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Chapter 5

(A/N: This takes place a few days later. Let's say a week or so)

Ino walked in her and Hinata's room with a sigh. She set her bags on the desk and quickly changed into pink knit capris and a purple tank top. The blonde climbed into bed and pulled the covers up so they were tucked under her arms.

"It's nearly one in the morning," Hinata's quiet voice whispered. Ino's eyes shot open. Hinata had been waiting up for her? She sighed and let her eyes close again.

"Hai. I lost track of time…"

"What were you and Shikamaru doing?"

"I wasn't with Shika-kun."

"Oh? Who were you with then?"

"Masami, Aimi, and Kumiko. They've invited me to join in on a shoot they're doing here. The artist is an old friend of my tou-san's, so he doesn't mind. I'll be coming in late for the next week or so."

"That's… nice. I'm happy for you. How do you think Shikamaru will take it?"

"What do you mean?"

Ino winced when she sensed Hinata's hesitation. She knew whatever the brunette was going to say would be right on target.

"Well… I mean… he came on this vacation to be with you. And… you're spending it all with these models instead. Luckily he's befriended that Kenshin guy or he'd be all alone." Hinata's truthful response cut through the dark and Ino frowned. She hadn't even thought of how Shikamaru would feel, she was just so excited that she didn't think past being in front of the camera again…

"You have a point… but I think he's okay with it. Besides, all he likes doing is watching at those damn clouds. And whenever we hang out he's always complaining-"

"Because all you want to do with him is shop…" Hinata quietly pointed out.

"Whatever, I'll talk to him in the morning," Ino mumbled as she turned over in her bed.

The room was silent for another few minutes, before Hinata nervously cleared her throat and asked the question that had been in her mind for weeks.

"I-Ino-chan? I was wondering… have you ever considered going… with Shikamaru?"

Ino rubbed her eyes and turned back to face Hinata. "'Go with him?' Go with him… where?"

Hinata thanked Kami that the room was pitch black, so Ino couldn't see how red her cheeks grew. "Um… you know… I uh… ahem…"

Ino leaned closer, trying to decipher Hinata's mumblings. "Huh? What was that last part?"

Hinata cleared her throat again, her voice not able to go higher than a whisper now. "Go all the way."

Ino rolled her eyes. "Oh yeah, sure. We almost did once, but then my parents came home and he had to sneak out my window. I guess that we just never-" Ino paused in her ramblings and gasped. She shot up into a seated position, then whirled to look to her left at Hinata.

"Wait a minute," she whispered with a grin on her face. "Are you saying what I think you're saying?"

Hinata blushed and looked down at her hands, fidgeting with her fingers. "Um… what do you think I'm saying?"

Ino squealed and hopped over to Hinata's bed. "Are you telling me you want to sleep with Naruto?"

Hinata laughed nervously, looking anywhere but at her blonde friend beside her. "What? No, I just… I mean… well I don't know… Maybe?"

Ino hugged her tightly, turning their lamp on. "Maybe yes or maybe no?"

"M-Maybe yes?"

Ino squealed again and ran out their room. "Ino-chan? Where are you going?" Hinata whispered.

"I'll be right back!" she whispered back.

The blonde pounded on a door. "Sakura-chan! Open the door!" she half whispered, half yelled.

An annoyed Sasuke opened the door, blanket wrapped around his lower half. His hair was tousled and there were hickies all over his body. Ino smirked and raised an eyebrow, but said nothing.

"What do you want?" Sasuke snapped.

"I need Sakura-chan. It's an emergency," Ino whispered as she pushed past her best friend's lover. Sakura sat up in their bed, rubbing her eyes and pulling the blankets up so her chest was covered.

"What is it?" Sakura mumbled.

"It's an emergency."

"What kind of emergency?"

Ino glared over at the Uchiha who interrupted her, then whispered something in Sakura's ear. The pink-haired girl squealed and ran around the room, grabbing the first pair of pants and shirt she could find. She ended up in a pair of Sasuke's sweatpants and her own halter top from a previous evening.

"I'll be back later, Sasuke-kun," she whispered, kissing him goodbye quickly then heading out the door. The two girls found that Neji was just as reluctant to let Tenten go, but she managed to wear her own clothes over.

Hinata blushed as all the girls grinned at her once they were all seated on the bed. They began squealing and firing rapid questions at her. Soon the Hyuuga grew perplexed and had to throw a pillow at them.

"I'll answer your questions, I just need you to calm down!" she whispered. Sakura giggled and hugged a pillow.

"Sorry, we're just so excited! When did you decide you were… you know… ready?" Sakura asked.

"Well… I'm not even positive that I am ready. I just know that I'm ready to consider it…" Hinata explained.

"That's okay," Tenten said. "That's how I was with Neji-kun. We kind of moved around the idea until one night it just… was time…"

"Is he good? 'Cause he looks like he would be-"

"Sakura-chan! I do not want to hear about my cousin's sex life!" Hinata shouted before Tenten could answer.

"Do you think you'll want to do it here on the ship?" Ino asked.

"I have no idea," the brunette whispered. "I just… I want it to be perfect and romantic and right. I don't want to regret it, and I don't want Naruto-kun to regret it either."

"Hinata-chan," Sakura said, tucking some hair behind the girl's ear. "Naruto is in love with you, he won't regret it."

"The only thing he'd ever regret was hurting you or going too far," Tenten reassured. Hinata smiled and looked down.

"You think so?"

"We know so," Ino said, wrapping her arms around Tenten and Sakura. The four of them squealed and had a group hug.

Finally Hinata pulled away, saying, "Well, I'll think about it. I just don't want to rush things…"

"Will you at least tell us if you decide to?" Ino asked as she crawled back into her bed.

"Of course… if it's not too spur of the moment. But I promise I'll tell you after it happens, if it does."

The girls grinned at each other, then Tenten and Sakura made their ways back to their own rooms. Sakura quietly opened her door and before she could even set the key down, she was pressed against the wall.

"What took you so long?" Sasuke growled as his deep onyx eyes bore into hers. He pinned her hands above her head, and Sakura flicked her room card (as best she could) onto the desk.

"Girl stuff," she explained. Sasuke snorted, then started kissing Sakura's neck. He moved down to her collar bone, when he heard giggling.

Not the light, intimate giggling Sakura sometimes made when they teased each other. But real, school-girl giggling!

Sasuke stopped his ministrations and scowled at the girl. Here he was, thinking he was getting her all hot and aroused, but no- she's sitting there giggling! Like she's being tickled!



"You're… giggling…" Sasuke mumbled. Sakura smiled, tugging her hand free and using it to cup Sasuke's cheek.

"It's not you, Sasuke-kun," she assured, kissing him softly. "I've just heard the cutest news! I'm in such a great mood!"

Sakura hopped onto their bed and began jumping up and down. Sasuke finally groaned and tried to pull her down.

"Sakura, there's people sleeping below us. You're going to wake them up. Come down."

But alas, the two got caught in the tangled sheets and fell onto the ground. Sakura tried to roll and get up, but she found that only rolled the two up even more. By now she'd broken into a fit of giggles. She was laughing so hard she thought she was going to burst.

Sasuke rolled his eyes. So much for tonight…

The next morning, Ino had announced she was going to go work out with Aimi and Kumiko so she'd look better for their photo shoot. Shikamaru, Naruto, and Neji decided to check out the arcades. Tenten and Hinata wanted to try the rock wall again, but it was raining, so they settled for seeing a show in one of the theaters.

The girls made their way to the theater for daytime shows, and each got tickets for a musical about a samurai who falls in love with a princess he's been assigned to kidnap. They were walking to the theater entrance, when a familiar voice called out to them.

"Tenten! Hinata!"

"Ohayo Kenshin," Hinata said with a smile.

"Good Morning," Tenten greeted with a nod. Kenshin grinned and looked up at the sign.

"Seeing the show?" he asked.

"Hai… are you?" Tenten asked.

"Well… I don't know. I was thinking about it, because I have nothing better to do. But I don't want you to feel like I'm clinging to you or something-"

"Don't be stupid," Tenten interrupted. "Go buy a ticket and look for us in the theater. We'll save you a seat."

Kenshin nodded as he watched the two brunettes make their way into the theater. He smirked and walked over to the ticket booth.

This just may work out even better than planned…

Sasuke glared as he and Sakura walked down a deck. He looked out at the stormy sea, furrowing his brow.

"Okay," he suddenly said, turning to Sakura. They stopped and leaned against the railings. "What's the matter with you?"

"What do you mean?" Sakura asked, looking like she was only half-listening to him.

"You haven't been acting yourself lately. You're all crabby and you always seem distracted," Sasuke said, crossing his arms.

"So what, one thing goes wrong and suddenly there's something wrong with me? What, am I defective now? You want to trade me in for a new one?"

Sakura felt the guilt rush over her in huge waves when she saw the look in Sasuke's eyes. He seemed really hurt, yet also confused. She sighed. She should've known he'd notice something was wrong. He's not a genius and her boyfriend for nothing…

"I'm sorry… I just-"

"What's wrong?" Sasuke suddenly interrupted.

"I… nani?"

"You said 'one thing goes wrong'. What went wrong?"

Sakura gulped, fidgeting with the ends of her hair. "Oh… right. I um…"

Should I tell him?

He has a right to know.

Yeah… I guess.

He'd want to know. You know it's true.

Okay, okay! I get it!

Sakura took a deep breath and looked out to the ocean for a moment. Once she felt she was as collected as she could be, she returned her gaze to Sasuke.

"Sasuke-kun," she whispered, as her voice had now left her. "I'm scared."

"What do you mean? What's wrong?" Sasuke grabbed her hand, taking a step forward. Sakura bit her lip, looked up from Sasuke's chest and into his mesmerizing obsidian eyes.

"I'm late."

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