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Chapter 9

Harry Potter's Thoughts

It was dead silence on the walk towards Dumbledore's office. The only sounds that were heard were their shoes hitting the floor. Almost in a rhythm of a song. But no one dare humm a tune.

Once they had reached Dumbledore's office, Dumbledore mummbled a word under his breath and the staircase appeared. He turned around, facing both Harry and Draco- who were holding hands- and said "Well, Mr. Malfoy, Mr. Potter I suppose we should head up towards my office. This way please."

Harry found that a little odd..why didn't he just walk forward and they would have followed...wierd

As Harry took a step forward Draco pulled him back. "Wha-"

"Professor may I know why we are going up to you're office?"

What was wrong with Draco, was he stupid...'O god I hope not...don't want to live my life with a stupid boyfriend' was what went through Harry's mind.

Harry was struggling to free his hands from Draco's grip, but hell was it tight. Harry was going to tell Draco to stop acting stupid himself, when he heard Dumbledore chuckle. Harry looked up at Dumbledore's face and noticed his normal blue eyes were red.

"What in the name of Merlin! Who are you? What have you done to Dumbledore! Where is he? ANSWER ME!" Harry screamed.

"Now now my boy, calm down. Your headmaster is sitting at his little cozy office having lemon drops." The imposter Dumbledore said to reassure Harry.

"Who the heck are you?" Harry asked, cursing himself mentally about forgetting his wand.

The imposter Dumbledore all of a sudden started shifting- body shifting. Harry took a step back, as some sort of smoke started to cover his transformation. Harry stepped back towards Draco and whispered "That's not the effect of polyjuice potion- who the heck is this guy..."

Draco didn't evert his eyes from the imposter for one second- on second thought he didn't even blink.

"Draco.." Harry called out to him, no response.

"Draco?..." once again Harry called out to him, this time waving his right hand infront of his face, trying to get his attention- failed yet again. Harry sighed and looked away from Draco and at the mysterious man infront of him 'ah he was done transforming...'

"Who are you?" Harry asked

The mysterious man looked straight at him, 'Merlin's beard...this guy is taller than me too! Merlin really hates me..'

"I am Declan, the master of all Vampires" He stated

Draco snorted "Yeah right, all vampires.." Draco looked towards Harry, with a smirk planted on his face, "what he means to say is that he is only the master of the 8 vampires that he has turned."

Harry looked back towards Declan and asked "So are you the one that turned Draco into a vampire too?"

"We-" Declan started

"NO!" Draco stated

"Oh come on D-"

"NO! You did NOT turn me!"

"Yes I di-"

"NO you DIDNT!"





Harry was confused 'what is going on here?' Harry shook his head side to side, his dark hair tossing itself along with this head, as if he were trying to clear his mind.

"Ok little boys.." both the vampires turned their heads towards Harry and gave him the deadliest glare they could muster, 'I guess they don't like being called little boys..'

"...Now one by one you both will speak. Draco you will go first and Declan you will go next. Ok" Both Draco and Declan folded their arms over their chest and huffed.

Harry sighed. And the stories began.


One morning I woke up with this immense headache. I told my mother and she said to take a potion, so I did and then the headache went away- for a short period of time anyway. But then it kept coming back and I didn't know what to do. And everytime I would have these headaches I would notice something new about myself. Things such as my skin began to look paler than usual, my hair was growing atleast 5 cm every day, I started hating going outside-all of a sudden everything was just too bright and worst off all I couldn't sleep. I just couldn't find the passion or tierdness to sleep.

I told my mom about all that I was experencing but all she said to do was take this potion and take that potion, as if she were trying to subdue some part of me. So I went to the next logical person, Snape.

When I told Snape about my symptom, he pondered over it for a while, until one day he came up with the answer. He told me I was a vampire.

Ofcourse I was shocked and kept on telling him that I had not been bitten by any vampire and that I was not dead, I mean my heart was beating just as normal as always, maybe a little faster but still it was beating. Then Snape dropped the bomb...

"It seems there is only one other explanation for these vampire like symptoms."

"What is it?"

"One of your parents is of vampire decent or is a vampire themselves."

I told him that wasn't possible, both my parents were walking in sunlight no problem and in no way did they have any sort of fangs and didn't for sure drink blood. Then he said...

"Then I am afraid to inform you that either you are an adopted son or your father is not your real father."

"WHAT? That ca-can- NO!"

" I think the better person to help you answer that question would be your mother."

So I took his advice and went to my mother. It turns out Snape was right, my father wasn't my birth father. My mother had been raped by a vampire the year before I had been born. She didn't know who he was or even how he looked, cause all she remembered were fiery red eyes just staring down at her. I felt like killing the man who was supposedly my father. I asked my mother about if father knew and all she said was..

"I was already married at that time Draco...you're father thought that you were his, you looked so much like him even I couldn't believe it."

"But how?"

"To this date Draco I don't know, all I remember is being so relieved to see that you were a normal baby but the minute you started telling me about the symptoms that were occuring I knew that you weren't. I'm sorry Draco..I'm so sorry.."

It took a while but I tracked my real father- as much as I don't like it- down. It wasn't hard at all, such a playboy isn't hard to find.

After I found him I confronted him ofcourse. But I didn't tell him that I was his son, I just said that a vampire had bitten me and I didn't know what to do or how to control my powers, and like an idiot he believed me.

"HEY aren't u ashammed calling your own old man an idiot!"

"No not really...anyway where was I...O yes..."

"You're grownded young man!"

"Oh shut up"

It wasn't long before I started being able to control all my powers and understanding the life of a vampire and soon after I confronted him regarding the issue of him being my father.


I have been a vampire for many generations now, and had never found that one person who I could love and cherish. I mean come on who is going to love a vampire..I mean yes it is appealing and all but they are going to die much sooner than that vampire.

So I kept looking for that one, but all the looking and waiting took a toll on my body. My vampire instincts were calling out to mate and I didn't have one.

One night I was such a night when my instincts took over. I was trying to stay away from croweded places, trying to blend in with the darkness, but to no wail a young women found me. Her blonde tossels, so soft and smooth, her skin pale as the moon and her eyes were the perfect blend of hue's of blue. She was perfect, and that was when it hit me- she is the one. She was the one I had been looking for. Then my instinctis took over.

I raped her. Not knowing what I was doing, I just wanted to make her mine and mine alone. I had found the one after so long all the suffering that I went through those years waiting for her, those were the thoughts that were going through my head. Making me think it was all perfect, nothing I was doing was wrong. And that's where I was wrong.

Next night when I woke up I was already at my house and I didn't remember a thing. How I got home? What happened? Who was that woman? What had I done?

But I did remember one thing, the ache in my heart was gone. I knew I had to find her, but after that night I never saw her again, until I met Draco.

I had mu suspicions, because I noticed right away that Draco wasn't a normal turned by a bite vampire.

"Yeah right old man.."

"Draco stop interupting him"

"BUT he interupted ME!"

"For merlin's sake..."


"Shall I continue?"

"O yes! please do!"

I noticed he didn't have a bite mark but I still wanted to see what he was made off. I had never seen a vampire offspring before and wanted to see what new powers one would have. And he did have one, he could walk during the day.

He didn't have any problem with the sun, expect with his eyes, they were a little too bright for the eyes- but other than that he looked normal like every other human being. I was shocked.

Then later that week he told me he was my son, and that I had raped his mother. I told him that I never wanted any harm to fall on his mother, it was just that she turned up at the wrong place at the wrong time- a time when my vampire insticts take over. Maybe my vampire would have let her go if she weren't my mate...but she was and my vampire took advantage of being in control.

I told him that it wasn't in my control and that I was sorry with all my heart.

"You don't have a heart..remember."

"Yes Draco..I know I don't"

"Draco...merlin's beard when is that boy going to learn.."

After I told Draco all that, he was so quite I thought something had happened to him, but it seemed he still could not forgive me. He got up and ran so fast, even I was sure that I could not be able to catch up with him. So I left him be. It turned out he came straight to school. And I asked Dumbledore if I could just meet with him once, since I had heard that he had found his mate. So Dumbledore gave me his permission to dress as him at dinner and see you both from afar. It seemed that was a failed..

"...plan" Declan finished his story.

Harry looked at both the men standing infront of him and sighed.

"You know Draco, Declan didn't mean to do what he did to your mother...and Declan its better you go and apolagize to his mother."

The minute Harry finished his sentence, Draco mouth went flying open and Declan's eyes sparkled with hope.

"NO WAY! No way is this monster going near my MOTHER!" Draco argued, pointing his straight index finger at Declan.

Harry rolled his eyes, ignoring Draco completley he walked over to Declan held onto his wrist and pulled him aside. Harry could hear Draco's footsteps not too far away so he turned around and told him to stop. Of course Draco wasn't going to listen and started disagreeing but in the end he stayed in a corner and waited for Harry and Declan's conversation to finish.

"Listen Declan, no matter what Draco says you are not a monster. And I am sure Draco's mother deserves someone who loves her as much as you do." Harry said.

"You think so?" Declan asked, his voice quivering

Harry smiled "Yes I think so. And here is a little heads up...Draco's dad is in Azkaban so his mother is all alone in that HUGE mansion an-" even before Harry could finish his sentence Declan was off like the wind.

Draco came running up to Harry, huffing. "Wher-re d-d-did he go..?"

Harry just smirked and said "I don't know, he just said he had to leave."

Draco narrowed his eyes at Harry "Don't you dare lie to me..."

Harry gave Draco the most innocent look he could muster "Why would I lie to you Drakiepoo..."

Draco's narrowed eyes, narrowed even more if that was possible, but a small smile was taking shape on his face. "Call me that again and I might jump you right here.."

Harry's eyes went wide for a second, but was replaced with a sinster smirk "Now that depends..if you can CATCH ME FIRST!" and with that said he was off. Runing down the hall as fast as his legs would take him.

"Oh no you didn't!" and Draco went chasing after him.


And they lived HAPPILY EVER AFTER!...NAH!

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