Chapter 1

"Quit it," 22-year-old Nicole said to her older brother, Dean Winchester. She tried blocking out the sound of gum popping, along with him tapping his hands against the steering wheel of the '67 Chevy Impala. "I swear to god Dean, if you do not stop right now I'll—"

"You'll what?" Dean asked turning in his seat slightly so he could look at her.

Nicole thought for a minute. "I'll do something to the car."

"If you touch my car, it'll be the last thing you'll ever do. That's a promise," Dean said, looking more than serious while he faced the road again.

Sam, who had kept quiet while they drove to LA, smirked while he glanced at his siblings. Some things never change when Nicole and Dean were around each other.

"Sam," Nicole all but whined at him. "Help me out here."

"Hey, this is your problem. Not mine, sorry."

"You're sitting next to him, how can it not be bothering you?" Nicole asked.

"I tune him out," Sam told her while he looked back at a piece of paper that lay on his lap.

Nicole sighed and leaned back against her seat, her arms crossed over her chest. A low groan escaped her throat when Dean, who once again, let his gum pop.

"It's so easy to annoy her," Dean said to Sam.

"Hey, I'm sitting right here," Nicole said to him.

Dean smirked.

"I may be blind Dean, but I'm not deaf."

Dean popped his gum again instead of replying.

"Sometimes I truly think you're 10," Nicole said with a shake of her head.

"And sometimes I think you're a pain in the ass," Dean said while he let his gum pop yet again and he grinned.

"Grow up."

"I already have."

"Oh really? Well I must not have realized that when you act like a little kid every single day."

"Yeah, you wouldn't realize that," Dean teased.

"Let's stop and discuss our next case, shall we?" Sam asked speaking up so he could get them to change the subject.

"Fine by me," Nicole replied first.

"Give us the low down…" Dean said a moment later.