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Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto

Of Slugs and Princesses

"Glad you could make it Naruto, please come in." The Sandaime said when he saw his office door open and Naruto standing there looking into the room with apprehension.

Nodding in acknowledgment to the Hokage, Naruto surveyed the room's occupancy. Sitting behind his desk was the third Hokage; Sarutobi looked as healthy as his age allowed. Off to the side was Jiraiya leaning against the wall and right beside him was Kakashi with his nose buried in one of Jiraiya's books. On the other wall opposite of them was his other sensei Asuma looking like he really didn't want to be there at the time.

After his survey was done he walked over to his former sensei and nodded to him in greeting before looking back at the Hokage.

"I see you've recovered well from the poison Sarutobi."

Cracking a small smile said man nodded. "Hai, but the fight left me weakened. I won't be able to fight at that level again for at least another week."

"But it's already been two and a half weeks since the invasion; shouldn't you be at full strength again by now, especially with the medic Nins helping you heal?" Naruto asked with a raised eye brow.

Sighing tiredly the Hokage looked directly at him before he spoke. "That would normally be the case but sadly my old age is affecting my abilities to heal quickly."

Seeing the confused look on Naruto's face he explained further. "It looks like you don't know. Let me explain a little then. As you already know shinobi heal faster and gets sick less often because of the greater amount of chakra in ones body. This larger amount of chakra allows the body to heal quicker and fight off disease a lot easier, but you already know that. What I'm guessing you don't know it that when a ninja gets older that ability to fight off disease and heal quicker lowers considerably."

Seeing the look of understanding come to Naruto's face he continued. "As you just now are realizing, the older you get the weaker your body gets in taking care of itself. At the ninja academy they don't cover this as very few ninja actually live past there fifties, and those that do are retired so they don't see it as much. But those that do stay active shinobi at that age start to feel the effects. A normal ninja doesn't start feeling these effects until there early to mid forties and it doesn't really affect them any until they reach fifty. At my age of sixty-eight my healing ability is around a civilians speed. Even with the help of medic Nins my body just can't heal as fast."

Looking more closely at the old man Naruto couldn't help but notice that his chakra was still lower than it should have been and he could see the man was moving more cautiously than normal. He was brought out of his examination when the Kage cleared his throat.

"But regardless of my old age, that's not why I called any of you here." Seeing as he got everyone attention he spoke to the room in general.

"I'm stepping down from the Hokage position." His statement was answered with absolute silence. Seeing none of them yelling out or questioning him either because of shock or respect he continued on. "I'm telling you this because I want your honest opinion about who I should have as my successor."

If the silence before was bad then the silence now was deafening.

"Sensei?" Looking over in Jiraiya's direction Sarutobi nodded for him to speak freely. "Don't get me wrong, you're a great Hokage and all, but you can't honestly expect to step down. There's no one to take your place right now." The others nodded in agreement making the Hokage sigh.

"You're wrong Jiraiya. There are three people in this room I'd trust to take up the mantle of Hokage right this instant and you know who they are."

Shaking his head Jiraiya continued on trying to convince his sensei of his opinion. "I see were your going with this, and I agree that Kakashi, Naruto, or even myself could take up the title of Hokage but it's not practical. While I know Kakashi has the mind to run a village he doesn't have the power of a Kage to keep enemy villages away. Naruto's even less likely to be ready for the position. He's strong in his own right but again not at Kage level or does he have enough experience to run a village full of ninja. And me, while I am at Kage level or very close to it I don't have the time to be one. You and I both know I'm required to run the spy network for the village personally and to do that I have to leave the village often."

Each person in the room nodded in agreement. Neither Kakashi nor Naruto were offended by what Jiraiya said as everything he said was pure fact. If either of them were to take up the mantle of Kage, it would be Kakashi, not Naruto.

Sarutobi seeing this turned to his son. "And what do you think Asuma?"

Shrugging his shoulders he answered honestly. "I agree with Jiraiya on this one. While all three of them would make a great Kage none of them can right now. Naruto is the least qualified of any of them, sorry Naruto."

Said man shrugged his shoulders. "It's true though."

Continuing where he left off Asuma nodded to himself. "The only one possible would be Kakashi and like Jiraiya said he's not at Kage level yet."

Sighing once again Sarutobi shook his head. "I've realized all of this but I can't continue being Hokage. My age has caught up to me and its affecting my skills greatly. While I can still run the village just fine, if I stay as the Hokage I'll only make the village look weaker as word has already spread that I was struggling with one of my own students in a fight, regardless that he was a Sannin. When I was in my prime I would have been able to take any of my students down with some difficulty. Hell I could take two on and still come out on top or at worst a tie. Then there's the fact I'm more prone to disease now and could get sick at any time. I need a replacement and if it won't be any of you then there's only one other option left."

Seeing Naruto and Kakashi looking confused but Asuma and Jiraiya giving him skeptical looks he told them up front. "It'll have to be Tsunade."

His words made Jiraiya look at him as if he were crazy. "You know she'll never agree to become Hokage right?"

Sarutobi gave Jiraiya a hard look before he glanced at Naruto. "You're wrong Jiraiya. I know her better than you think and if you play it right she'll come back with you."

Catching the glance, Naruto gave the old man a confused look until he spoke again causing him to stare at him the same way Jiraiya was.

"I have a new mission for you Jiraiya, Naruto. Its top priority from here until it's completed, S-rank. You both are to leave the village and not return until you have convinced Tsunade of the Sannin to return with you and become the fifth Hokage."

His statement was met with a chuckle from Kakashi which caused everyone in the room to turn to him and look at him funny.

"I just find it funny that you're sending Naruto out with Jiraiya to get her. Wasn't it your fault in the first place that she didn't want to return more often because you wouldn't allow her to take Naruto with her?" Kakashi asked with another chuckle.

These statements cause Naruto to look at him funny. "What are you talking about Kakashi? The only time Tsunade has seen me was when I was just born. Didn't she deliver me?"

With another chuckle Kakashi answered his question ignoring the pleading look from the Hokage. "Naruto, after the Kyuubi was defeated Tsunade argued with the Sandaime about taking you away from the village and raising you as if you were her own son. She wanted to adopt you but the Hokage over there wouldn't let her."

"It that true Sarutobi?" Naruto asked giving him a piercing look.

Before he could answer Kakashi burst in again earning himself a glare from the Kage. "Oh it's true alright. It actually escalated from a yelling match to an all out fight were the Anbu had to restrain her from attacking the Hokage. In her rage at not getting to take care of you she left the village and hasn't returned since."

All these new facts left Naruto in a daze and the others in the room left him to his own thoughts before turning back to each other.

"Well, now that that little fact is out of the way do you accept the mission Jiraiya?" Sarutobi asked.

Sighing the man nodded in acceptance while grumbling to himself just load enough for the others to hear. "Like I had an option to decline."

Ignoring the mans mumble Sarutobi turned to Kakashi. "How are the repairs going?"

Pulling out a scroll, Kakashi pushed some chakra into it causing a stack of papers to poof into existence which he handed to the Hokage. "Those are the most resent reports from the construction crew. From what I gathered from the man in charge a good thirty-one percent of the village was either destroyed or damaged. It appears the shinobi were to surprised at our immediate response to do more damage to the village. Even so three of the main gates were completely destroyed and are just now being finished. Besides that it will take around another two to three weeks before the major destruction in fixed. Then it's just fine tuning everything to the way it was before or better." Kakashi reported.

Nodding his thanks on the update Sarutobi turned to Asuma. "And the death count, it should be in today. Did you pick it up like I asked?"

Nodding Asuma pulled out his own scroll and seconds later was handing over the official report on the death and hospitalized patience cause by the invasion.

Thanking his son for the information he asked if he knew any details before he read the whole thing later on in the day.

Thinking for a few seconds he nodded his head. "According to Inoichi we had eighteen critically injured shinobi but they all luckily survived the injures, some better than others I'm afraid. Deaths of our shinobi were around forty. I don't know the actually number but somewhere around the lower one-hundreds for injured but fully healed shinobi. As for civilians, we had forty-two deaths because of various factors. Some just didn't listen to the shinobi orders and didn't leave there houses an hour early before the invasion like we planned for, others were caught in various places they shouldn't have been in the confusion of the fighting. As for injures, I know its some where around thirty, but most of those were in the rush to get out of harms way, so nothing to serious."

Sarutobi nodded his thanks for the information and once again thanked the early intelligence of the invasion. It could have been a lot worse had they been totally surprised. The best part of the whole thing was the fast action the Konoha Shinobi did to stop the invasion and save there fellow comrades from dieing. It once again showed how well the method of working in a team actually worked. If one shinobi fell the other beside him would get him to safety while his other partner would hold them off or lure them away to be ambushed by fellow Konoha Shinobi. The methods obviously worked if they had so little deaths.

Shaking his head, Sarutobi brought his mind back to the present after hearing Naruto ask a question.

"Hai, what was it you said Naruto?"

"As I said before, why do you want Tsunade to be Hokage? I understand she has the qualifications to be a Kage, but don't you think it's bad to have her running the village after being away for so long?"

Taking Naruto's question into account he nodded at his worry. "I understand your worry Naruto but Tsunade whether she has been away from the village for a long time or not is still very much loyal to Konoha. She will make the right decisions to keep the village prosperous that much I am sure about." Seeing Naruto about to speak up, Sarutobi held up his hand to silence him before he could speak his mind.

"I have also taken into account the fact that she is about to turn fifty in three more years. That being said she will start having the same issues I am having right now only to a lesser degree, as will Jiraiya as he's the same age as her. Seeing as that is the case her position as Hokage won't be for a long time. I plan to have her be Hokage until a suitable one arises that is willing to take the job." The third spoke the last part while looking at Naruto, Kakashi, and Asuma.

"I'm not saying it will be any of you three but you are the most logical choice at this time. There might be some one else by the time Tsunade steps down, but I can't be for sure. At any rate, Tsunade is the only person at this time that can take the mantle of Hokage from me. As such I want both of you to do your best to convince her to come back to the village." Sarutobi finished looking at Jiraiya and Naruto.

"Fine we'll bring her back Sensei." Jiraiya grumbled.

"As you wish Hokage-sama." Naruto saluted with a grin.

Sighing at there antics, the third Hokage just waved them away. "Just go already, and you don't have to leave for another day you two."

"Wait, wait, so you're telling me that you brought Tsunade-sama back with Jiraiya-sama? I thought you were on an S-rank mission to get info on sound?" Haku asked with confusion and a bit of irritation in her voice at just now learning that her boyfriend had lied to her about where he was for three weeks.

Hearing the tone of voice she used Naruto had the decency to cringe under her tone and the accusing glare he was under.

"That was just the cover up story Sarutobi-sama came up with to explain my absence if anyone asked Haku-chan." The only response he got was Haku leaned away from her current position so she was sitting up on her own and not leaning against him anymore. Sighing Naruto sat up straighter from his slouched position on the couch and turned more to Haku.

"Look I'm sorry I had to lie to you but I was under direct orders from the Hokage to tell no one about my mission."

Muttering under her breath Haku looked at him from the corner of her eyes. "Then why are you telling me this now, you know it bugged me this last month that you couldn't tell me anything."

"Just last night Sarutobi told me I was free to reveal the info to others if I wished it."

"Oh…" Haku mumbled before sighing and leaning her body over so she was more comfy on the couch. The fact that she was using Naruto's shoulder as a pillow didn't seem to bother either of them.

"Well since you're allowed to speak freely now, why don't you tell me how you brought Tsunade back. I've only met her twice so far but she seems to be nice enough."

Chuckling to himself Naruto put his arm around Haku's shoulder and leaned into her warmth before speaking. "To tell the truth, the first time I met her was at a casino bar and she was half drunk. Jiraiya and I at that point had been searching for around a week with various leads thanks to Jiraiya's connections. We found her in an old gambling town on the border of fire country."

"I can tell you now I wasn't expecting to meet the infamous Sannin the way I did."

"Jiraiya-sensei I see her." Naruto pointed in the general direction of the bar and upon seeing her Jiraiya's face lit up with comprehension.

Walking beside his sensei Naruto inspected there target. They could only see her backside as they walked up to her but that was enough for them to identify her. She wore a green trench coat with the words legendary imprinted on the back going vertically down the jacket. Besides that they could only see the back of her hair. She was a natural blond with her hair pulled back tightly into one long ponytail that was left to hang half way down her back.

"Tsunade-hime long time no see." Jiraiya said boastfully as he patted her on the back while sitting next to her at the bar. Naruto sat next to him while he observed how she tensed up at his appearance as if she didn't know he was there or perhaps it was out of surprise of seeing her old team mate after such a long time.

Either way after her initial surprise it was nothing but normal getting caught up between two old friends. Now at a better angle Naruto could see her fully. According to his info on her she was the same age as Jiraiya but looked to be only around thirty years of age physically.

'That must be the permanent Genjutsu I heard she wears to appear younger' Naruto thought to himself. Inspecting her he noticed her hair framed both sides of her face nicely and right in the middle of her forehead was a small purple diamond. Her clothes left little to the imagination as she was exposing quite a bit of her considerable chest to the world, with it being a white color just close to being indecent exposure. Besides that she looked like any other civilian out there but he knew better that that, even without noticeable weapons on her he knew she was highly skilled and dangerous.

After his inspection he noticed it really wasn't that much of a surprise that after the two old teammates got caught up did she finally take notice of who was sitting beside her old teammate.

"Well if it isn't little Naru-chan all grown up. You look just like your old man when he was your age." Tsunade said while she inspected him from top to bottom.

Nodding Naruto spoke for the first time in there conversation. "It's a pleasure to meet you Tsunade-sama."

"There's no need to be so formal brat just call me Tsunade I hate formalities." She responded right back.

"As you wish Tsunade."

Grunting she turned to her side and pointed out the lady sitting next to her. "This is Shizune and her pet pig Tonton."

Nodding to her Naruto inspected her at a glance. She had a natural beauty to her with chocolate brown eyes and very dark brown hair, nearly black. She wore a standard ninja fishnet shirt with a simple black kimono over the top of it.

Whistling Tsunade got the attention of the bar man and asked for another round of sake before turning to Jiraiya. "Nice brat, let me guess he's Chunnin already?"

Seeing her teammate grinning at her she looked from him to Naruto a few times before turning back to her drink and slamming a good amount down her throat. "So he's already been brought into the Anbu?"

"Nope he left the Anbu black ops a year ago, now he's a Jounin sensei." Jiraiya said proudly.

Looking up from her drink, Tsunade studied his grinning face with some slight disbelief. "Anbu black ops… you're kidding right that's absolutely no place for a kid to be."

Jiraiya grinning face instantly turned serious causing her to give her full attention to him. "Sensei and I are well aware of the effects of Anbu Black ops and we have taken some steps to ensure nothing happens to him."


Tsunade started but was interrupted as Naruto interrupted her. "My career as an Anbu and the steps I took are not why we're here Jiraiya-sensei."

Seeing the look he was getting and knowing he didn't want to talk about it here Jiraiya nodded his head in understanding and turned back to Tsunade who was giving Naruto a strange look.

"Alright let's talk Tsunade." He said getting her full attention again. "Naruto and I aren't her to talk about the old days. We were sent her by sensei to discuss your returning to the village."

"And why would I do that?" Tsunade asked sharply.

Narrowing his eyes at his teammate he spoke just as sharply as she did. "You have a responsibility to the village to serve and protect it in any way you can. Your skills in medical jutsu are unsurpassed by anyone in the world. As I'm sure you know Konoha was just invaded and we could use your services right now."

Sitting beside them Naruto couldn't help but listen as they both argued with each other back and forth. It seemed as if Tsunade had a grudge against something Konoha did in her past. From what he could gather she lost two people that were rather close to her and because of that she refused to believe Konoha would do anything but cause her more pain.

"Listen Tsunade, I'm just going to get right to the point ok. Sarutobi-sensei wants you to return and be the next Hokage." After Jiraiya said it Naruto knew something was wrong as Tsunade tensed up.

"Absolutely not, you know everyone that tries to be Hokage ends up dead, I refuse!" Tsunade remarked as she downed the rest of her sake in one gulp while standing up abruptly and heading to the door with her assistant Shizune, Naruto and Jiraiya right behind her.

"Sarutobi-sensei is getting old Tsunade. He can't continue to be Hokage forever you and I both know this. He needs a replacement and you're the only one he can see filling the position at this time." Jiraiya stated as he walked briskly beside her.

"You know what happened to Dan and Nawaki, why the hell do you think I would want to be Hokage after both of them died before they could reach their dreams? No way in hell am I going to become Hokage, that job is a death sentence waiting to happen. Everyone that wants to be or is Hokage is a fool." She spoke vindictively while continuing to walk ahead.

That is until she felt a not so subtle amount of killer intent directed at her back. Stopping she turned around to find the majority of it was coming from Naruto but a quarter of it was coming from Jiraiya himself.

"What would your brother and fiancé say if they heard you say that Tsunade?" Her white haired friend questioned.

Jiraiya's question barely got a glance from her besides a slight flinch, as her entire focus was solely on Naruto. She could see it in his eyes that he wanted nothing more than to verbally or maybe even physically attack her. She could understand why to, as she was probably one of the few people he truly looked up to. She knew for a fact that Sarutobi would have told him stories of her and how she loved her home village and here she is betraying everything he probably believed in.

"The second you become a ninja your life is put in danger, you literally send death onto others and bring death onto yourself. Being Hokage won't change that." Naruto spoke frostily.

Jiraiya glanced at him sympathetically as he could understand why he felt the way he did. To be so young when you start your ninja career and see the things the world would rather be kept a secret was not an easy life. Let alone Tsunade inadvertently insulted his father and what he died to protect.

"He's right you know." Jiraiya mentioned gaining her attention again. "The life of a ninja is dangerous no matter what rank you hold. The important thing to remember is that we do what we do to protect our family, friends, and village. Please Tsunade just consider what we have told you and think about all your family has fought for. Would they really want you to turn your back on the village they loved so much. Please just think about it."

Jiraiya uttered the last part softly while giving her a meaningful look. Taking a hold of Naruto he gripped his shoulder before they both disappeared in a swirl of leaves.

Tsunade inadvertently grasped her necklace and gave it a tight squeeze while closing her eyes with a pained expression while Shizune looked after the two that had just disappeared with sorrow filled eyes. That left both Tsunade and Shizune in the middle of the street while people continued to pass them by.

Pausing in his story Naruto leaned to the side and picked up a bottle of sake and took a sip then offered it over to Haku who gladly took some.

Sighing as the alcohol slid down her throat she turned her head upwards to look at Naruto's relaxed face. "Well aren't you going to tell me the rest of the story? Tsunade obviously came back with you and she decided she wanted to be Hokage after all, so what happened to change her mind?"

Smiling to himself, Naruto wrapped his arms around Haku's waist while brushing his finger tips ever so gently against her bare stomach causing her to squirm in his grips.

"That tickles." Haku pouted while grabbing his hands and placing them on her stomach and leaving her hands on top of his so he couldn't move them.

Kissing her cheek he grinned happily. "I know that's why I did it."

"Jerk." She mumbled but Naruto could hear the happiness in her voice when she mumbled it.

"Of course but I'm your jerk." Naruto whispered against her neck softly making her squirm a little in his grip while inadvertently pushing herself more into him.

"Of course." Haku repeated playfully. "Now get on with the story before I force you to."

Smiling pleasantly he conceded to his girlfriends request. "Alright, where was I… oh yes well after that rather memorable first meeting Jiraiya and I stayed back in the hotel and just hung out and did some light training. Of course we were still keeping an eye on Tsunade as we didn't want her running off and disappearing as she's known to do."

"Nothing new really happened during that time. Jiraiya would often disappear, no doubt to spy on the women in the hot springs or in other places he shouldn't have been." Naruto remarked lightly.

Haku growled under her breath at the mention of Jiraiya's bad habits only to get a light huge from her boyfriend in response to her anger causing her to squeeze his hand affectionately.

"I also know he was talking to Tsunade at least once every day, what they were speaking about only Kama-sama knows. Besides that nothing much happened until four days after we initially meet her. Jiraiya was writing one of his books while I was reading over a jutsu scroll I brought along in our hotel room when we sensed a fairly big fight start in the distance."

"You feel that?" Jiraiya questioned looking out into the distance where he felt the chakra spikes coming from.

"Definitely, you think Tsunade is mixed into whatever's going on?" Naruto questioned.

"I don't know but I'm going to find out, come on!" Jiraiya proclaimed while jumping out the window with Naruto right behind him seconds later.

Stopping on a hill, both men looked out onto the sense a half mile away from them. From there position they could make out Tsunade's form kneeling on the grass and staring at her hands while over four bodies lay surrounding her most likely dead.

A little ways away from her Shizune was fighting off an entire squad of ninja. Just from watching for less than five seconds they could easily tell she was struggling. With barely a glance at each other both men shot off from there stationary positions and raced off to help them out.

With the distance closing fast they could finally see who the mysterious group was; it was none other than sound. With the enemy now known they did the only thing they could, they attacked.

Within seconds the battle shifted from Shizune defending herself valiantly to Naruto and Jiraiya taking on the group instead.

With friendly backup helping, Shizune adrenaline pumped body finally gave out and she dropped to her knees before coughing up a glob of blood.

Seeing the condition she was in Jiraiya took charge. "Naruto take her to Tsunade she needs help!" He ordered while turning the ground they were standing on into a swamp causing the enemy ninja to back off or be swallowed by the deadly jutsu.

Doing as ordered Naruto appeared by her side and did a once over of her shaking body. From what he could see, her left bicep muscle was severed and just barely hanging together, she had a shallow stab wound in her chest close to her kidneys, she was bleeding from the ears and blood was leaking out of her mouth and if he could guess right she seemed to be affected by some form of Genjutsu to the senses as she wasn't responding to anything he was doing to snap her out of her current state.

Seeing the very real danger she was in he looked up from her body to see her master was still in the same position as she was when they first arrived. Now closer he could see she was staring at her blood covered hands almost unseeingly.

Growling low in his throat at having to make a risky decision he looked back down at the dyeing women and made a hasty decision. Bending down he picked up her body as carefully as he could and cradled her body so he wouldn't tousle her more than he had to and cause more harm than good.

Sprinting over carefully to Tsunade, Naruto laid her apprentice down at her feet so she was clearly in Tsunade's view. Looking up Naruto saw horror stretch across her face at seeing the women in such a condition and her shaking intensified.

Clenching his fist Naruto grabbed her by the shoulders and forced the legendary medic Nin to look him in the eye. "Do you want her to die? Heal her already what's wrong with you?" Naruto snapped in her face.

"I…I… c-ca-"

Her stammering was cut off sharply by Naruto's grip on her shoulders tightening viciously causing her to gasp in pain. "Of course you can heal her, do you want your apprentice to die?"

The only response he got was a pained expression and a minute shake of her head but other than that she continued to stare at Shizune helplessly.

"Damn it your worthless to me then, she's going to die if you don't help her! There's no time to get her back to a doctor." Naruto voiced desperately. Looking into her eye Naruto saw various emotions flash by but the most easily seen was pain.

Just as he was about to speak again Naruto sensed more than heard the incoming kunai at his back. Acting on instincts honed through many life and death experiences just as this he whipped around while simultaneously drawing a kunai and managed to deflect the kunai aimed not at him but Tsunade.

Hearing the clash of metal against metal so close caused Tsunade's head to snap up in his direction to see Naruto standing in front of her just blocking a slash from one of the sound ninja that attacked them earlier. Seconds later the ninja was sent skidding backwards from a kick to his chest from Naruto.

Glancing over his shoulder Naruto looked straight into Tsunade's eyes before speaking. "You either save her or she's dead Tsunade." With those morbid words Naruto kicked off from the ground and dashed back into the fight to keep the ninja away from Tsunade and her dyeing apprentice.

"By the time Jiraiya and I managed to kill or knock out the sound ninja Tsunade was already at work healing Shizune." Naruto explained to his girlfriend.

"What caused her to freeze up like that? I wouldn't expect something like that from a legendary ninja like Tsunade-sama." Haku asked softly.

Shrugging his shoulders Naruto chuckled slightly. "Surprisingly she was scared of blood."

"Scared of blood?" Haku repeated dubiously. "A shinobi and medic actually scared of blood?"

"Yep," Naruto answered, "I couldn't believe it myself until Tsunade-sama told me personally."

"Wow… what caused her to finally snap out of it?"

"Not a clue," Naruto responded, "It could have been something I said or she could have just finally understood that she was the only one there to save her apprentice from deaths doors. She wouldn't tell me when I asked later."

The room fell silent after that as both Shinobi settled into a comfortable silence in each other's embrace until something accrued to Haku.

"Then why did it take you guys so long to get back?" Haku inquired, "It should of only taken you guys another week to get back even with an injured person but you guys took two weeks?"

"Well Shizune was more injured then I initially thought. She was suffering from the wounds I told you about but also mass internal bleeding and three broken ribs. It seemed the Genjutsu they put her under and the attacks she was under caused her stomach to get punctured at some point causing the stomach acids to cause even more damage. We couldn't move Shizune with her injures for at least five days without causing more harm than good. Then we had to go at a civilians speed and take turns carrying her because she couldn't walk under her own power and if we moved faster it would have just reopened the wounds." Naruto revealed lightly.

"Why was sound after Tsunade-same in the first place?" The black haired beauty inquired softly.

Giving her a kiss on the cheek Naruto replied. "While Tsunade-sama was healing Shizune, Jiraiya was conducting an interrogation on the three ninja we managed to capture and not kill in the fighting. He found out that Kabuto has taken control of the Sound village and ordered a squad to track her down and neutralize a possible threat. Besides that he also found out that very few actually know where the real Sound village is, but there are multiple little bases around the world that Orochimaru and his forces hide out in."

"Figures they'd hide out like that." She whispered, "But you still haven't answered why she came back with you guys and actually became the Hokage."

"Well after things cooled down some and Shizune wasn't in any immediate danger Tsunade-sama took Jiraiya-sensei aside and they talked things out. I got pieces of the conversation and later she talked to me also, but from what I understand she obviously knew she was being targeted so she agreed to come back with us. She told us she would talk things over with Sarutobi and only become Hokage temporarily until someone else could take the job. She told us straight out she didn't want to be Hokage but would if it meant protecting her home village and those close to her…" Naruto trailed off slightly with a thoughtful look on his face.

Looking up and seeing the look Haku inquired what he was thinking about. "Well when she said that I could have sworn she glanced at me and Shizune but it could have just been Shizune as I was sitting right beside her..."

Chuckling at her boyfriends comment, Haku brought back his focus with another question. "Anything else happen after that?"

"Nope," Naruto told. "After we got back I had two days of leave and then you, me and my team got that mission to snow and you kno…"

"I'm still not going to forgive you for that!" Haku interrupted sharply.

Her abrupt interruption caused Naruto to blink a couple times until he finally understood what she meant. "Bu… but I didn't start it and she…"

"Kissed the living daylights out of you!" Interrupted a new voice from the window. Looking up as neither of them sensed the new presence they found Jiraiya entering through the window sill.

Seeing no immediate danger from his sensei Naruto turned to what could be a danger if he didn't defuse the anger he could already see on Haku's face. "I swear Haku, she kissed me and I tried to stop it but she just wouldn't let go. You have to forgive me, I…"

His comment caused Haku to stand up abruptly while simultaneously swinging her right fist into Naruto's shoulder viciously hard and at the same time throwing her left arm out in Jiraiya's direction causing a hidden senbon needle to fly straight at him.

Hearing a thump and then the sound of small scale ciaos caused Naruto to look up from rubbing his throbbing shoulder to see Jiraiya had fallen out of the second story window and if he knew his girlfriend's apartment as well as he thought he did then Jiraiya must have landed in the dumpster or by the various trash cans that surrounded said dumpster.

Turning from the window Naruto just caught sight of his retreating girlfriend turning around the corner heading for the kitchen. And if he wasn't mistaken he could have sworn he heard her almost hissing about some hussy or something. But then again it was rather hard to hear with all the sound Jiraiya was making outside and his swearing that he could hear rather well.

Leaning back into the couch Naruto let out an aggravated sigh. He knew Haku needed time to cool down and he was sure his sensei would come back up to the window shortly so he just relaxed.

As he predicted, Jiraiya's head peeked out from the bottom of the window sill to see if Haku was gone not thirty seconds later.

"You just had to open your mouth sensei." Naruto uttered angrily.

Seeing the coast was clear, said man crawled up the rest of the way and entered through the window to land softly on the clean carpet. "How was I supposed to know she would react like that?"

Turning, Naruto gave Jiraiya his best glare that he could. "Oh I don't know, the fact that she's my girlfriend should have tipped you off. You know women get angry when other women flirt with their boyfriends let alone kiss them. Hell guys are the same way. It is beyond me how you keep getting girls if this is how you react around them."

Jiraiya had the decency to look properly cowed before sighing and making his way over to the couch before flopping down on it heavily. "So what did happen in snow country? I got the summary from the report in the files you and Haku submitted and it said there was a revolution and the princess of snow is back in power after a few scuffles between you guys and some ninja over there. But my informant told me the princess pretty much threw herself at you and then proceeded to make out with you."

"Why the hell would your informant in that country tell you something as small as that? Are all your informants as perverted as you are?" Naruto asked irritated.

"Actually most of my informants are rather normal people, but that's beside s the point. That piece of information was valuable." The Sannin said seriously.

"Oh and how could that be useful in any way besides getting Haku angry at me again?"

"For one it could mean easier alliances between Konoha and Snow because of your close friendship with her, she is the princess there and she can pull a lot of strings to help us out. Besides that I give all my informants the orders to relay any and all information they find on you personally back to me."

"Wa…Why?" Naruto asked suspiciously.

"I like to know how my godson is doing." Jiraiya commented plainly, "That and I'd like to know if Iwa or any other country is planning to attack you or Konoha by default before you activate your bloodline to stop another yellow flash from reappearing."

Snorting Naruto leaned his head back on the couch. "Even if I do activate the bloodline, that won't mean I can use my dad's Hiraishin Jutsu (Flying Thunder God), he was the one to create that jutsu and it's not something one can just learn in a day. Besides that there's still a chance the bloodline alone will kill me."

"That's only a one percent chance, and all those that have died because of it have been civilians or academy class ninja. You know that those with genin or higher chakra reserves can't die from the activation alone." Jiraiya reminded instantly.

"Ya but there's other factors that could kill me when using it. Besides, do you really think I'll activate it? According to my clan history most activate it by the time there thirteen. I'm already fifteen if you've forgotten."

Hearing the depressed tone Jiraiya spoke softly. "You've read how to use it properly, I know you won't over do it and destroy your body. As for activating it, don't worry about it your just a late bloomer, some in your clan activated it as late as twenty one. You still have time to achieve that ability so don't let it get to you."

Smiling softly at his sensei's reassuring words Naruto let out a ragged breath. "Thanks sensei."

Grinning goofily Jiraiya patted his shoulder reassuringly. "Not a prob kid, not a prob."

There comfortable silence ended when Jiraiya grunted softly. "Well you never did answer my question before we got side tracked."

Blinking for a few seconds Naruto finally caught on to what his sensei was talking about. "Right after the whole fight was over with Doto and his crew for the final time Princess Yukie came running up to me and pretty much threw herself at me. If I wasn't a ninja I would have fallen on my ass but as it were she ended up wrapping her arms and legs around me while she proceeded to kiss me."

"Let me guess, Haku didn't like that." Jiraiya commented dryly.

Giving him a pointed look Naruto defended his actions. "No… no she didn't like that one bit. Needless to say I was rather surprised at Princess Yukie's actions and tried to get her to stop, but she wouldn't let me go. Luckily… well for me at least Haku was on her after on a few seconds and pried her off."

Hearing him stop Jiraiya looked up from scribbling in his notebook to see Naruto staring at him with a twitch in his eyebrow. "Why'd you stop? It was getting really good, was there a cat fight next?" He asked eagerly.

Getting a more violent twitching of the eye he could see Naruto's gaze not on him anymore but rather above him. Feeling a cold shiver run down his spine Jiraiya looked up to meet the pissed off view of Haku's face.

"Actually, after I threw the hussy away from my boyfriendI proceeded to threaten to beat her to an inch of her life if she ever put moves on my boyfriend again." Haku hissed venomously.

Gulping Jiraiya did the smart thing and slowly backed away from the pissed off Jounin class women in front of him. Seeing she was having the effect she wanted, Haku pulled out three senbon needles from her sleeve and pulled her arm back.

Eyes widening, Jiraiya spun on his heels and dived for the open window.

Seeing her target gone, Haku took a calming breath and turned to Naruto with a raised eye brow. Seeing the inquisitive look Naruto answered quickly before her ire turned on him.

"Like I said before; she came onto me," Naruto assured. "If I knew she was going to kiss me I wouldn't have let her get that close. I thought she was just looking for comfort from the recent near death experience and she wanted a shoulder to cry on or a huge or something but not a kiss. Once she kissed me I tried to stop her but she was still a client and I didn't want to hurt her. Thankfully you took her off me before any more damage could be done."

Seeing him explain his actions again for what must be the thirtieth time in a rather quick and desperate voice Haku knew he really was sorry for what happened. She also knew he wouldn't hurt her like that. Sighing she walked up to him and slowly pushed him backwards until the back of his knees hit the couch causing him to fall back into a sitting position. Smiling seductively Haku lowered herself so she was straddling his waist and proceeded to lean forward until their lips met in a soft kiss.

Breaking for oxygen Naruto starred into his beautiful girlfriends eyes. "I guess this means I'm finally forgiven then."

His answer was another long passionate filled kiss and as far as he was concerned that was good enough answer for him.

Sadly there make out session was broken up by the sound of perverted giggling. Turning away from each other they both looked over to see Jiraiya peeking through the window while scribbling in his note book.

Standing silently from her very comfortable position on Naruto's lap, she silently made her way over to the window Jiraiya was using before he noticed they had stopped. Just as Haku made it halfway to the window Jiraiya looked up and instantly paled seeing the cold fury on her face. Turning around quickly he had to dodge multiple deadly incoming needles or be painfully reminded why he shouldn't peek on his student when with a girl.

Making it to a different roof Jiraiya jumped down to the streets below while turning around to see Haku throwing her last needle were he used to be from her open window. Landing on the ground softly he heard a feminine voice scream loud enough that he was sure half the village heard it. "Jiraiya you perverted bastard stop spying on us!"

Sighing in relief he turned around to get some distance between them in case she decided to chase him when he was suddenly smacked upside the head hard enough to send him straight to the ground.

Looking up from his downed position Jiraiya could see it was an Anbu that hit him. More pacifically it was a female Anbu. Gulping pathetically he accepted his fate when he heard footsteps coming from around the corner. Looking over he whimpered when he saw three more women walking over to his position with that look in their eyes which meant only one thing…pain.

From her position in the open window Haku glared at where Jiraiya disappeared to and was debating whether or not to chase after him when she felt two strong arms wrap around her waist and pull her body against an equally muscular chest.

"Leave him be, you can beat him up some other day." Naruto spoke softly into her neck.

Sighing at the feeling of his body so close to hers and in irritation she was about to speak up when she heard a cry for mercy before hearing a pained wail. Knowing where it came from caused a victorious smile to spread across her normally peaceful face.

"Or someone else can beat him up I guess." Naruto murmured softly.

Seeing as there mood was ruined by Jiraiya's behavior Haku spoke up. "You want to go get dinner, it's getting pretty late out?" Haku whispered softly.

"Sure I'd like that." Naruto whispered just as softly.

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