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WARNING- SLASH (boyxboy) in later chapters!!!!!!!

Paring- Draco/Harry

Summary- A sneak peak in one Harry Potter's head.

The life of Harry Potter, nothing in the world has ever been normal. From his birth till his…let's just say forever.

We would all think that he is the famous boy-who-lived he must live such an incredible life, being one of the only wizards able to beat the dark lord and all that gibberish. We all know about that, the only thing we don't know is his personal life.

Yes, the newspapers do give you information on his life but do you really think those things are true???! I mean come on! Get real!

Would Harry Potter tell the whole world what colour of boxers he wore.

I mean, could you imagine the poor soul going up to Rita Skeeter and declaring

"Oh just to tell you I wear pink boxers on weekends and green and red on weekdays…that's all see ya!"

Oh yeah, that would be a scene worth watching, but that's not the point here. The point here is to show you what the REAL Harry Potter is all about, starting from what goes on in his brain to the people he has crushes on.

Oh and in saying that lets just say Harry has a big surprise for you regarding his sexuality.

So let's take a spin into one Harry Potter's head of……ummmm……thoughts? Well whatever as far as it works.

Harry couldn't take it anymore, it was just too much.

Every single fucking body had asked him the some frikin question over millions of times.

"Are you ok?" Harry said with distaste.

For god's sake could they not leave him alone for one second……ok maybe 8 years or more, so he could at least graduate, get a good job, and finally, though he wasn't so sure if he would make it out alive with Voldermort after him, a family.

Yes, Harry Potter wanted a family. Something he never had, not counting the Weasly's, they were nice and all but not his blood related family.

After losing the only person he could call family, Sirius, he was now determined to raise on himself, though it might be impossible right at the moment but he could hope. After all he was still a normal boy with normal dreams.

'Oh how I wish that were true' Harry sighed, thinking.

As he was walking down to the dungeon for his first class of the semester, unfortunately it was Advanced Potions, not watching were he was going thinking he already knew the route to the same old potions classroom he has been going to since the first year, he bumped into a firm, but soft chest.

"S-Sorry" he apologized.

Normally when somebody apologizes doesn't the other occupant say something like

"Its ok" or "No it was my fault, I'm sorry"

well that's what he thought, but the moment he looked up to see who it was, since the male was slightly taller…ok maybe not slightly maybe a whole foot but nobody cares about that, he frowned.

It was none other than his arch enemy Draco Malfoy.

Harry knew that Malfoy was going to bully him because of his pathetic excuse of a height, he wondered when his growth spurt was going to hit, but right now is not the time for all this.

'It's going to come any minute now…any minute 3, 2, 1…' and true to the point it did, Malfoy opened his bloody mouth.

"Potter watch were you're going will you." Harry gasped.

Malfoy didn't insult him! Unbelievable!

Draco noticed the surprised look on Harry's face and just shoot back a confused face at him.

Harry noticed the confused look and smirked…I mean SLYTHERIN STYLE! We all know that in the beginning how close Harry was to getting sorted into that house so this should be no surprise for you, for god sake he speaks to snakes!

Draco noticed the smirk and gasped.

"W-Wha-at the HELL?"

"What?" Harry asked, still smirking knowing it was having a big affect

"Stop that!" Malfoy spat, rather harshly, but in no way did it affect our Golden Boy, on no, he was rather enjoying himself.

"Stop what?" Malfoy knew Potter was doing this on purpose, but he wasn't about to let it go to his weak side.

"You know very well what I mean, and anyway Potter try not to cause trouble on the first day or I might have to take off house points…" Potter frowned, knowing that Malfoy had become head boy this year, but Merlin only knows why Dumbledore picked him out of all the sixth and seventh year students.

"You don't deserve being a prefect, Malfoy." Harry spat.

"And you don't deserve to still be alive, Potter."


"Scar face!"

"Arrogant prat!"


"Spoiled rich brat!"

"Dumbledore's little orphan boy!"

And so the verbal fight began, leading into another wondrous, not, New Year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

None of them knowing what was soon to come.

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