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Chapter Fourteen: Exitlude

"It's good to have you with us
Even if it's just for the day
It's good to have you with us even if it's just for the day
Outside the sun is shining, seems like heaven ain't far away..." - The Killers

-25 years later-

It is amazing how a mere quarter of a century can change everything. Gotham was now the safest city in the Northern Hemisphere and possibly the Earth. No one bothered with statistics, because it was just an obvious fact.

Bruce married Diana, in the simplest of ceremonies, not to expose his sudden youth and vigor. As far as the world around them knew, Bruce Wayne was long gone. But twins, a boy and a girl, suddenly appeared to take the helm of the Wayne legacy. Legal documentation and DNA samples were more than satisfactory.

Alexandra Hippolyta had been granted the godly powers of her mother, including the once abandoned immortality. A solely mother-daughter visit to Themyscira contributed to that.

Needless to say, the Queen of the Amazons adored her granddaughter. Alexandra represented the first union between Man's World and the realm of the Amazons'. As far as Hippolyta was concerned, Alexandra was as close to perfection as the daughter of a man could be.

She certainly had her work cut out for her as Gotham's self-appointed Batwoman. But with the cunning mind of her father and her mother's abilities, nothing stood in her way.

Thomas John was the spitting image of Bruce Wayne. Diana chose his middle moniker, named after Martha's father. Bruce tried to dissuade her, telling her that John Wayne was a famed western actor from long ago. That made Diana love the name more so.

Thomas took to the position of CEO of Wayne Enterprises with grace, poise and swagger. It was as if Bruce had never left. It was eerily uncanny. Tom also assisted his sister with her vigilante career, his role was primarily behind the scenes, but he aided her at a moment's notice.

Though he often annoyed his twin with his playboy ways, as they both resided in Wayne manor. Tom's 'flame of the week' grated Alexa's nerves, to say the least.

Meanwhile, their parents currently reside on a very large, very private island. Living happily ever after. A happily ever after only 90 years in the making.

Terry and Matt are still key members in this exquisitely unique family.

Terry and Dana visit Bruce and Diana often, so the grandparents could visit with their grandchildren. Terry is the head of board of directors of Wayne Enterprises, steering a superbly intelligent yet young Thomas Wayne.

Matthew McGinnis had been appointed the Commissioner for going on three years after a decade as Gotham's chief of police. He too visited his island dwelling parents often with his own wife and child.

His wife didn't need special instructions in keeping quiet as to who her in-laws were; she too came from an unconventional background, including being Earth's current Green Lantern. Still, Mira Stewart-McGinnis found it quite amusing that the famed Batman was her daughter's grandfather.

Gotham, the Justice League and Earth had never been safer.

Batwoman took a single step forward out of the shadow that had been obscuring her. Her seamless, black suit was simple in appearance but coupled with her abilities, she was nothing but terrifying.

The young punk that had been squinting into the darkness immediately pointed a gun at her, but his hand and weapon shook violently. Due to fear obviously, though she wondered if he had some debilitating illness affecting his motor-skills.

"I wouldn't bother wasting a bullet."

He wasn't a good listener. A shot fired off, with surprisingly good accuracy for a young Jester, but 'surprisingly good' wasn't going to cut it. A soft ping sent the bullet off into its new home somewhere in the expanse of the empty warehouse.

Just as fast as the bullet had left its barrel, she was at his side and issuing him catatonic with a forefinger. The Jester slumped to the ground, his oddly distorted clown face looking out of character in the dark, abandoned building.

Her earpiece crackled, "Alexa?"

"He's down. The last of the Jesters. Or at least the one that will lead us to any stragglers." She stared down at the body. "What is it with clown wannabes in this city?"

Thomas laughed in her ear. "Party's still going on. In case you were wondering."

"Knocking out a crime syndicate in a three day weekend is a little more fulfilling. No offense." Alexa took hold of the kid and flew out of the building. In minutes he was distributed to police hands who happened to be awaiting his arrival.

"So you coming back? Or should I get everyone to leave? Before I came down to the cave, Charisma Worthington was giving me the eye."

Alexa was scanning Gotham's under belly with hawk-like precision. "Ugh, I could rub two turnips together and it would have a higher IQ."

Her brother laughed again. "But it wouldn't be as hot."

"I'm fine staying out here, thanks."

"Well, I'll keep Cray on stand-by. I'll update your logs later." With that, he signed-off, leaving her alone.

She flew to her favorite perch atop an ancient gargoyle, and silently addressed her city. All was well, as it should be.

The crime-rate was at its lowest in nearly two hundred years, Arkham's populace was accounted for and had its smallest clientele since... ever.

Batwoman's involvement with the League was just as impressive.

Which reminded her...

A soft landing of two boots on the rooftop behind her resonated like an orchestra.

Alexa didn't move. "I wasn't sure when you'd get here."

"Sneaking up on you is getting nearly impossible. Reminds me of someone."

She stifled a laugh and swiveled around to face her visitor. "Are you here to reprimand me for missing the League meeting?"

The slightly graying areas around his temples were heightened in the moonlight. It was one of many pieces of him she found sexy. But she wouldn't tell him that, yet. It oftentimes made him uncomfortable.

"Well, no..."

Alexa flew over, closer to him.

She coyly eyed him, her mouth curving upward. "Then why are you here?"

"I-..." Even in the cover of night she saw him blush. Oh, how she adored him. He scratched the back of his head. "I'm not sure, exactly..."

He was here because he wanted to see her. She wished he would just say it. Out loud. But her age, her parents... too many factors scared him.

More than anything, Alexa desired to just be close to him. To freely trace the 'S' on his chest, to put her mouth on his...

"Kal," she took a step closer. "I'm almost 24, you know." As if it made a sizable difference.

He grinned his impeccable Boy Scout grin and shook his head. "Alexa, please..."

"And really what does it matter? We're ageless."

She knew this was hard for him. The last time they had been alone together like this, he shared his feelings for her. But he also shared that he felt like he was betraying Lois's memory. It ended with Kal leaving mid-sentence and Alexa cursing herself for falling for such a quandary.

A drop-dead gorgeous socialite heiress with unmatched wit and social grace, she could literally have any man she wanted. But she wanted the 200 year old Kryptonian like she wanted air in her lungs.

Still, they both knew Lois would only want him to be happy. If Lois could see him now, she would slap sense into him. Moping around the Metrotower like some damned ghost of yore wasn't going to cut it for

the Man of Steel, or at least it shouldn't. Being in such solitude could have its negative effect on such ones, especially those doomed to walk Earth forever.

Lois wouldn't want him to be alone. No one would. And Kal had been alone for far too long.

It was almost as if he was frozen in place, unsure of what to do. At war with himself, no doubt.

Alexa was nearly as fast as him, but when he was caught off guard, she was faster.

Before Kal blinked, Alexa's arms were looped around his neck and her lips were delicately tracing a line across his jaw. She was hovering to compensate for their drastic height difference.

His reaction was immediate and his mouth quickly found hers, and they melded into each other. The bat embossed on her chest was as close to the S on his as humanly possible.

To her dismay, he eventually pulled away.

"Bruce may try to kill me." He wasn't entirely joking. "I'm sorry did I say may? I mean, will."

"I'll talk to him first." She answered in between light kisses.

"Are you coming to the next League meeting?"


He sighed. "I need to return to Metropolis."

"Stay with me tonight."

He shook his head, her heart sinking. "Why don't you come to Metrotower after patrol?"

Alexa lit up."Or you could come to the manor."

"Well, I guess we'll have eternity to figure that out." With that, he left her with a lingering kiss.

After he was out of sight, Alexa jumped off the building giggling like a school girl. She zoomed around buildings and cars and trees feeling as light as a feather.

She sobered momentarily. Superman was now involved with Batman's daughter.

Life just got a little more interesting.