sick creep!" said Nick smiling.

"Oh really? And what's this amazing lead?"

"Well I've just got back from the crime scene, and look at what I've found; I think I've hit this case's evidence Jackpot!" Nick held up a clear plastic bag which contained a gun and several .22 calibre bullets. "I've already been to Doc Robbins and got the bullet that killed our vic, took it down to ballistics, and got the striations on the murder bullet matched to those on a test bullet fired from this gun, proving that this is the murder weapon! Grissom won't be too happy that we missed this first time, but as long as it helps nail the guy, I'm sure he won't mind too much!"

"Doesn't look like you've left much out!" Sara said.

"But I did save the best bit for us, I still haven't processed it for trace evidence, I thought you'd be upset if I took all the fun parts!"

"You thought right, now shush, the quicker we do this the quicker we can get the guy locked up!" Sara said a smile broadening on her face.

The two CSIs quickly got to work processing the gun for evidence, using the powder and brushes to look for prints, checking for Gun Shot Residue to see if the weapon had been fired recently and a quick spritz of luminal to see if any blood had found its way onto the gun. Nick was right he had found the evidence Jackpot. They found fingerprints belonging to one James Ritchard, GSR proving that the weapon had been fired and the cherry on the top, they found tiny spatters of the vic's blood on the barrel.

"Looks like we got this Ritchard guy locked up for good!" said Sara

"Yep, and all thanks to my detective skills!" Nick said, boasting. Sara gave him a playful shove.

"Oh yeah Mister Supreme CSI, if your so good please tell me, your adoring fan why it took you two trips to find that gun!" She laughed, Nick joined her and together they walked along the corridor to their supervisor's office.

Gil Grissom, the supervisor of the graveyard shift CSI team, was well respected throughout the building even if he was a bit on the strange side. A man with a keen interest in bugs and who never showed much emotion, Grissom firmly believed in the motto: 'Follow the evidence' and it usually ended up pointing him in the right direction.

Sara and Nick entered still laughing to themselves.

"Something funny I should know?" Grissom enquired.

"Oh no, just some jokes between myself and Sara" Nick said trying to stop his chuckles.

"Yeah, it's nothing Gris, really…" Sara continued, looking at her shoes.

"Well let's not let these jokes keep us from the real task. Now what have you got for me?"

"After a second trip to the crime scene…" Nick paused to throw a glance at his supervisor who as ever remained emotionless. "I discovered this gun hidden beneath a loose floor tile in the basement, on this gun we found prints from a certain James Ritchard, GSR and blood from the vic."

Nick looked at Sara and then at Grissom and waited patiently for him to say something.

"Well that's certainly enough for a warrant to bring him in for questioning, go on get to Brass's office the pair of you, I want both of you questioning him, from the murder I'd say this guy is tricky…"

Nick and Sara looked quickly at Grissom, at each other and then left for Brass's office just down the hall. Sara knocked quickly on the door, a loud 'Come In' brought her and Nick inside the large but cluttered office of Captain Jim Brass.

"What can I do for you two?" said Jim.

"Well based on new evidence we'd like to ask for an interrogation warrant for James Ritchard." Nick said triumphantly.

"This is the evidence." Sara said passing the baggie to Brass.

"I see, so Ritchard's prints on the gun which has been proved to be the murder weapon, along with GSR and the vic's blood… Yeah there's not a Judge in town who'll refuse this warrant."