A one-shot of how Bankotsu met Jakotsu. I love this pair so I thought I should write about how they first met, and, beside the fact that they have tons of fans, I've never seen a story like this one. Or maybe there is one, but I have yet to read it. Actually, I think I have read a couple… I just forgot the titles .

Do the Shichinintai look alive? No? Well then, I don't own InuYasha, now do I?

" The demon's still after me" the man thought. " That's just great. I can't even wield my sword with this leg." He glanced at the injury that ran from mid-thigh down to his ankle. I wish I could have cut up at least a few more cuties… Ah, well… As he saw the great youkai he thought I suppose this is where I die… sigh… He silently awaited death from the youkai. He was prepared for the fatal blow… but it never came. Instead he heard the demon's deadly claws hit hard metal.

"Are you okay?" the braided young man asked over his shoulder.

"I am now, cutie!" the man answered, from the base of the tree he was laying at.

"Hyaa!" the other man yelled, as he whirled his sword through the youkai, instantly killing it.

When the youkai was dead, the braided man turned around and asked, "How deep is that wound?"

"Deep enough to stop me from killing you," he replied.

The other man seemed to ignore that statement. "Can you walk?"

"I think so."

"Here," the stranger said, offering his arm so the older man could take it.

The wounded man took his arm gratefully. There would be enough time to cut him to shreds later. "What's your name cutie?" he asked.

"Bankotsu," the young man said. "Yours?"

"I don't have one. Most people just call me 'the Serpent', or at least, those who lived! But I think I might change that!"

"Really?" Bankotsu asked.

"Mind if I steal your name?"

"Huh? By which means?"

"If I took the last bit in your name and added the kanji for snake, would that be acceptable to you?" 'the Serpent' clarified.

"Yeah, go ahead! It's only a name! But how exactly are you going to combine the two?"

"Hmm… How about 'Jakotsu'?"

"Sounds good to me! So, Jakotsu, what are you going to do?" Bankotsu asked.

"Besides cutting you to shreds? I'll probably go around randomly killing demons and hot guys and stuff!" the newly named Jakotsu exclaimed.

"Do you really think that you could cut me up?" Bankotsu laughed. "I highly doubt your sword could beat my Banryuu! But it does look formidable!"

"Maybe. How about we see later?"

"Sure! But didn't you say that you were a demon slayer?"

"Yes, in a way. I just get paid to kill the weaker demons. But the one back there… it surprised me. That's why I was injured," Jakotsu replied.

"I'm something of a slayer too. How about we don't fight each other, but team up?" Bankotsu suggested.

"With a cutie like you? Why not? All you have to be worried about is me killing you when your back is turned!"

"How about leaving off the killing part? If so, deal?"


So the two walked away, unaware of what the future held, and that, a couple of years later, they would be killed. Then, ten years later after that, they would be resurrected, then killed, AGAIN!

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