It took a direct order from Yamamoto in person to make Soi Fon release Mayuri from the examination table. It took another direct order under punishment of death to Mayuri to make him stop chasing after the young arrancar, Nell.

Mayuri grumbled quite a bit about the order but figured that it could be rather painful to disregard it. He started to eye the shinigami of his squad with anger for not stopping the captain of the second or the vice captain of the eleventh.

Yamamoto caught his eye and saw the direction of the frown. "There was none in your squad that could have held them off and you know it. Taking out your frustration on those under your command is very unprofessional. Oh, and by the way. Your recruiting level has been lowered to no more than those lost to hollow attacks. Effectively your squad level has been frozen for the time being. Any lost due to your 'experiments' are lost permanently."

Soi Fon departed passing Mayu and looked at her with a scowl on her face. "Come see me after your captain is done with you."

She shunpo'd back to the second and noticed that the guard had been doubled without her say. "What is the meaning of this?"

The senior guard knelt, "The third seat ordered the doubling when you left in a hurry. He was afraid that there was some sort of attack or something."

"Fine, go back to normal levels. Have the third seat report to my office at once." She left for her office and was happy to see that Saito was already there waiting for her. She put on her best scowl and sat at her desk and fumbled a few papers back and forth before looking at him.

"Your actions were not warranted." She began with a no nonsense tone in her voice.

His sweatdrop was monstrous.

"However," she continued, "taking action when faced with the unknown is laudable. Good job. Go and reduce the guard to normal and thank them for me for being so prompt at answering the call."

Saito bowed and exited the office happy that he was still in one piece let alone praised for taking swift action. "She's in a good mood today." He thought to himself.

Soi Fon looked around her desk for a moment and saw that there wasn't anything that was pressing and left for her dojo.

She entered the dojo and was met with an armful of arrancar toddler, followed by her husband. "How did this happen?" was all Ren had to say as he hugged his two girls.

"Spooky-taicho took me and when I woke up he was saying mean things to me." Nell cried into her mama's shoulder.

"It seems that Mayuri had waited for Nell to be alone before he drugged her and abducted her. Needless to say he won't be attempting that again for obvious reasons." She said with a feral grin on her face.

"So you want to tell us what you did to him in there?" Came the gruff voice of one very amused Kenpachi who was sitting drinking sake with Yachiru sitting next to him.

"I think that you can imagine what I did without too much effort. What are you doing here?"

"Yachiru wanted to say something to you and Ren. Yachiru? Spit it out." Kenpachi grumbled at his vice captain.

Yachiru looked very unhappy at that moment. "Soi Soi and Ren-san, I'm sorry I left Nell-chan alone at the gate. I won't do it again. Can Nell-chan still play with me?"

Soi Fon and Ren looked at the tiny shinigami. "You couldn't have known that 'spooky' taicho was going to do a dumb thing like that. You can play with Nell anytime you want as long as it isn't being too much of a distraction from your duties."

"Oh no, Nell is my sister now so I want to spend as much time with her as I can. Ken-chan told me that I can play with her as long as I do what I'm told back in the eleventh."

All three of the adults looked at the littlest shinigami with mixed reactions, Soi Fon with shock, Ren with wonder, and Kenpachi with humor.

"Yachiru, why did you call Nell your sister?" Asked a mystified Ren.

"Because she is my sister!" came the confident reply of Yachiru. "She asked me to be her big sister and I want to be her big sister. I want her to be my little sister too."

Nell chimed in, "That's my big sister! She beat spooky-taicho." The look on the tykes face showed that she was very proud of her 'sister'.

"Oh this is going to make a wonderful report." Sighed Soi Fon.

Kenpachi who had been sitting back with a huge grin popped a question from out of left field. "So are you ready to have Yachiru's things delivered today?"

Hueco Mondo:

"So the last time you spotted them they were in there?" Ōmaeda asked dubiously.

"Yeah, they were hiding from one of the surviving espada. It seems that the price on their head was rather high." Hiyori responded from his shoulders. "I don't sense their spirits though so they must have moved on. If you head in that direction we may catch up with them." She pointed at a distant ridge of grey rock.

"Do you have anything to eat?" Hiyori asked after an hour or so of them traveling.

"I wasn't expecting to spend so many days here. I didn't bring supplies for a long stay." Ōmaeda said simply. "Why didn't you bring anything?"

"I was only obligated to two days. This injury wasn't expected and it's making me hungry. Ah well, I'll survive. Make camp here. We can see everything around us and we won't be surprised again." Hiyori was acting differently as she directed Ōmaeda to make camp. Her tone was calmer and less sharp.

Ōmaeda noticed this also but felt that she would kick his butt if he said anything about it. He set up the makeshift camp quickly and made sure to do everything she told him to do. "Damn, she acts just like Captain Soi Fon. Why did I have to get so stupid and get sent here on this worthless mission. Shit, find a couple of hollows in a place as big as a whole continent. That and I have to carry her like a child. At least she is only as big as a child."

Soul Society, Second squad Captains dojo:

Soi Fon and Ren both sounded off at the same time. "WHAT?"

"Well if they're sisters then they should stay together and that means here. The eleventh is no place for this pair to be staying and Yachiru can be at work for morning muster in about one minute anyway. Unless there is a new recruit or ten she won't be there long enough to worry anyway." Everything he said made perfect sense to the hulking shinigami, and it would allow some of his shinigami to actually accomplish something in the course of a day. It also meant that he could finally get his stash of girly magazines out of storage.

Ren looked at Soi Fon. "What do you think?"

"Ah, well, they are inseparable now. She's also here almost every night of the week anyway." Soi Fon knelt down to look directly at Yachiru. "If you want to be Nell's sister that means that I'm going to be your mother, and Ren will be your father. It also means that what ever we say goes, without a question. Can you handle that?"

"So if you say that I have to leave spooky taicho alone, then I can't go and bug him or see his new toys?" Yachiru asked dead serious.

"That's exactly what I mean Yachiru. I'm new at this mom thing and Ren is the one that will make most of the decisions so what ever he says has the same authority as what I say. Can you do that?" Soi Fon waited for a response.

Yachiru took her chin in one of her hands and thought, "Ren and Soi Soi would be my mama and daddy. Does that make Ken-chan my uncle Ken-chan?" Everyone could actually see a pink mist rise from the small shinigami's head.

"OK, Soi Soi Mama. I can do it. As long as I can be Nell-chan's big sister I can do anything." Yachiru had an ear to ear grin on her face.

"Yeay!" Squealed Nell as she hugged Yachiru. "Come on let's go and get ready for bed."

The hyper duo left the room at near sonic speed making Ren catch his breath. "Um, who just adopted who here?" He had a slightly dazed look on his face.

Kenpachi just laughed as he let himself out.

The next captains meeting was about as interesting as watching paint dry on a wall. Soi Fon gave her update on developments in Hueco Mondo and offered observations on intel that the fourteenth had collected. The captain of the twelfth was conspicuously quiet through out the meeting and declined to offer any new information. Everyone snickered at his appearance as he was still bandaged around his head. Even Hitsugaya was amused.

After the meeting Rangiku caught up with Soi Fon. "So you have a nice little family now."

"I see no need to state the obvious." Soi Fon responded trying to get away from the gossip central of Rangiku Tenaka.

"What possessed you to take in Yachiru also?" Rangiku asked clearly perplexed.

Soi Fon stopped and looked at her. "Have you seen them together? I mean really watched them together? Those two are as close as real sisters are and they compliment each other. Yachiru is no where as out of control when she's with Nell as she is alone. They both love Ren and I think that they even love me."

Rangiku placed the back of her hand against Soi Fon's forehead. "Nope, you're not running a fever so what you're saying must be true. I'm happy for you Soi. You deserve a bit of sunshine in your life. Oh, by the way. Ichigo and Rukia will be coming next week for a short vacation. They are bringing the kids along and I know that Yachiru loves to play with them. I think that Nell knows them too." She winked. "Just thought that you might like to be prepared."

"For what?" Soi Fon was confused now.

"The Kurosaki children age at the normal speed of humans. They are alive in every sense of the word." Rangiku smiled. "The girls might fight over who spends time with Kaien. He is getting to be quite a handsome little boy now."

As they exited the meeting Soi Fon was approached by Mayu. "You wanted to see me captain."

"Yes I do. Follow me." She shun po'd off in the direction of her office.

When they arrived Soi Fon took her seat and looked up at the vice captain from the twelfth. "You aren't like your sister. You actually have a bit of spine to you. How would you like to accept a position here as my vice captain? I'm sure that I can convince Mayuri to let you go."

"You already have a vice captain though don't you? Ōmaeda, that big fat guy." Mayu looked a little confused.

"Yes he is currently billeted as my second in command but he has proven himself unreliable on too many occasions. I need someone that is willing to stand up and 'do the right thing' not stand up and make a fool of himself. So the offer is there. Take it or leave it. The choice is yours."