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in·fi·nite (ĭn'fə-nĭt) (adj):

unbounded or unlimited; boundless; endless

leg·a·cy (lěg'ə-sē) (n):

anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or predecessor

Chapter One: What If

..."What if there was no lie

Nothing wrong, nothing right" - Coldplay

Terry McGinnis wrought his hands together as he sat in a wing-back chair across from Amanda Waller. His last visit to her home, tensions had run high. This venture was no different. He was ready for the entire truth and he could fathom Waller to dance around the subject as usual.

She gave him an amused look as if she reading his thoughts.

"It's the second time you've visited this week," she said, unnaturally calm, mirth littering her voice. "I'm glad you called instead of showing me that my guards are completely useless, like last time. I'm really paying them too much."

He said nothing, his blue eyes intently focused on her as she spoke. He gripped the arm rests of his chair and stiffened.

"Would you like some tea now?"

Terry narrowed his eyes. "No."

She sighed, and walked to the window. Terry followed her with his eyes. It was dark out, and most likely very late. Those Bat-men kept late hours.

Her aging body slept little, so the unexpected drop in from him didn't bother her. In all actuality, Amanda half-expected to see him again. Lo and behold, here he was.

"I don't know why I bother to keep anything top secret anymore," she sighed. She gave him a quick smile. He didn't budge.

"Tell me everything this time. I mean it," Terry said under his breath. His tone was harsh, but remained ever so calm.

"Of course. I'm guessing that Bruce told you more than you should know, he eventually got the truth out of me. It would be only natural that you would too." She paused, setting her eyes once again on the large window adorning the room. "Where should I start?"

"Does it matter?" Terry asked, his voice dripping with disgust.

She winced but nodded in agreement. "Why shouldn't you know? It's your life."

"You're right. It IS my life. Some people seem to forget that."

"Some people, Mr. McGinnis, are better off not knowing everything." Amanda was surprised by the strength in her voice.

He didn't divert his gaze, and to Amanda, it was absolutely unsettling. Apparently the self-proclaimed 'bat-stare' wasn't in the least bit lost on him.

"But you deserve it," she continued thoughtfully.

Terry leaned back in his chair as if readying himself for the impact of her words. At first he opened his mouth to speak but then stopped.

"No go ahead, Terry. What would you like to say?"

"About what you said...about me not having his mind but having his heart...," He trailed off for a moment. "That's not exactly what you meant, was it?"

"Ah, yes. I can't really afford to be cryptic 're smart, that is certain. What I meant: you have the ability to surpass him. Bruce is only human, you are..."

"Some hybrid freak?" Terry's somewhat calmed demeanor shattered, dissolving the quiet in the room. "Why don't you start from where my mother came from?"

Amanda seemed hurt by his words. "Hybrid freak? Not even close. You are nothing but a demi-god."

He scoffed at that. "Great. Then why don't you explain that... Leave no stone unturned, Amanda. I want the whole truth."

"I- " She took in a breath. "When I was first acquainted with the Justice League, we were hardly on good terms. I was propositioned by the government, as you know, to create an army to protect ourselves if they ever went rogue."

"I know about Galatea and the Ultamen. Get to the point."

"Right... Well, throughout that course of our struggles, I had come to know and understand the League well. Exceedingly well, to put it accurately. Through my studies and observations, Batman fascinated me. He struck me as perfect in every way. His drive, his willpower. A truly amazing specimen. Batman, who was weak when it came to the strength of Superman, and powerless when in comparison to Green Lantern or the Flash, and yet he could intimidate anyone who stood in his way. He could lead and command these powerful creatures, and never failed."

"What does this have to do with my mother?"

"You certainly don't have Bruce's patience," she mused and continued on. "One other thing that I found fascinating about him was who he chose as a lover. The more he cared for someone, the more he'd push that certain someone away. Batman was like that with everyone, it was how he conducted himself. But it's what drove him and his mission." She paused momentarily, lost deep in thought. Thoughts that revolved around 30 or more years in the past. Amanda raised a brow. "Terry, what do you know about Wonder Woman?"

His eyes widened somewhat.

She smirked. Bruce must've told him something.

"Diana...," Terry spoke softly as he uttered her name. He was copying the way Bruce said her name; with all the love and awe in him that he could muster. "Bruce won't say much about her. I...I know he loved her."

"With the exception of his parents,... and Alfred Pennyworth, he probably loved her more than anyone." Amanda looked off into thought, an amused smile dancing on her lips. "Watching them in battle was most entertaining. You could see that he wanted to protect her in every waking moment, but she could hold her own better than he could. They were perfect for each other and I, from the sidelines, couldn't help but agree more. The world was always going to need a Batman, but what if there was more to that possibility? A child of the Dark Knight and the Champion of the Amazons, how could I pass up that opportunity?" The quiet, well-mannered Amanda Waller was suddenly replaced with something wild, almost maniacal. The Waller that breathed life into Cadmus, and altered so many lives. Whether intentionally, or not.

"So ...when were you going to tell me that half of my DNA was Wonder Woman's?"

Amanda didn't skip a beat. "Both Bruce and I decided to keep that piece of information from you...You look like her, you know."

He gave an exasperated sigh and rolled his eyes. "Yeah, well he told me anyway. So, does that make me...?"

"Immortal? Probably not. Super-strong? Well, you already know the answer to that. You see, her gods blessed her with their gifts. Strength, speed, endurance, and her immortality. You name it, she had it. But I'm sure her gods don't even know you exist. Or care to." She didn't have to add the latter part, but she did regardless.

Terry's face looked pained. He took in a shallow breath before answering. "But... does she know?"

"No. Of course not. You see, my opportunity to create my Wonder-Bat child dimmed with every passing year. The more Bruce loved Diana, the more he would push her away. He couldn't bear the thought of losing her, so he let her go."

"Twisted thinking." Terry couldn't begin to fathom a life without his fiancée. How Bruce could scrape out of a life with no one to love or love him in return... Terry shook his head.

"You do realize that we are talking about Bruce Wayne, don't you?"

"Point taken. But is Diana even human...?"

"Human enough, she was created by her mother and the gods. Formed out of clay and had the breath of life put into her." She paused when Terry made a face. "Aren't we all made of dust, McGuiness? And return so when we die?"

He nodded in silent agreement and allowed her to continue. "Before Diana returned to Themyscira, we paid the Cheetah to catch her in a fight. We needed a physical sample of DNA, of course. This meant drawing some of Diana's blood in a battle. It was a longer process than we figured but she at least returned with some samples along with a month stay in intensive care." Amanda smirked. "And along with using Cadmus technology, and in addition to Bruce's DNA, it was injected into your foster mother."

"Don't call her that." Terry hissed. "She's been my mother!"

"Yes, of course," she said, distractedly. Mary McGinnis was just a pawn in regards to the big picture. The way Amanda just brushed off the thought of Terry's mother, the only mother he had ever known, irked him to no end.

Waller cleared her throat. "So where was I? Oh, so even though you aren't her equivalent in all her attributes, you are still above simply human. You're much more than that. Bruce Wayne had to condition his body tenfold to be where you are now physically. Didn't you ever wonder why you had such untapped potential? You excelled and continue to excel at everything. Your mother may not be exactly human when compared to Man's World. But she is an Amazon warrior and that is human enough." A sly grin crossed her face. "You are a true warrior. And you have the potential to better everything Bruce has accomplished thus far. You could become unstoppable. You could become the shining beacon that Gotham, and the earth, needs desperately."

Terry rolled his eyes. "Why did you tell me that I would never amount to the ability he is at? Or rather was at?"

"To keep you modest. If I kept that fire burning inside of you, you would yearn to surpass him at everything. That potential is within you, never forget that."

Terry sighed. This information was too much, almost unbelievable. Trying to accept Bruce Wayne as his genetic father was hard enough. But the famed Wonder Woman as his genetic mother? It was difficult to comprehend but, in an odd turn of events, he knew it was right. Deep down... he knew it was the truth.

"I wish I could meet her."

"And why can't you? As far as I know she still lives on Themyscira. The problem there, the only thing trying her to Man's World was Bruce, and as you can tell by your old man's current state, she has been long gone from his life."

"One thing I've learned most recently, to keep those you love the closest to you. He doesn't seem to feel the same way."

The vision of Dana, his fiancée, popped into his head, prompting him to smile. Terry couldn't imagine being away from her, how Bruce did it for so long was beyond him.

"Apparently, that's the Diana of you talking. Bruce was never much of a people person, and he admitted that on more than one occasion."

"Yeah, that's for sure. So what about Matt?"

She furrowed her brow briefly in thought. "Matthew... well, I can't be certain really. He would be Bruce's biological son, yes. But there is a high percentage that the female side of the injection, Diana's contribution, only lasted through one pregnancy. It could have remained in Mary's system the next time she conceived a child, but I doubt it. Honestly, the only way to be certain is through a DNA test. That will provide you all the answers.

Terry thought about his younger brother for a moment. He didn't seem out of the ordinary, but really what seemed ordinary anymore? If only Matt knew the truth, the real truth. He would probably flip out, and that was putting it lightly.

Terry sighed. It was getting too late, even by his standards. The morning sun was threatening to rise in the distance. "I need to be going."

"So, soon?" Amanda asked with a small smile. "Well, your company is always enjoyable."

"Thank you...for sharing."

"Oh, Terry you are always welcome. I know I can be difficult at times, but really I would do anything for a member of the Batclan. And I know I can sound horrific at times with what I've done with your life. Not to mention countless others lives..."

"I forgive you," he replied softly. He was always trying to keep bridges unburned when it came to acquaintances. Though, he wondered if he needed to forgive Amanda for anything, or even if she did need forgiveness...he wondered if she deserved it.

She nodded and thanked him. "Like I've said, I have a lot to account for when I meet the man upstairs."

He stood up and walked out into the massively dark hallway, melting into the blackness. Quickly, he pulled his cowl back on, found the closest window and disappeared into the night.

Terry had a lot of information brewing a storm inside of his mind and heart. He wondered if he could ever really comprehend his life in its full scope. Reality had a way of sneaking up on someone to torment them mercilessly. Still, it was now his goal to pursue his life as the new Dark Knight with a lighter heart.

He now had another parent to make proud.

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