Beginings of Attraction

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Hailey's POV

Rem was walking slowly behind me; she kept looking over her shoulder. Maybe she thought that guy was cute…Haha Rem attracted to someone…at least it would be good for her, she isn't happy anymore not like she used to be…

I opened the door and proceeded into the class room, Rem a step behind. Almost everyone was in there, it was pouring out side now and no one wanted to get wet. Immediately the class went quite and all eyes were on us. I heard the thump of every heart, the intake of every breath and the blood flowing through them. The worst part was the smell. It was like being so thirsty that your mouth and throat were cracking and coming upon a waterfall, nothing I have ever smelt, smelt as good as this variety of humans I had in front of me.

I gulped and started to walk toward the teacher slowly, she had a nice warm smile, she was short about 5' 2" but squat. "Let me see your schedule," she said holding out her hand expectantly.

I started to shake gently, trying to stop myself from pouncing on her at that moment. The teachers smile faltered.

'Hold your breath,' Rem said as she grabbed my arm gently but sternly and moved me away from the teacher. I stopped breathing, as Rem grabbed the schedules from my hand and handed her them smiling.

'I knew you could be civil if you had to be' I joked trying to ignore and get my mind off the sound of the fragile heart beating a mere two feet away.

Rem shot me a look, 'if looks could kill…' I said shaking my head.

'You would have been dead a long time ago' Rem said smiling at the teacher who was pointing us in the direction of our seats. I smiled at the teacher too as I passed by.

Our chairs were at the back of the class, Rem took a seat in a chair behind this pretty girl who smirked at her. I took the one the seat to her right, behind a friendly looking guy.

'Ohh, did you see that girl?' Rem said in a huff.

'Yea what's her problem did you step on her foot or something?'

'No, but I don't think that she likes the attention we are getting from all the guys.' Rem said as I looked around noticing a few people turned in their chairs blatantly staring at Rem.

'All the attention you're getting…' I said shaking my head and looking down at my backpack

'Hailey don't start that… look the guy in front of you wants to talk.'

I looked up to see charming and friendly looking boy with blue eyes looking at me; he smiled and held out his hand, "Hi, I'm Mike."

I continued to stare at him; his warm breath was blowing all over my face and neck. "Oh, hi" I said braking out of my reverie but preoccupying my hands with my getting my notebook out of my back pack, so I wouldn't have to shake hands with him. "I'm Hailey."

'Let me see your schedule," he said. I looked over at Rem who was staring at us and she handed me my schedule. 'All the attention I'm getting…'

Mike, I was pleased to know, barely glanced at Rem, before his eyes were back on me. So I handed over my schedule. "Hmm we have English together next period. And----"

"Are you related to the Cullen's?" The snobby looking girl in front of Rem turned around and was staring at Rem. Wrong person to act like that too I thought to myself.

"Who?" I said polity taking over the conversation before Rem could say or do anything she regretted.

"Well obviously not, since you don't know what I'm talking about." She said and turned around. Mike looked astonished and turned back around making a small apology smile.

I looked disbelievingly over at Rem, 'can… you … wow… she has guts'

'That I'd like to rip out right now' Rem said.

'Leave it Rem, she's not the important, plus you we don't do things like that anymore, right?' I said now getting out my notebook. The teacher had already started the lecture.

'Uggg, This sucks, I am definitely going hunting tonight, I can feel my eyes getting blacker by the minute.' she said sighing and looking up at the ceiling.

'Yeah we should ask Byron tonight how he stands it, how long has it been? 60 years… I can only imagine how hard it was he didn't even have a support group like we do. The Volturi were all eating flesh around him, trying to get him to touch a human when he was still with them'

'Yeah well he made it out and has been doing fine and I'm not sure I can, I wonder how the vampires that live here do it? Living off humans and living with them… or like mike is probably thinking about you right now, dating them' she shuddered at the thought 'The self control that would take...'

'Why would anyone it would be like dating a cow,' I snickered. But the idea pleased me of having someone, even if it was a human. I smiled thinking about it, as I stared at the back of mike's sandy colored head.


I pushed open the heavy wood door to the front of our house; Rem was one step behind me. "Hello?" Byron stepped forward 'Hello, how was your day at school?'

'Well first off we aren't the only vampires here…' Rem went into a long detailed story about the other vampires, and what we found out about them, while we were taking off our rain coats and muddy shoes. Byron was asking calm questions but looked surprised… "There are 9 of them living together! Can you believe that? Um names… Emse, Alice, Jasper, Emmet, Rose-something—'she looked at me.

'Rosalie' I said

'Yeah… Rosalie, Edward, Bella, the police chief of this town and Carl-something' she said looking at me again.

'Oh umm' I said trying to think back, but all I could remember was mike and how close he was sitting and the way his warmth emanated off his body and how I could feel it three inches away, it felt really nice. 'I don't remember either…, but I don't think that Bella and the police chief live with the rest. Their story is that they are father and daughter, but Bella just moved here and the 'chief' has been here for quite a while…'

'We may have to leave or fight them for this place.' Byron said looking over at Rem.

'I know… but Hailey wants to stay here. I think we can come to an agreement but they weren't at school for the rest of the day, so I didn't have a chance to talk to them. I didn't even get a good look at them.

'I am going up to my room'

Rem looked at me concerned and said 'I'll be there in a minute'

'No, its ok,' I said smiling, 'I think I am going to try to get some sleep.'

She smiled at my joke and said, 'fine'

Byron looked at me and smiled a knowing smile as I started up the steps, 'It was hard today, wasn't it?'

'Kind of, I'll talk to you later.'

Rem's point of view

I was pacing my room, what is wrong with her she never locks her self into her room or asks you not to come in that's just not her that's… well me. I sighed rubbing my hands into my soft hair. Maybe she wants someone… not everyone is like you Rem, some people like other peoples company... just because you don't want to talk to people doesn't mean that she should have to suffer and be lonely. You try to protect her and you end up hurting her, Rem, like always your never good enough to make things right, the right choice always slips through your hands like water, your never able to catch it.

:Flash back:

Rem crawls out of her tent looking for the commotion that had awoken her.

'He said not to attack'

'I could help me self' said a second man who started to pace gracefully.

'Well there is no use to start blaming each other now, the cats out of the bag you both attacked and Marcus will deal with you when we gat back. We have a new problem, what are we going to do with the children, unless you can explain to the children why there mommy and daddy have no blood left in them—'

Rem gasped and as soon as she let it out she cupped her hand over her mouth, but it was too late they saw her laying at the foot of her tent eavesdropping. Rem jumped up attempting to run away from camp but she as soon as she saw her mother and father laying ten feet away by their tent she stopped and screamed. Her parents looked like they had been freeze dried; all the bones in their bodies were jutting out like they hadn't eaten in months and their faces were frozen in pain. In less then a second someone cold and hard was pressing his hand over her mouth telling her to calm down and if she didn't then she would be watching her sister dies just like that. Rem gulped hard and was starting to cry big fat tears as her body shook against the man. Shhhh he said as he bent down and bite her neck. All she could feel was pain, it blocked out everything except the picture of her parents lying there and the thought of what was going to happen to Hailey.


Rem shuddered and shook her body as if trying to free her self from the memory. She felt like she wanted to cry but knew the tears would never come. She looked out her window and saw the storm that was crashing around out side but she also saw two eyes staring back at her about 20 feet away in a tree.

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