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The Healers kept Olivia in St. Mungo's for two more days after she woke, and she used the time to become accustomed to speaking. The return of her speech had been kept a secret from her roommates, and she still smiled every time she thought about their first visit to her in the hospital. They had poured into the room, and for a few moments, everyone was so busy hugging everyone else that nothing at all got said. Then Bertie and Millie both sat down at the foot of Olivia's bed, and Anita, Viola, Mattie, and Mattie's sister Mary sat down in chairs around her bed. Millie handed Olivia her slate, and said, "How are you feeling, Olivia? We've missed you so much!"

Olivia tried to decide how long she was going to keep up the façade of still being mute, but she couldn't stand it any longer. She took a deep breath, and said "I feel fine!"

Pandemonium ensued, during which there was much squealing, shouting of questions, laughter and tears. Finally, calm was restored by Mary having purple sparklers explode from the end of her wand, which so surprised everyone that they stopped talking. During the silence, Mary seized the opportunity, and asked, "But Olivia, how did this happen?"

Olivia sobered, wondering if the time to divulge her long-held secret had come; somehow, though, she didn't want to say what she had finally discovered without Professor Dumbledore being present. "I think I finally under what happened, why I was mute, but it's complicated. I wanted to have Professor Dumbledore and Madame Galen in on this conversation. Did you girls see then around anywhere?"

"I think I saw them outside talking with Healer Theophilus. I'll go check, wait just a minute!" Anita popped up out of her seat, and dashed out the door, to return a few seconds later with both Professor Dumbledore and Madame Galen in tow. "Here they are, and now you can tell us what happened!" Anita cried. "Why can you speak now? Did the Healers cure you?"

Olivia waited while Professor Dumbledore conjured armchairs for himself and Madame Galen, and both teachers sat down, listening intently. "No, they didn't, Anita. They helped, but it was the stress of Madame Galen almost getting killed that did the rest. That and Professor Emelius being there, at the trial."

"But Olivia, what does Emelius have to do with your being mute?" Bertie asked.

"I suppose it's all wrapped up in my dream. You know all about it, right?" Everyone nodded. "I finally realized that it wasn't just a dream, it was a memory, and I've been sitting here in this bed trying to remember it all. I think I finally do now. When I was very young, Mummy and Daddy would let me go across the street to play at a park. It had swings and sand pits, and all sorts of lovely things to play with. Lots of other children played there, and I enjoyed it. There were two children in particular that I liked very much, a brother and sister; twins, I believe. Their names were Emily and Bryan.

"One day, I went across to the park as usual. It was just Emily, Bryan and I there, and we had a glorious time playing on the swings. I must have been three, and I hadn't spoken anything yet. Mummy and Daddy were just started to get worried about me, but being mute never came into the picture. They thought I was just slow in that one area, because I was walking and running and playing just like every other child of my age.

"Bryan and Emily's mother was friends with my mother, so they often had tea together while we played. So on that day, I was playing with Emily in the sand pit while Bryan took a turn with the swing, when a strange man appeared. He was dressed in a black suit, and his eyes looked cold and hard. I was frightened of him, so I ran and hid in a bush.

"The dark man took out what I thought then was just a stick, but I know now that it was a wand. He pointed it at Bryan, and he suddenly fell out of the swing and hurt himself; I remember his arm hanging at a strange angle, so I think it was broken. Then, the man in black pointed his wand at Emily, and she fell to the ground and screamed and screamed like she was being beaten. I was so afraid I couldn't move, so I just crouched in my bush and tried to stay quiet.

"After a few minutes, Emily stopped screaming and just lay there in the dirt, and her silence scared me more than her screams had. Then the man turned towards the bush where I was hidden, and started to walk towards me. He had seen me, of course, and I was very frightened. I tried to run, but of course my little legs were no match for him. He caught up with me, and threw me to the ground. Then he leaned over, and put his face quite close to mine.

"I'll never forget those words again. He said, "Never say a word about this to anyone, do you hear me? I shall find you and punish you if you say a word. Don't speak! And to make sure you remember the lesson…" Then he backed off, and I was in pain, such pain that I couldn't stand it, and I blacked out. I woke up in Mummy's arms, and she was talking to me. I was so tired, and very sore.

"And after that, I never spoke another word or sound to anyone or anything. To my young mind, I thought that the man had told me to never speak a word, when he just meant for me to never say anything about his attack. It was such a horrid memory; I pushed it back into my mind so that I wouldn't have to think about it.

"But now I know why that dream started coming to me just before Professor Emelius' trial. I know now why I'm free of my muteness. When I saw him at the trial, it all came back. The man in black that had tortured Emily and Bryan and me was none other than Professor Everett Emelius."

Silence reigned over the room, and then Madame Galen leaned over and took Olivia's hand in her own. "Dear, I knew that it had to be something like that. When you were in the hospital wing for your hip, I checked you over thoroughly to see if I could discover why you couldn't speak. I found absolutely nothing wrong with you at all, so it had to be something with your mind. You were able to break through the memory and destroy its hold on you when you saw Emelius, and felt threatened and in danger. It freed your tongue."

Olivia turned to Professor Dumbledore, and asked, "Have they caught Professor Emelius yet?"

He shook his head. "No, but we're still looking for him. It is possible that he died from his burns, but we can't depend on that. Don't worry, Miss Price. The Ministry won't rest until he's found and punished for his crimes. Now, we can add Mistreatment of Muggles to the charges against him, since you've remembered all this."

Olivia looked back at this conversation as she waited in her hospital room for someone to come and take her back to Hogwarts. She stood looking out the window, singing softly to herself. She still didn't like to talk that much, preferring to let her face say almost everything for her. Singing, however, was a different story. It would be glorious to sing along with the piano, she thought.

A quick step behind her startled her, and she looked around. Professor Merrythought was entering the room. "Hello, dear. Are you ready to return to school? I believe your exam results have come back. From what I saw, I don't think you have anything to be afraid of."

Olivia smiled. "Good, I'm glad to know that. Yes, please, professor, I'm ready to go. It will so nice to be back at home."

Galatea tilted her head and examined her pupil. "You think of Hogwarts as your home, Olivia?"

"Yes, ma'am. I know that I'll have to leave school and go back to my guardian's house, but my true home is at Hogwarts. I won't be going home, I'll be leaving it. But it's nice to know that in two months, I'll be right back here in the magical world."

Professor Merrythought nodded. "Well then, let's go home. We'll be returning by Apparition. Madame Galen tells me you've already done this once, so you know the drill. If you would grasp my arm, please."

Olivia stepped forward, and grabbed her professor's arm. In a twinkling of light, the two witches disappeared.


On the Hogwarts Express a few days later, seven young Ravenclaw witches were packed into one compartment. Mattie, Mary, Viola and Anita were crammed on one long bench, while Olivia, Millie and Bertie were sitting on the other. Even though Gryffindor had won the House Cup due to their Quidditch victory, the Ravenclaws were happy that their house had come in at second place. They had beaten Slytherin, so they were celebrating that in their compartment. Olivia was happy, knowing that Millie would be coming home with her, but it would be difficult to say good-bye to her other friends.

The girls played Exploding Snap and practiced magical charms the whole way home, and before they knew it, they had arrived back at Platform Nine-and-Three-Quarters, and exited through the barrier. Olivia and Millie hung back for a moment as they watched Anita fly into the arms of her waiting parents, and Viola dash towards her elegant mother and father, squealing in French. Mr. and Mrs. Valois were smiling broadly, and they both had the same black hair as their daughter.

Bertie went skipping towards her rather confused looking mother, and excited father. They, being Muggles, were undoubtedly bewildered at this magical world that their daughter had dragged them into. Mattie and Mary's family, being a wizarding family, had met them on Platform Nine-and-Three Quarters, and their daughters were talking animatedly to them as they strode through the barrier like it was nothing exciting or important. After talking for a bit, the sisters led their parents over to Millie and Olivia.

"Mum, Dad, this is Olivia and this is Millie. You've read about them in my letters."

Mattie's mother smiled and nodded. "Hullo, dears. I'm Caroline Goshawk, and I'm very pleased to meet my daughters' friends. You both must come and stay with us whenever you can; we have plenty of room." Olivia and Millie both nodded excitedly. It would be fun to stay with a wizarding family, Olivia thought to herself.

"And I'm Mattie and Mary's father, Gulliver Goshawk. You're both welcome whenever you can come."

After giving the Goshawks their thanks, the group began to split up. Olivia saw Mr. Williams waiting rather uncertainly for her, and she stepped forward. He had been very kind to allow Millie to come home with her, and she wished to thank him properly. Going forward, Olivia did something to her guardian that she had never done before-she gave him a hug, and said, "Hello, Mr. Williams."

He jumped at least eight feet in the air as he looked at the child in his arms. "My goodness gracious! Olivia! Are you really speaking?"

She nodded. "I am, sir. Let's just say that an old nurse up at my school cured me. What do you think? Is it all right?"

"My dear child, of course it's all right! My only regret is that your parents aren't alive to hear your lovely voice. This means more to me than you'll ever know, Olivia." He cleared his throat for a minute, and then seemed to make a decision. "Can you forgive me for thinking that you were foolish? I know now from your letters how intelligent a child you really are, and not the invalid that I supposed you to be. I'm….ashamed of my behavior towards you, especially when you were sorrowing from your parents' deaths. Do I have your forgiveness?"

Tears shone in Olivia's eyes as she answered, "Of course you do. And do I have your forgiveness for being difficult to deal with after the funeral?"

He nodded. "Then we are both forgiven. Now, dear, introduce me to your friend!"

Olivia turned, and put an arm around Millie, who was looking a little unsure of herself. "This is my friend, Mildred McFadden, but we call her Millie. Millie, this is my guardian and very distant cousin, Mr. Williams."

Mr. Williams bent, and placed a kiss on Millie's hand, who giggled. "I'm very pleased to meet you, my dear. I'm glad that you're going to stay with us; heaven knows that Olivia would have been bored to tears with just me!"

Then he turned, and led the way out of King's Cross Station. Millie took Olivia's arm, and they walked out together, close and ready to face the world together as friends. And as they entered into the bright sunlight, Olivia smiled. She was just thinking of a song that she had heard somewhere, and it seemed to fit the occasion perfectly as she followed her guardian with a friend at her side, and her voice intact.

I'm certain it will be
My time to face the music now
Happier the day is almost here
Break the silence
The time has come to make a choice
Made a stand and use your voice now
Break the silence
Let the music free your soul
Scream until there's silence no more.
Always hiding your desire
Extinguishing your fire
Are you brave enough to face yourself,
Or are you just a slave to the machine?
Break the silence
The time has come to make a choice
Make a stand and use your voice now
Break the silence
Let the music free your soul
Scream until there's silence no more.
Break the chains
That hold your spirit and bind your soul
Take the stage and let it go.