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A.N.- Okay guys you all know I love Marissa and Ryan together, but I think Taylor Townsend is the best thing that has ever happened to this show and Ryan Atwood. I mean he's actually FUNNY this year! Who knew Ryan could be funny? Plus I can't remember the last time I had to sit through a boring scene of him brooding, while staring at the wall.

Anyway this is what I think The OC would have been like if Taylor Townsend lived next door to the Cohen's as Julie Cooper's love child from another man. She's ten months younger than Marissa. Yep that's right Julie cheated on Jimmy.

Ryan Atwood got out of the car to stretch his legs and to smoke a cig. He walked to the end of the driveway wondering how the hell he'd gotten there. The street didn't even have a sign to tell him where he was.

When he got to the end of the drive he saw a blonde girl sitting by the end of what Ryan assumed was her driveway unless the whole neighborhood was like Mr. Cohen. The girl gave him a small grin.

"Hi, I'm Taylor, are you related to the Cohen's?" the girl asked.

"Uh no actually Mr. Cohen brought his work home with him." Ryan said.

"Oh, so your like a criminal?" Taylor asked with interest.

"I stole a car." he said.

Taylor looked him up and down, "No you didn't." Off Ryan's look she added, "I mean I don't doubt that you got busted for it, you just don't seem like the type to break into the front seat and hot wire a car. You seem more like you'd hop in the back seat when you hear the sirens blaring and you don't have any other options."

Ryan stared at her in bemused confusion, "You don't even know me, how do you know all that?"

Taylor shrugged, "I can read people."

"I'm Ryan, Ryan Atwood." he said, with a nod.

Taylor smiled and was about to say something else when she heard a noise, "Gotta go nice to meet you." and with that the girl scurried into the bushes.

Before Ryan had a chance to say something else another girl walked to the end of the driveway.

"Hi." the tall blonde girl said in confusion.

"Hi." Ryan said, shaking his head as he caught a glimpse of Taylor sneaking into her backyard. He finally pulled out a cig, and was turning to walk back to the Cohen's.

"Hey, can I bum one of those?" the tall blonde asked.

The next morning Ryan walked into the Cohen household to find a boy his age playing a video game.

"You want to play?" the boy asked.

"Hey are those girls next door twins or something?" Ryan asked after they'd been playing for a while.

"Marissa and Taylor?" Seth asked, Ryan nodded, "When did you meet Marissa and Taylor?"

"Last night before your dad brought me inside." Ryan shrugged, "So are they?"

"No. Taylor is ten months younger than Marissa, and they have different dads, but Taylor's disappeared about five years ago. She was living with him, but one day he just dropped her off at the door and went his own way. Taylor's been living there ever since." Seth explained as they put the game on pause, "It's one of the biggest scandals in Newport. Julie cheating on Jimmy, having a baby from it. Anyway no one in school lets Taylor forget the fact that she's Julie Cooper's bastard child. Especially not Marissa."

"But they're sisters." Ryan pointed out.

Seth nodded, "Half sisters. Marissa thinks Taylor's existence is the root of every problem her parents have."

"So you three are friends?" Ryan asked.

"Oh god no. I've lived next door to Marissa Cooper for twelve years we've never said more than two words to one another, and Taylor is pretty much a loner. Plus she's kinda...strange." Seth whispered the last word.

"What do you mean?" Ryan asked.

"She's very eccentric." Seth said, and they left it at that.

"What are you two doing sitting around inside on a beautiful day like this?" Sandy asked entering the room.

When they returned from sailing later that afternoon, Ryan noticed Taylor in the driveway this time she was reading a book. Seth walked inside but Ryan made a quick excuse to stay out for a few minutes.

"Hello again." he said.

"Um hi, you still here?" she asked with a grin.

"For now." he sat next to her on the curb, "Don't you have a great big house you could be reading, " he lifted the book to see the title, "Twilight in?"

Taylor shook her head, "Everyone is getting ready for the fashion show. It's kinda crazy in there."

"Shouldn't you be getting ready for it?" he asked handing her back her book.

"I don't know if I'm gonna go." Taylor said.

"I'm gonna be there. Your sister invited me."

"Marissa?" Taylor asked, he nodded, "She's my half sister."

"Still a sister." Ryan said, "Anyway, you should come."

Taylor nodded, "Maybe."

"Okay well I gotta go, get all dressed up." Ryan said, grinning at her.

'Maybe Newport was an okay place to live.' he thought to himself, 'Temporarily, of course.'

Please tell me what you think. I know I'm just grasping at straws cause the show is ending and I won't have my Taylor fix anymore, but I hope you guys like it.