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Sophia Esteed didn't know what was worse, listening to Lieber talk on and on about his love for Maria or sitting by herself in her room. She opted the second one, because that's what happened everyday. Everyone else was always busy with something that seemed important, while she just sat there and smiled.

"…and did you see her hair today? It was gorgeous and smelled even better than yesterday! This life is full of so many wonders! Oh the joys of…" Lieber continued on, she had learned how to tune people out ever since being on the Diplo all because of him.

Sophia nodded a few times, just to make sure she didn't seem rude or un-interested in his…obsession.

She smiled at everyone who walked by and could by now remember each and everyone's name. They had been on the ship for a while. After the defeat of the creator everything went back to the way it had always been, her being in the background all the time being left out of all the decision making. She didn't mind though, thinking to herself. She'd rather not have all the pressure on her anyway.

Nel and Albel were still on board though. After the defeat of Luther they stayed on the Diplo just until we got back to Elicoor II. By now they seemed to be unfazed about all the new technology surrounding them, although at first a little overwhelmed. Nel was always involved in the group meetings and always asked for her opinion even if she didn't have a clue what was being asked.

Albel was Albel and stayed to himself. The only place you could find him is alone on one of the observation decks or in his room. She always wondered if he felt as left out as she did. 'If only I were stronger.' That was the only thought she had at night. If only she was like Nel, then maybe people would care what she thought. Or maybe even confident as Maria.

"Sophia? Sophia!" Lieber waved his hands in the front of her face. She snapped back to attention and quickly amended.

"Sorry, what was that?" She asked politely. They had stopped walking now and were standing in front of one of the observation deck windows.

"There's a mandatory meeting soon. Everyone has to attend." He said, tilting his head to the side.

"Mandatory?" She asked confused. There were hardly any meetings that she ever had to attend to for the group didn't really need her all that much. Her mood turned gloomy as she thought about all the times in battle where she stayed far off and only healed up her teammates. She didn't know why it bothered her so much, but the feeling of uselessness caught her off guard every once and a while.

"Yeah, looks like defeating Luther isn't our only problem now." He said that as if he didn't really care. He didn't know what it was like to actually be there, standing from afar watching her teammates fall, but not being able to help.

'I will get stronger.' She thought, looking out through the window to the endless space.

"Do you know what happened?" She asked, still somewhat in a daze.

"A little, apparently there's something looking for you guys."

She turned to him and raised her eyebrow.

"That is a little strange…" She sighed, leaning her head against the glass. She lifted her head as the ding dong ding of the intercom rang.

"All personnel please report to the Main Bridge for a mandatory meeting. Once again, All personnel please report to the Main Bridge for a mandatory meeting. This is a mandatory meeting. All personnel must attend."

"Looks like we're off." Lieber said, pushing off from the rail and started walking away. He paused when he saw that she hadn't move an inch yet.

"We all have to go you know." He said, whistling a little tune while at it.

"I want to hear what the captain has to say." He sighed dreamily. She fought the urge to roll her eyes.

"You go on ahead, I'll just catch up." She said, she backed off from the window and looked at him walking away.

"Your loss then, but you better hurry up, it's going to start soon. You won't want to miss what Maria has to say." He said, waving back to her while walking.

For the next five minutes she just stood there, leaning against the glass. What's the point? She thought. Even if she went, she'd probably just be a wall flower, sitting there with nothing to say and not even bothered with. She wished it would just go back to the good ol' days when it was just her and Fayt. Watching late night movies, walking around the city, and just hanging out were some of the things they never do anymore.

She sighed as she started making her way to the Bridge. Just as she was about to leave the observation deck the door closed on her before she could get out. She gasped in surprise as her hand was almost caught and chopped off by the door. The windows of the observation deck were shut with thick metal covers. It felt like being locked in a box.

'This is unbelievable!' she thought exasperated. Just as they suddenly get a mandatory meeting, things go wrong.

She pressed the button on the side to open the door manually. Nothing. She tried kicking it. Nothing, but now there was a bruised toe.

Then the lights went red and the screech of the sirens rang out. "Emergency. Emergency. Emergency…." The warning rang out through the intercom.

Sophia looked around frantically. She was all alone, everyone was already at the bridge like she was suppose to be. She started to get nervous. The red lights made everything look more sinister and cruel. The sirens screeched over the sound of the emergency interom.

"Emergency. Emergency. Emergency…." The warning still rang out from above.

Sophia started kicking at the door, pushing it, scratching at it. Nothing worked. And then the familiar creeping fear was back upon her. 'Something is wrong.' Everything was bathed in red from the emergency lights and the sound of the sirens bounced and echoed off the metal walls and floor.

"Emergency. Emergency. Emergency…."

Then there came the sound. The sound of something running a nail across a blackboard, or more precisely the metal walls. It felt like it came from everywhere. It kept on getting louder and louder. It was then when Sophia realized what true fear actually was. The sound of it made her fall to her knees, covering her ears with her hands.

Her palms grew sweaty, her eye sight went blurry. "Somebody! Please help me!" She cried to herself, sitting on the floor, with her hands trying to block out all the sound. The sound of metal being shredded rang through her hands into her ears. She squeezed her eyes as tight as she could get them and just screamed.

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