Spoilers: None

Summary: After being injured on a case, Tony must spend the night with Gibbs at Ducky's insistence.

Disclaimers: I don't own any of the NCIS characters, I just wish I did.

It had been a long case, beginning with two heroin addicts abducting the daughter of a marine and ending with Tony getting shot. After McGee and Abby traced a ransom call that had been made to the parents, Gibbs, Tony, and Kate had burst into the cellar hideout, demanding the release of the small child. One abductor did not like that demand, and swung his gun to the head of Lauren, the innocent young girl. Before Gibbs or Kate could react Tony was lying in between the smoking barrel of the gun and Lauren, after putting two of his own bullets through the heart of the ruthless killer-to-be.

Tony was currently lying underneath the faces of his team, shivering on the cold surface of Ducky's operating tables.

"So how bad is it Doc?" Tony joked, only to wince in pain as his arm wound throbbed with his effort to move.

"Hold still, Tony" Ducky probed his arm again, causing Tony to wince in pain. "Well, it looks like the bullet nicked a good amount of skin off you arm but if you'll let me stitch you up you'll be absolutely fine, in a week or two. I would like to send you home with somebody, though, to make sure you take your meds and heal like I expect you to."

"Ducky, I'm fine on my own, really! I was just planning on going home and watching a good film…maybe something like It's a Wonderful Life…I can watch that movie anytime of the year! Unless, of course, my lovely Katie would like to accompany me home, make sure I get into bed okay…"

"No way!" Kate yelled, "I had to take care of you last time you were shot, remember? And I will never repeat that experience!"

"Oooh! Oooh!" Abby turned to Kate and whispered "Kate and Tony!"

"Shut up, Abs, have you ever tried to deal with him?"

Abby looked like a deer caught in the headlights and quickly said "Oh no, he can't stay with me, he almost broke my coffin last time he stayed with me! McGee you take him!"

"What??" McGee looked horrified beyond belief. "No, not me. Please!"

McGee's protests were lost to Tony as he silently snuck up the stairs, sweating with the pain radiating from his arm. He had expertly snuck in that question for Kate, knowing it would lead into a full team fight. Pushing open the door of the men's bathroom, he entered quickly, not noticing Ducky was following him in.

"Rocks, paper, scissors!" Abby suggested. "Bossman! You can take him!"

Gibbs had just come through the doors after finally wrapping up the legal aspects of the case, and looked at Abby.

"Take who?"

Abby, McGee, and Kate looked around and for the first time in their heated debate noticed the absence of Ducky and Tony.

"Wait, where…?"

And Gibbs just turned around and headed back upstairs. He knew they weren't in Abby's lab, he had checked in their on his way down to see where everybody was. He also knew Tony was hurt, and Ducky was probably just looking for medical supplies somewhere. Arriving to his desk before the three downstairs, he frowned. Where could they be? As he turned around he almost bumped into Ducky and a rather ashamed looking DiNozzo just coming in from the bathrooms. Deeply surprised, he noted Tony's eyes were red, as if from crying.

"What's up?" He kept his voice gruff, trying to keep out the worry. Tony never cried, especially not over one of his almost routine injuries in the field, no matter how much it hurt.

"I think Tony needs some company tonight," Ducky raised his eyebrows at Gibbs, questioning DiNozzo's state, and upon receiving no answer he squeezed Tony's shoulder and said, "Goodnight, my dear boy. I know Jethro will take care of you, but if you need me, you know my number. Goodnight Jethro." And with that he turned around and swept of the offices and ushered the remaining team members who just arrived from downstairs. They allowed themselves to be led back to the elevator by Ducky, but kept sneaking confused glances towards Tony and Gibbs.

"Come on, DiNozzo. You're coming to my place tonight." Tony looked down at his feet, and when his head came back up it was painfully lit with a forced smile.

"Sure boss, let me grab my things! A sleepover at the Boss's house. This is gonna be fun!"