I hate summaries that give everything away so I choose to do an excerpt from one of the later chapters.

Edward stood covering Bella from sight, in a protective stance, growling. Alice was tense and crouched as if ready to pounce at his side.

"They think they have a chance…" Rem said disbelievingly.

"Pathetic, I know," said Hailey glancing over at Rem.

"Look there is a girl with them," Hailey said as she shifted and spotted Bella.

"Oh my, I think it's human." Rem's eyes flashed, as she looked over at her sister.

Edward's growls got more intense and he moved so that Bella was out of sight again.

"Wanna have some fun?" asked Hailey starting to circle Edward, Alice and Bella like they were prey.

Rem took in a big breath of air, taking in Bella's sent, "Sure…"Rem said as she started circling them the other way, her crimson eyes searching for a way in...

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I shuffled into the crowed, noisy cafeteria looking for the only person who could comfort me. Once I spotted him, I made my way over to our table.

"How are you feeling? Is there anything I can get you?" asked the beautiful velvet voice.

I grumbled, although I was incredibly happy to be in his presence. "All I need is a bed, a bottle of Midol and a ton of chocolate." I said as I slammed my backpack down on the table and sat down on the chair next to him.

Edward laughed while wrapping his arm around me and kissing my neck.

I, suddenly dazed tried to focus on remembering how to breathe, inhaled a big breath of air. After finally noticing the absence of the being that normally sits next to me, I asked, "Where's Alice?"

"She and Jasper are making up some lost time together in France." Edward said smiling at the thought, as he started stroking my hair. I shivered remembering the reason why they lost time was because of our trip to Italy a few weeks ago. Edward tightened his grip on me and took in a long breath of my aroma. He was intoxicating me with his close proximity, and I started to slump in my chair, as I pushed myself closer into Edward's already close embrace.

"I think we should go visit your mother." Edward said a few minutes later, breaking me out of my trance.

"What? Why would we do that?" I asked. I tried to remember if I even had a mother, oh yes, her name is Renée. Then I realized that Edward and I weren't the only ones in the cafeteria and sat up straighter, while turning my head to look for a reason in Edward's ocher eyes.

Edward stopped touching my hair and looked intently back into my eyes, dazing me for a moment. "Because graduation is in a couple of months and I doubt you'll want to go for a visit after school is out, since you're so eager to damn your self… Unless you want to wait for your eternal damnation until after we get married and then I'm sure you will have time to go visit her before the wedding." Edward said innocently.

"My mother is so against getting married before your thirty, that if she found out what I might do she would lock me in my room and throw away the key for the next 12 years, and you think I'm joking but I'm not." I said trying to imagine life with out Edward again. It was a scary thought.

"A flimsy door wouldn't keep me away from you for long." Edward said touching my hair again.

"But my mother might..." I said amused, giggling at the thought of my mother trying to bat Edward away with a wooden spoon.

Edward's face turned into a frustrated frown "Do you want me to stay away?"

I was horrified at the thought. "No, that's not what I was saying at all! I found the thought of my mother trying to keep us a part, it would be useless. But I think your right, even if I hate to admit it, I should go to see my mother now. We have a three day weekend coming up so that should be enough time, and although it hurts me to say this I think you should stay here." I said frowning.

"I don't like the thought of you leaving either, but I think it would be a good thing for you to spend time with your mother alone…" Edward said with a worried look on his face, but a glint of humor in his eyes "Besides, I'm only a high school crush, remember." Edward finished now smiling.