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We Forgot About Bulma!


Rewritten Future, Sweet Present.


Bulma smiled triumphantly as she re-rooted the primary circuit to her latest project. She had been working on it for a while, and hadn't got out much... it -was- a worthy project but she was yet to see if the gizmo worked... if it did... she would be able to prove all sorts of things like evolution and the big bang- she would be eternal famous! Of course, that wasn't what was on her mind...

"Just another capsule type one fuse here... just to be safe.." She murmured, tapping in the object in question with a surgeon's precision...

"Miss Briefs! There's three men here to see you!" An excited squeal over the intercom upset her accuracy and the whole circuit went up in smoke, leaving a sooty looking Bulma in its wake.



"Oh my gosh! They're just so awesomely HOT!" The blond squealed quietly. Bulma's secretary.

"I- I know!" The brunette stammered, holding her own blush. She was younger than the other and the general Capsule Corp. secretary. "I like the boy in the middle... he's uh- really cute..." She stammered.

"Huh! -and I thought you went for talk, -dark- and handsome? Well lucky me... and there's two in that genre... OH! He's got a kitty!"

"Um, hello ladies" Yamcha said politely to the girls behind the desk, noting a pair of new recruits since his last visit. "Could I talk to Bulma Briefs?"

"Um..." The brunette stammered, turning to her googley eyed blond friend. "Parlee!"

"Oh! Um- yes, yes, I'll forward a call for you! My name's Parlee by the way, and that's-" she said, indicating to the shy girl, "Marshette"

"Nice to meet you..." The girl stammered, her main focus on the lavender haired bod who looked a year or so older than her.


"I swear, who-ever this is I'll kill them... even IF they're able to do a better job at my machine than I... or more like -especially-..." She trailed off, reaching the lobby where her guests were greeted. She then froze in shock as she saw three familiar figures standing by the desk being flirted with, and flirting back. Goku was just looking clueless to Parlee's double advances, though, and he was the first to notice her, his eyes widening with joy.


"Son-kun..." The blue haired woman smiled back, restraining herself from running over and hugging the baka saiyan, instead, she turned her attention back to her reception desk where 'shy' had no meaning.

"You know, I find scars really attractive on a man..."

"Girls! No flirting on the job... I'll call them back later if you're that desperate!" Bulma chortled bringing blushes from the duo. She chuckled and turned towards the three points of her distraction.

"So what brings you three here? Goku? Yamcha? -Mystery Man?"

Goku merely stared at her as Yamcha laughed at Trunks' expense.

"My name's Trunks.." He informed her politely.

"Oooh! Trunks! That's a real cute name!" The receptionist- previously shy covered her mouth and glowed beat red, as did the demi saiyan.

"Trunks, huh? Sounds like something my father'd name a boy... well, what are we just doing standing here being ogled at? Come on, lets go somewhere comfortable to sit down!" She explained, ushering the three towards a door labelled 'lounge'. She opened it and shoved them in, closing it once she too was on the other side.

It was a medium sized room, filled with large luxuries such as a widescreen wall tv and surround sound stereo. As one would expect, there was a coffee machine in the corner of the room. Bulma ushered them forward and sat them down on the plush sofas which decorated the middle of the room.

"So, what are you all doing here?" She asked, hopping over to the caffeine dispenser and filling a cup, nervously trying to ignore the piercing gaze of Goku.

"Well, Bulma... we're here to ask you a favour..." Yamcha started, always the straight forward one. He had dated the blue haired beauty for years and knew what she liked... and what she -really- didn't like.

"I'm not solving your debt problems." The 'she' in question replied.

"Ah, that's not exactly it, but it's a wee problem of it." Now he hesitated. Bulma turned around and looked suspiciously at him.


"Well, Goku needs a place to stay... he' s been staying with me the past few months..."

Bulma nodded, suddenly understanding the wee money problem.

"Fine, he can stay here."

"Trunks would like to stay here too."

A blue eyebrow raised curiously and gazed at the teen in question. "Why? He's not on the run or something, is he?"

"No... I usually stay here." Trunks said crypticly. He smiled.

Bulma looked confused. "But we don't run a hotel."

"I don't think I introduced myself very well... My name is Trunks Vegeta Briefs. I'm sure you're familiar with the concept of a time machine by now, though I'm guessing you haven't quite got it.

"Why yes- it's based on your air-shi-" Your words sunk in and blue eyes widened in a barrage of mixed emotions. "You're- from the future!? That was a ti- Trunks VEGETA Briefs... Vegeta's.. My-" Her knees started shaking, and before a second past the previously silent Goku was there supporting her.


"G-Goku... I- I don't want Vegeta to- to- r-"

Trunks blinked in surprise, standing off his seat. "No! No! It's not like that!" he called. "It was... it was sort of a different dimension... in my timeline, you and Vegeta sorta' 'dated' for a while, and had me... of course, then we had the androids...

"and... they killed him?" She asked, her features less pale.

"H-hai..." Trunks blinked. Obviously confused.

Bulma gradually stood slightly straighter even though she was still being supported by Goku. "I'm so sorry Trunks... I know he's become a good person, it's just-"

"Hai.. I've heard stories about him... he used to purge planets of life, but he's become a good person, and he's my dad... not in this dimension though." Trunks smiled weakly as Yamcha lay a supporting hand on his shoulder. "I guess it doesn't matter whether I'm born or not, here, huh?"

Goku let a weak smile fall on his face, as did Bulma. "You can still be my son too- and his son, I bet he'll be proud of you."

"Hmn... yeah... anyway, I guess I'll be picking a room then, huh? I'm really fond of your old bedroom- the one with the right door to the balcony."

Bulma looked shocked for a moment, then smiled. "Sure, it's all yours." She turned her head to the side. "Goku, you gonna' come pick your room?" She asked, looking into un-telling black eyes. The saiyan nodded slightly. "Okay."

Trunks started to follow the couple- but was stopped as a hand pulled him back. "Hey! I think I was about to score a number back there!" The scarred man whined.

Trunks blinked, before his face turned a light pink. "Do... Do you think Marchette likes me?"

Yamcha gave the young demi a look that said 'of course' before dragging him out of the room.


A mere month and several blocks over, three couples and two supposedly third wheels stood next in line under the big flashing letters of a top notch night-club.

"I've never been to a nightclub before... Trunks-kun" The shy brunette Marchette blushed, her arm round loosely around Trunks'. Trunks smiled down at her, reassuringly.

"Don't worry, neither have I."

"Oh! This has GOT to be the best nightclub this side of West City!" A certain blond, Parlee, possibly the world's best payed secretary, exclaimed. A nod came from the Yamcha draped over her shoulders. "Too true, babe."

"Vegeta, I don't think I like it here.." ChiChi murmured lightly, hidden just a bit behind the saiyan prince. "I mean... nightclubs, don't they have bad company or muggers or something?" She asked unsurely.

"If they do." The prince started, firmly. "Then I don't know why they're risking coming anywhere near -my- mate." He smirked, turning his head over his shoulder.

Add the back of the group, pretty much unnoticed by the rest of the team, stood Goku and Bulma.

Goku stared loveingly down at the blue haired beauty who was being smothered with smooth blue light, brining out her natural coloring. He couldn't help smiling at her, and she couldn't help at smiling back.

"I guess they've all found new lives, huh Goku?" Bulma asked the saiyan, blushing and hoping he couldn't see how nervous she was. Trying to bring up a new topic she questioned. "Why have you been so quiet lately?"

Now was as good as time as ever.

"Why would I need to talk? When I can do-"

"Hey Mom we're in."

Bulma looked to Mirai Trunks, who had just called to her distraction.

But Goku had had enough of it! Damn it, this happened EVERY time! It was like some cruel God was against him! Instead of giving up like usual, he snapped her head back and kissed her, fully on the lips.

The group stared shocked, but after a moment, shook their heads and walked in, dropping two tickets at the feet of the newly pronounced couple.

Bulma smiled shyly up and the saiyan, and the saiyan smiled cheerily back down, his smile more vibrant than it had been for years.

"I love you Bulma." He stated, tightening his arms which had wound around her waist in their kiss. "I think I always have... please, say you love me too..."

Bulma smiled back, a bright blush over her nose. "Why would I need to talk, when we can do this?"

-and with that, they locked lips again, leaving the street filled with the light sound of purring and a -

"Son-kun! You're so cute when you do that!"


Trunks and Goten, the two twins, devious duo smiled wickedly at each-other as they hid under the kitchen table. Their mom and dad had gone out for today, and Gohan was babysitting them and chibi Fairent.

"But I don't WANT to use that stinky bath!" The youngest chibi complained, trotting around the table and chasing her frightened 'big brother' Gohan. "It's stinky and Papa didn't say I had to!"

"MAMA said you had to!" Came a counter-attack from the teen Gohan. "And so do I! It's not a stinky bath!"

"Mama's never cleaned it so it's dirty AND stinking!"

"Jeesh Fairy, OTHER people clean too!"

"Yeah- but not as well aw mam-WHOOP!"

The little spiky-haired ChiChi tripped over forwards on a thin wire that hung between the table leg and chair leg. Her eyes water and she hopped off the floor, running to Gohan.

"GOTEN! TRUNKS!" It was no warning shout, the demi-saiyan's wrath was about to begin and the two chibies under the table gulped and crawled off at an astounding speed.

Gohan was not far behind, willing to grab the little brats and hang them upside down by the tails. He would have done so too, if not for Fairent's sniffles growing into all out sobs.

"G-Gohaaaan... I'm all dirty now! I want a baaaath!"

"But- you said-"

"IF I CAN'T HAVE A BATH I'LL TELL PAPA!" The five year old threatened, leaving the criminals to escape from the crime scene... Well, not quite... because the door soon flew open to a happy Goku and Bulma holding a bunch of gifts.

"Hi guys!" Bulma cheered, dispensing the little boxes of chocolate eggs known as kinder between the gakis. "Guess what! We've got some great news!"

"What is it aunt-Bulma?" Gohan asked, grabbing the two lead-suspects by their collars as the little girl sat on his shoulders.

"The world tournament festivals start in a few weeks!" Goku chortled. Bulma punched him in the side for ruining her little game and he grimaced.

"Mom's entering, huh?" Guessed Goten, smiling chocolatey at his mother, even with the shirt's choke-hold on him. Trunks on the other hand, groaned. "How embarassing... I not only have to beat up a girl, but my own mother..."

"Then good news for you, there's a children's division this year."

"Aw! No fair! How come I gotta' fight weak little kids?"

"I'm not weak!" Shouted an irate Fairent from the top of Gohan's head.

"It's true, she's not weak." Goten agreed, sweating a little"

"Huh, well then. One of you three is sure to win in that case. I on the other hand, doubt I'd have a single chance if one of you tried to fight with me. Yeah, that's it. Goku'll knock out everyone for me, and I'll take him on with my killer move!" Bulma smirked, causing the saiyan to go beat red and cover his butt with his hands. "Aw, just kidding Son-kun!" She pecked him on the lips and turned to her chocolate covered gakis. "Time for baths!"


ChiChi and Vegeta sat in a romantic restaurant, dining on fine foods, when suddenly and wide eyed expression covered the house-wives face.

"We forgot about Fairent!"

"Don't worry about her." Vegeta reassured. "I'm sure she can handle those brats, and the chibies too."


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