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Chapter Ten

As Joey and Seto stood there looking at Tristan and Duke and the others, Joey went over to Tristan and he said "we've been friends since kindergarten can't we find a way to stay friends without beating the hell out of each other? Seto is the one that I love and there isn't anything that you, Duke or anyone else is going to stop me from loving Seto." Then Joey just stood there waiting for someone to say something.

Duke walked over to Joey and held out his hand and he asked "can you please forgive me and be my friend again?" Tristan just fell to the ground and started to cry, "Joey please don't hate me."

Everyone there had tears running down their faces when Joey then bent down and lifted Tristan off the ground and wrapped his arms around both him and Duke and he said through his tears "we're in this for the long haul."

Then Joey opened his arms and motioned for Seto to join him and they both held the two who tried to cause them trouble and slowly but surely that started to heal the rift that had been between them.

Joey and Seto began their lives as a couple and they went everywhere together. Mokuba was so damn happy for his brother and Joey because now they were both really happy.

As time passed Seto and Joey did get married and they adopted three little kids. They lived a good long life until the day that they were called home to heaven.

As they walked their last miles together, they were joined by Seto's real parents, Joey's parents, Solomon, Roland and a lot of others that were to many to mention. They were survived by their children, Robert James Kaiba age 40, Leslie Marie Kaiba age 30 and the baby Joseph Eugene Kaiba age 25.

So from a secret that Joey had it led to the best damn thing that ever happened to him, his love for Seto.