She was nervous.. "How can I be nervous, I'm never nervous. This is stupid, its not that big of a deal. I either make it or I don't, simple as that. Think about it rationally, you're a rational person." Temperance Brennan lay awake in her dorm room thinking to herself her mind racing.

She was completely restless. As she rolled over on her stomach she looked at her clock. It was 3:45am. "I have class in three and a half hours." She groaned to herself. "Why can't I sleep?" Temperance finally had enough and threw her covers off of herself. She quietly snuck past her sleeping room mate to her closet. Her room mate "is it Diane or Danielle?" she never saw..ok lets face it she had barley spoken to her on their first day on campus. The only time she ever did see her was when she was dragging her drunk body back into bed ever night at four in the morning. Only Temperance would end up with a room mate completely opposite of herself. Temperance quietly put on a gray zip up hoodie and a pair of purple slippers and snuck out of her room. Temperance walked to the stairs just at the end of the hall and headed to the common area at the base of the stair case. She was going to sit down and get a can out of the vending machine but it seemed her feet were in control and led her out to the grounds to walk along the path that lead around the campus. As she walked her mind began to wander to the weeks earlier events. The main one being her resent break up with her ass of a boyfriend Patrick. He said he couldn't be in a relationship with someone so shy and distant. The sad part was he was partially right. She had been distant in the later part of their relationship. She had and will always be one of those girls that focuses more on school work than anything else. Work will always take precedent over anything with me. The second being her actions after they broke up. She never acted on a whim so why had she done it now? That one word WHY? Kept running through her heard. Why had she done it. As she pondered this her feet led her down the sidewalk to a part of the campus she hadn't been to before. It was quiet on campus there was no sound other than the sound of Temperance's feet hitting the path. The sun hadn't risen yet and there was a little chill in the air. Temperance zipped up her hoodie and crossed her arms to keep herself warm. She kept walking and finally relaxed a bit. When she finally looked up "Oh God." She had no idea what part of campus she was on or how long she had been walking.

She was lost. "There's got to be a sign. What kind of college doesn't have signs pointing which way to go?" As she looked around she finally noticed there weren't any.

"How am I going to find my way back in time for class?" Temperance began to freak out. If she missed class she was going to fall behind and class was always the highlight of her day…"ok how geeky do I sound" she thought to herself. All the sudden Temperance heard a sound coming from over her shoulder. As she turned around she saw a young girl sleeping leaning on a tree. The girl was Asian and had dark curly hair. Slowly Temperance walked over to the girl and gently tried to wake her.

The girl began to giggle "No Johnny not again tonight." Temperance pushed her harder on the shoulder this time and the girl stirred awake.

"huh what..Oh no I passed out again that's the last time I'm going to a Beta Alpha party with out a friend. Hey thanks for waking me."

Temperance grabbed her hand to help her up and allowed the girl to lean on her for support. Temperance could clearly see she was still a little tipsy. "No problem do you need help getting back to your dorm?" Temperance asked.

"Um yea that would be helpful seeing as Id probably stumble off the path. I'm in dorm 674." Temperance's face lit up she was saved.

"Oh thank you I'm in dorm 543 the floor below. I'm glad I woke you up I had no idea how to get back to my dorm."

Angela giggled, "well you definently were not at a party considering the bananas on you p.j.'s . So what's your excuse for being out so late?"

Temperance didn't answer right away instead she began to walk in the direction the girl had pointed to.

"I couldn't sleep so I decided to take a walk clear my head."

"Oh that's cool." the girl said, "I'm Angela Montenegro by the way."

"I'm Temperance Brennan." They walked in silence for awhile. Well at least Tempe was silent Angela kept talking non stop. First it was about all her ex-boyfriends, then it was about the party she was at and all the major hotties as she put it, but Tempe didn't seem to mind. It was the first time anyone had actually opened up to her.

Finally Angela directed a question to Tempe. "So why couldn't you sleep?"

At first Tempe wasn't sure if she should answer but she felt a strange comfort talking to Angela so she decided to answer.

"I'm a little nervous because of something I decided to do because I recently broke up with my boy friend and out of spite to prove him wrong about me being shy I decided to….."

the last part she mumbled she was to embarrassed.

"I'm sorry I didn't catch that last part." Angela was going to get this out of her if it was the last thing she did.

"I'm pledging to a sorority!" she said it…out loud.

"NO WAY which one?"

This part Tempe hated the most of all.. "Phi Theta Phi."

"No. Way. The party sorority. The one that has been put on probation more than any other. I felta thigh sorority?"

"Yes that one." "I know my chances are extremely slim considering my personality I'm actually considering dropping out and saving myself the embarrassment."

Angela's face perked up at that last part "No don't! It's ironic but I'm in that sorority." Temperance couldn't believe what she was hearing.

"Your in Phi Theta Phi? So that means you're the one who chooses who gets in?"

"You bet your sweet ass. I'm one of the top girls and I think you'd be a perfect choice." Temperance began to smile and her spirit began to lift so to speak. They finally got to the front of the entrance to their dorms. Getting up the stairs was the biggest challenge seeing as how Angela couldn't walk straight and kept laughing.

When Temperance finally got Angela to her door there was one last thing Angela said that Temperance will never forget.

"What exactly are you afraid of sweetie what do you have to lose? You don't need to worry I'll be right there along with you. And just between you and me….your in if I have anything to say about it." And with that Angela shut her door and left Temperance in the hall. As Temperance walked down the steps one floor to her room she had a smile on her face. Not only was she most likely in Phi Theta Phi but she had also made a friend. A true friend, one who she believed would last a long while. Temperance quietly unlocked her door and set her shoes and hoodie in her closet and crawled back in her bed. Temperance fell asleep instantly with no worries.