By Lady Valmar

Song Inspiration: No Way Out by Bullet For My Valentine


Chapter 4

John looked around the relatively peaceful forest that the Stargate sat in. All around them were deep green trees. He inhaled deeply and felt a rush as a small ball of excitement formed in his gut. This was it! He was actually on a missiong.

He turned to Rodney who was looking at his datapad. He had to admit the guy was alright sometimes. Yea he wasn't' thrilled about being babysat by Rodney but if it got him out of Atlantis for once he'd take it.

John rubbed his arm lightly before checking his gun. He cast a quick glance over to Teyla who was eyeing him.

"Colonel?" Teyla said, "Are you alright?"

He could feel several eyes on him including Rodneys'. The last thing he needed was for the injury to be seen. He coughed. "I'm fine. Just adjusting to the nice atmosphere," he said.

Rodney didn't seem convinced and when Teyla nodded and proceed forward to look at a fallen column nearby, Rodney approached John casually. "So anything I should know John?"

John sighed. "No, Rodney. I'm fine. I just said that."

Rodney made a face. "I'm your babysitter. Its my job to ask difficult questions. Besides I'm having a hard time focus…."

Just then they both heard Radek's exclamation of pain and looked over to see him surrounded by scantily clad women. "Pomozte mi!" Radek exclaimed as he was poked with the tip of spear.

More rustling surrounding the teams indicated that more people were in the trees. Sheppard aimed his gun at what he thought was the leader. "Let him go."

A dark skinned beauty with animal furs for a top and bottom approached. He did not let his eyes wander slowly but against his wishes his eyes dipped once to see the outfit. It was hot for lack of a better word. On her head of ebony hair he saw what looked like twisted iron horns decorated with coral and strings of beads.

She had to be the leader he thought and kept his gun up.

"Tell your men to lower their weapons and we will not harm them," She said, addressing Teyla.

Teyla blinked. "Excuse me, but they are my equals. Though Colonel Sheppard, Major Lorne, I recommend that we do not provoke them further."

Hushed whispers broke out among the women and the leader cocked her head. "Equals!" She spat in disgust. "There is no such thing. Seize them!"

Sheppard nodded to Lorne to lower their guns once he'd seen all they had was bows and spears.

There was no sense in disagreeing with them as apparently they did not know what guns could do and it was not his policy to shoot civilians armed with spears and bows.

Reluctantly Sheppard lowered his gun and allowed the women to disarm him then lead him and the two teams forward into the forest. He winced as the blonde leading him grabbed the cut arm and he started to breathe heavily as he felt a panic attack coming on.

Why did he think it was a good idea? Oh right, thought John, I wasn't thinking I was just trying to stop the panic attack.

He heard Rodney's voice behind him. "Just breathe."



John was going to be okay. Rodney just had to believe he was going to be okay. These women while very attractive, they were also dangerous. He had to admit he'd had a fantasy on this awhile go but it involved a tropical island and being called their King. This wasn't quite what he had in mind.

He also didn't miss the wincing John was making. The man had a knack for hiding things lately but this was the last thing Rodney thought he could pay attention to during this situation. He just had to hope John hadn't disobeyed his request because if he did well to be honest Rodney couldn't really do anything at the moment.

Rodney swallowed as they approached a huge wooden complex. It was kind of impressive and then his stomach began to swish as he recognized the unmistable Wraith designs.

As they were herded into a wooden pen like structure, Rodney leaned over to Sheppard "They worship…"

"The Wraith" said Ronon who had a snarl on his face.

They were locked in and Rodney moved to stand near John. He had to know. "John…" He said quietly.

He watched Sheppard turn to face him. "Yea?"

Rodney eyed John's arm. "Did you…?"

Sheppard looked around before he answered. "Yes…I did." He wasn't sure why he was being so honest but he was just tired. Here he was again a prisoner and it was not like Rodney could do anything about it.

Rodney's mouth fell open as he grasped for words. "You…promised…John."

Major Lorne approached. "Whoa whoa what's going on here?"

Sheppard and Rodney both looked over.

Sheppard sighed. "Don't worry about it. Just a promise to not get us caught again." He smirked at the end.

Major Lorne shrugged. "Well it's not all bad…I mean…"

They heard a snort from Teyla, as she crossed her arms.

Relieved he didn't have to answer Major Lorne. He silently thanked Sheppard for the reply. But he wasn't going to let the matter go by any means. He was shocked and pist all at the same time. How could John do this? After he had just agreed not to.

It reminded Rodney of how Junie's cutting had been described to him as like an addiction. That's what John probably had. It was addictive just like it had been for Junie.

Rodney looked Sheppard over once before he cleared his throat. "Well what are we going to do?"

Sheppard shrugged. "Wait until called. We don't have any other choices."

Ronon growled. "Yes we do. As he slid a knife out from under his vambrace.

Sheppard winced. "Put it away. We will wait okay."

"Fine," said Ronon.



Leisurely, she ran her hand lightly over the chest of one of the men brought to her. He was young, supple and he had been part of the resistance on this planet. Serket smiled, her teeth baring as she raised her hand and slapped it hard on his chest to begin the feeding process.

She had yet to find anything to be discouraging about this arrangement she found herself in. She effectively was the tribal human's God. Just as it had been when she'd been in the Pegasus galaxy.

She had plenty of food to choose from and many hosts if she should choose to change bodies. At the moment she was content to stay with the host she had now.

Hearing a commotion outside she shouted at her nearest guard. "I demand to know what is going on!"

The woman bowed very low. "I'm sorry Goddess, I will find out."

Serket watched as the women hurried out of the throne room. Just as the humans should be, submissive and docile.

Removing her hand from the dried husk of the man, she wiped her hand on a silk cloth.

Such divine material for a truly divine being such as me, she thought.

Reflectively, she glanced up and was pleased to see her guard returning with news. "Speak!"

The woman dropped to all fours. "My Goddess, there are strangers that appeared at the Stargate. We have captured them and they await your appearance in the cages."

Grinning again, Serket stood up. "Let us not delay. Bring the leader of the group to me."

"Yes my lady," the woman replied.



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