A Letter of Hope


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Dear Alphonse,

It's me. Ed. I don't even know why I am writing this letter right now. It's probably the only way to keep my sanity. The other side of the gate is different from our world. You can't use alchemy and they don't focus on science as much as I would like. But one thing is the same. They both fight senseless battles and wars.

Of all the things that I have learned here, the most important to me is probably knowing more about life. Life is a beautiful and ugly thing. It can be simple and complicated, hard and tough, and soft and fragile. I don't know how my life was able to survive through the gate. Dad told me that my mind, soul, and body subconsciously knew that by coming here, they could piece back together.

I wonder everyday if my sacrifice was worthwhile. I wonder if you are alive and well. I wonder if I was able to get you out of that empty shell. I wonder because I know that equivalency cannot be obtained. No matter how hard someone tries, their tries are in vain. It proves this truth in this world. I hope that I am wrong. I hope that I am wrong with my entire being. I hope that I am wrong because if I am, then you are alive.

How's Winry? I hope she doesn't miss me too much. She always makes the best auto-mail and here I am stuck with some old man to fix me up instead of her. She was always able to get me out of scrapes. Tell her I love her. Wait…not like that…at least I'm pretty sure I don't love her like that. Anyway, tell her I miss her and grandma Pinako too.

I'm still getting use to this world. Like I said before, it's different. Everything I know and have learned doesn't mix with this world. In some ways it is one and the same and in others, it's completely different.

I miss you. This is probably another reason why I am writing this letter. I know that there is no way this will be able to reach you. I'll probably seal it in an envelope and hide it under my bed. Trying to find you is probably the only motive that gets me up in the morning. You are the only reason for me to live. Life. How did I get back on that?

Life is strange and familiar. It's like a river. It flows constantly and never dries. It also goes in one direction and turns around for no one. Anyone who tries to swim against the current gets swept away. I guess we learned that the hard way.

Again, I miss you and I will never stop trying to find you. I love you my brother.

Edward Elric

The End

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