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Rin and Sesshomaru

It was late in the afternoon and the sun was shining at its brightest. A young girl named Rin

was just now awakening. She wore a checkered orange and yellow and a small ponytail on the

right side of her head. She was around the age of 13, and she still remained traveling with her lord Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru had golden colored eyes and white soft manageable hair, he wore three layers of kimonos but the outer one had red flowers over his shoulder and he wore black armor. A gold and purple sash went across his waist hold his Tokijin and Tensaiga.

Then there was Jaken, the 3 ½ ft olive green, pointed mouth, toad look-a-like demon who wore a brown kimono and carried the staff of two head ( a beauty and an old man). Last there was Ah un, he was a two-headed horse like demon who had dark blue hair and carried a black saddle on his back to hold his other three companions.

Rin awoke that day and noticed that she felt absolutely horrible. Her stomach was in unbearable pain and she could not move or it would only worsen. Sesshomaru saw the pain she was in and he rushed to her side, he noticed that she was bleeding but where he could not find a wound.

Then it dawned on him the day he never wanted to come, the one thing he could not save or protect Rin from had came. Rin had started her "thing" Sesshomaru picked Rin up and put her over his shoulder, and ran to Kagome's village. Jaken and Ah un had a hard time keeping up Sesshomaru was moving so fast that all they could see was his shadow.

When Sesshomaru, Rin, Jaken and Ah un finally got to Kagome's village Rin had only gotten worse. Sesshomaru told Kagome everything, Kagome first wasn't surprised she knew this would happen some day, so she gave him some pills. Kagome said that Rin should remain at the village for at least seven more days just in case. Rin lays there motionless as Kagome is in the next room with Inuyasha, and Sesshomaru sits next to Rin just looking at her.

Rin's eyes open slowly and Sesshomaru's eyes widen, she looks at him and he looks at her no words are spoken for a while. Sesshomaru asks "are you better?" Rin responds " yea a little, but it hurts some times but then it-" Rin is interupted by the pain she feels in her lower abdomen, she makes a painful facial expression. Sesshomaru says " don't talk just rest", Rin looks at him and then she closes her eyes.

Over the past six days Rin has begun to feel better and talk more and even sit up. When Rin's "thing" finally goes off Sesshomaru was very pleased. So they begin to walk with Jaken and Ah un back to their castle. Rin asks Sesshomaru " why did you do all that for me?" He doesn't answer he question he slightly smiles and looks upwards towards the sky. Rin looks at him and smiles. She knows exactly why he did it she just wanted to hear it from him.